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a brandnewbie

From: PH
Newsgroups: alt.magick.tantra
Subject: Re: a brandnewbie
Date: Sun, 5 Jul 1998 01:17:32 +0100

In article <>, LKotkin128
>I am squeaky new to Tantric studies.  As a professional therapist (clinical
>psychologist) with some Sensing skills, I was directed to this area.  Any
>suggestions of how, where and with what to begin are very much appreciated.
>I find this a very mixed bag to wander about.  Supervision is clearly
>indicated.  Thanks in advance to members here.
A common misunderstanding about Tantra is that is primarily concerned
with the exchange of energy with a partner. Ideally, the first step
would be to learn of the flow of energy within oneself and then to
explore that flow with a partner. The deeper and more trusting the
relationship the better. The Chinese say that it takes 7 years to learn
of each others bodies, 7 for their mind and 7 their spirit. On that note
avoid 'quickies' the reason being that you'll absorb much of your
partners energies positive and negative, and believe me their are many
unscrupulous people who advertise Tantra workshops with personal
agendas-enough said on that matter.

As for the informative part I would recommend the practical and informed
introduction to Tantra from the Chinese point of view, who after 8,000
years are highly skilled in this and many other areas of the human
condition. Mantak Chia ( has several books
that would give you direct and important information, exercises and
valuable insights. Written in plain english his books are excellent
starters. Avoid books full of vague whitterings!

>From an Eastern point of view try Dr John Mumford (has a home page),
Ecstacy through Tantra and his Chakra and Kundalini workbook, both
available from Llewelyn, which is generally the trashy end of the
esoteric market but has a few 'good' items.

I would caution you about Western Sex Magick/Tantra as taught by Crowley
fans, etc. They try to use the high voltage sexual current to fulfil
desires which is a highly 'iffy' and dangerous area. The key to 'Magick'
in creating opportunities and valued life experiences, is by attaining
an internal balance, health, trust in your own intuition, your hearts
desire and a deep respect for 'All That Is' and the greater powers over
which you have no control.

Believe me I tried to use Magick to fix my life and spent the next few
years getting it back to normal. Tantra or the understanding of ones own
energy or Chi, its proper cultivation will as a consequence bring lifes
greatest blessings - the simple ability to enjoy the depth of each
moment, the sound of rain, a bird singing, to enjoy making a cup of tea.
I realised, to my delight, you only ever have one day. From this
perpective life will shower on you.
Peter Harper

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