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    Service of Mankind Church Essemian Sanctuary of the Darkside Goddess
                    P.O. Box 1335 - El Cerrito, CA 94530

 A One-Year Subscription = 12 Monthly Issues of Echoes from the 
Sanctuary, and 4 Quarterly Issues of The Essemian Way - Special 
Sanctuary of the  Darkside Goddess Membership Card - Invitations 
& notices to attend other membership-only events. Here's a few 
other things you get.

There is "Echoes from the Sanctuary." This is the monthly newsletter
of SMC to provide a means for more frequent news about SMC and its 
members, both on a local and national level. As national membership 
numbers grow, look forward to news about SMC members in other 
states, including tips on how to prepare and begin to create a 
basis for organizing SMC activity in selected locations in other 
cities and states. Next is The Essemian Way. This is the special 
quarterly 40-plus page publication that features articles on 
Darkside Goddess Rituals; the relevance of female dominance as 
being an element of an ancient form of Goddess worship; and 
fiction (e.g., Eden II: the continuing serialized account of life 
in a female dominant commune religiously devoted to a Goddess who 
commands that women hold and treat men as slaves as an act of 
repentance). You will also find in-depth articles on the unique 
spiritual significance of certain aspects of Tantra and Shaktism 
(based upon study of ancient Vedic Scriptural writings) that may 
explain why men often need to submit to being punished or 
humiliated by women. Also, letters from submissive men and 
dominant women who write to share their lifestyles, and much more. 

The Essemian Way is the most unique newsletter/magazine you will
ever see. There is nothing like it anywhere in the world.


                        (Please Note Sliding Scale)
To continue with our present trend to increase the female-to-male 
ratio, SMC Membership is on a sliding scale to encourage more 
women members by reducing costs to single women and certified 
couples and thereby having single men help to pay the extra cost 
to attract more women to our membership. Believe us, this is 
working. Five years ago, SMC was 90% single males, 8% female, 
(2% not sure). Today SMC's single male percentage is down to 
48%, 46% female, and we're up to about 6% "real gender not sure."

Single men $45.00.  Couples Membership $35 (Please note that this
will be recorded and mailed in the name of the female member of 
the couple.

Single females $25.00. Checks or international M.O. in U.S. 
Dollars to be made payable to Service of Mankind Church, or SMC.

                              *IMPORTANT NOTE:
       *** Possible reduction of membership rates in the future. ***

Present membership rates are based upon the costs of having to 
use the U.S.  Postal Service as the primary membership contact 
network. As the number of "INTERNET-ACCESS-CAPABLE" members 
increase, SMC is exploring development of a special "cyberspace 
membership" where there can be restricted members-only access 
to certain web page links, and FTP sources which will permit 
SMC to reduce its present annual membership rates. Until then, 
we must rely upon your membership support at the present rates. 

Please be sure to fill out the (newly added) "Internet" part of 
the questionnaire that follows.


As internet/web use and technology grows, we see where SMC also has
the potential of growing on a global scale. At present, there are 
concerns about how to provide our material and maintain a membership 
network in view of the developing restrictions on putting "sensitive 
material" online.  We are exploring various kinds of "firewalls" 
that may be used.  Assuming that you have access to a computer, and 
it is Internet/world wide web capable:

[ ] Would you be interested in a special "cyberspace" membership to SMC?
    Which of the following methods would be your preference for receiving
    regular monthly publications from SMC?

[ ] Prefer to have SMC monthly publications e-mailed to me. or

[ ] Prefer to be given special access to restricted portions of SMC's Web
    pages where I can browse and download what the material I want.

[ ] Do you presently have ISDN capability?

What kind of web browser are you using now?_______________________________

Describe your computer setup (Optional)___________________________________

                          NEW MEMBER QUESTIONNAIRE

Answering this part of the SMC application form is optional of
course, but it would be very helpful to us if you could respond 
to the following general questions. Responses to these questions 
help SMC's planning staff determine the future direction for SMC. 
As planning staff personnel will be periodically reviewing these 
forms, we ask that an effort be made to either type or neatly 
print your responses so that they can be easily read.

(Please, we are still having problems reading these responses)

Please indicate whether these responses are from:

[  ] Single Male - [  ] Single Female - [  ] A Couple

1. How did you find out about SMC? _______________________________________

2. Have you read SMC's "Essemian Manifesto"?   YES [ ]    NO [ ]

3. Please try to describe what it was that attracted you to SMC.

4. How do you feel SMC could help you (what are your expectations)?

5. How do you believe you could help SMC to achieve your expectations?

6. Do you have any special skills, volunteer time, or access to resources
that may be helpful to SMC? (Please describe below)


Please check all that applies to you:

1. [ ]  I would have no problem with incarnating the spirit of 
	the Darkside Goddess to become an object of obeisant 
	worship by men.

2. [ ]  I would have no problem in participating in a ritual where 
	men as (consentual) sacrifices may be bound and scourged.

3. [ ]  I would have no problem in participating in fantasy scenes 
	where men were in the role of being absolute slaves to women.

4. [ ]  I have fantasized having male slaves, or being in a position 
	to have men brought before me in chains to be punished.

5. [ ]  I am interested in studying to become an acknowledged "Shakti"
        (Female with knowledge of Tantric/Shaktism, and does rituals).

6. [ ]  I am interested in studying to become an ordained Essemian 
	Priestess (teach, design and perform rituals, be in charge 
	of a Curia).

7. [ ]  I can see myself identifying with the action of the Goddess 
	image (Image of Kali with whip standing on Shiva in chains) 
	which appears on the SMC's main home page.

The following is for all members, male or female, especially for 
our remote members living outside of the Northern California 
Region: (Please check all that applies to you).

1. [ ]  Sincerely believe there is a legitimate correlation between 
	female domination fantasy and aspects of Goddess worship. 
	(honest answer)

2. [ ]  Prefer that there could be some way in which members who 
	may share location proximity in other states can meet 
	each other.

3. [ ]  Willing to meet other SMC members in my local area without 
	having to meet any prior conditions or controlled 

4. [ ]  Open to eventually meeting other SMC members in my local 
	area, but only under controlled circumstances.

5. [ ]  Prefer to meet other SMC members individually rather than 
	having to deal with participating in an "orientation" 
	designed for group.

6. [ ]  Prefer to meet other SMC members in a "structured group 
	setting" rather than meeting individually.

7. [ ]  Help get an SMC Discussion & Acquaintance Group started 
	in my area.*

     a. [ ] Help get an SMC Shakti Mysticism Study Group started 
	    in my area.*

     b. [ ] Help get an SMC Ritual Practice Group developed in my area.*

8. [ ]  Can discreetly find others in my area who could develop an 
	interest in SMC philosophy to form an "Essemian Meeting" 
	group in my area.*

9 [ ]   Able to provide a meeting space for up to 12 persons in my area.*

        *Please Note: Questions that end with "*" should only be 
	answered by those who have read the "Essemian Manifesto" 
	(explaned below)

                         HOW TO GET THIS BACK TO US

Since we are not yet set up to take credit cards via internet 
and fax, you will still have to rely on the U.S. Postal Service 
to get the $$$ to us.  So, you can send everything by the U.S. 
Mail. Or, you could fax the questionnaire and just use the 
snail mail to send the payment together with the last page
of this document. In the future, however, SMC will be able to 
offer the option of using "electronic money transfer" to 
members. But we are NOT there yet, so PLEASE DO NOT SEND 

SMC's FAX# (510) 236-5579     EMAIL ADDRESS:

U.S. Postal Service Address:  SMC NetCom
                              P.O. Box 1335
                              El Cerrito, CA 94530

                           THE ESSEMIAN MANIFESTO

The "Essemian Manifesto" is a small 60-page booklet with photos,
illustrations and text that gives an overview of SMC's religious 
philosophy, and describes a few "male sacrifice" rituals. Reading 
the Manifesto provides a common  background of reference for 
"Essemian" philosophy, concepts, terms, rituals, and other 
information that makes it easier for SMC members who are
strangers to become acquainted. The Manifesto is but the first 
of an intended series of special booklets to be published by 
SMC that will describe rituals, "curias", and other special 
information necessary in order to build a world-wide network 
of support of Essemian beliefs.

Please, do not write us about these coming books now, because we 
will maintain an email mailing list for all who obtain an 
Essemian Manifesto, and they will be the first to know whenever 
Essemian Press comes out with a new manual or book.

The Essemian Manifesto is $17.00 ($15.00 + $2 s&h) postpaid if 
you order it separately. Or, if you order it at the time of 
becoming a member, just add $15 to your membership amount 
(Essemian mailing cost is on us).

Yes, you can order it separately without or before becoming a 
member.  But, if you do order it separately, YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST 
also sign the "legal age" statement on the SMC Membership 
application, and don't forget to add the $2.00 we'll need to 
mail it to you. If this statement is not signed, we will
not send the Manifesto.


If you're thinking about possibly getting an "Essemian Discussion" 
group going in your area, you would be eligible to get Essemian 
Manifestos at the wholesale price. They are priced (on back cover) 
to sell at $15.00 and are available at the standard 60% wholesale 
price.  Minimum order is 20 in order to qualify for the wholesale 
order. You pay $180.00, your profit is $120.00.

Orders will be shipped UPS. This offer is open only to current 
members of SMC, and who have on file their signed membership 
statement that they are responsible for not distributing any of 
SMC's publications to: "minors, or to any person who is not 
mature enough to handle adult material without becoming 
offended or disturbed."  Remember, the real purpose of our 
making this offer to is not to make money, but to "spread the 
faith" and gather converts.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   SMC MEMBERSHIP [FILE PAGE]   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

To become a Subscribing Member of SMC please sign & return the consent
agreement and majority age statement, and fill out the address form below.

                          I UNDERSTAND THAT:

 "The Service of Mankind Church, Essemian Sanctuary of the Goddess is 
a California incorporated religious corporation organized for the 
purpose of developing higher consciousness in the awareness of that 
particular element of Tantric Shaktism which teaches that Self 
Realization may be achieved through meditation and the ritual 
practice of The Discipline of Expiational Surrender to the 
Feminine Aspect of Divinity."

SMC Membership is defined by agreement to these tenets. And, as an
adult of the legal age of majority (18 or 21) for my state, I 
indicate by my signature that my intention for any association with, 
and receiving material from the Service of Mankind Church is for 
personal spiritual development only, and I agree to proceed with 
my involvement with SMC to the extent that I will be sensitive to 
the standards of my local community, and to protect persons under 
the age of 21 (including adults who may not be mature enough to
comprehend the spiritual aspects of SMC's philosophy and thus may 
be disturbed or offended) from access to any published material I 
receive from SMC.

(If joining as a couple, both must sign below)

Signed__________________________________________________ Date: ____\____\_

Signed__________________________________________________ Date: ____\____\_



City: _________________________________________ State_________ Zip________

Postal Code________________________Country:_________________Phone_________

Email address_____________________________________________________________

 Please mark box appropriate to your membership situation:

[ ] Single Male - $45   [ ] Couple - $35   [ ] Single Female - $25

                         FOREIGN MEMBERSHIP:*
Important: Please add an additional $20 to cover the extra postage for
Overseas Air Mail (Only $10 extra for Canada).

[ ] Please include a copy of the "Essemian Manifesto" (add $15.00)

[ ]Cash [ ]Check  [ ]Money Order (check or M.O. order#)___________________

Total Amount Enclosed $___________________        Date Mailed:____/____/__


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