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Craneman :
# Isn't tantra dealing with Sex Magick?

not necessarily.  as Kali instructs me this is optional.

# Can anyone give me some examples of Sex in ritual practice?

here's a taxonomy for your comments/reviews welcome:


A Taxonomy of Sex and Magick

	by xiwangmu

I. Sexual Magick (paganus)  => magick applied during sex

	a) Battery => energy-storage; astral or physical
		containment of generated energy

	b) Possession => love/entrapment; enchantment or
		ensnarement of the sexual partner; being
		possessed by demons or other non-deities   (Merlyn/Nimue)

	c) Divination => oracle; reflective contact with
		the Otherworld				   (Delphi)

	d) Great Rite => mediation; engaging or channeling
		the gods or a god			   (heterae)

II. Sex Magick (gnostikos)  => magick using sexual energies/fluids

	a) Dedication => energy direction; direct application of
		generated energy toward conscious ends

	b) Sigilization => glyphs/vevers; construction of a
		spell using effluvic symbols/letters       (Spare/TOPY)

	c) Consecration => baptism; effluvic initiation,
		blessing, aspergation or naming of an
		individual, tool or place.		   (christening)

	d) Black Mass => eucharist; agapic feast; the 
		celebration of the sacred mysteries of
		Eros, Genesis, Thanatos or Canibalis,
		through consummation and consumption
		of effluvia				   (gnostics)

III. Magical Sex (tantra/rosicrucia/shih) => 
		magick caused by certain types or effects of sex

	a) Malefaction => curse; psychospiritual disruption
		or destruction, often via deceit and/or
		incest					   (Arthur/Morgana)

	b) Prophesy => necromancy; communion with the dead and
		the resultant foreknowledge obtained via sex
		in a grave or corpse

	c) Conception => golem; creation of a magical child or
		daemon by coordinating elementary, planetary
		and zodiacal influences; or animation of
		siphoned sexual energies		   (succubi/Lilith)

	d) Transformation => shape-change; alteration of
		experiential form in response to particular
		sexual movements			   (werewolf)

	e) Immersion => tantric yoga; obliteration of surface
		consciousness through gradual ecstatic
		overload 				   (panchatattva)

	f) Great Work => alchemy; catalytic transformation
		and rarefaction of consciousness due to sex
		under synchronized psychospiritual
		conditions				   (boboroshi/shih)
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