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>Subject: Re: Need help with evocation!
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dagon productions ( wrote:
: J B Bell ( wrote:
: : In article <5658v3$>, Toreador   wrote:
: : >I'm currently experimenting with the techniques for evocation found in 
: : >"Liber Null & Psychonomicon". 

: : Probably _Liber Null & Psychonaut_.  The _Psychonomicon_ is a different 
: : book, apparently currently being republished.

: At this juncture in time the correctly titled _Pseudonomicon_ has
: not been republished.  There was some talk about it for a time but
: other projects took precedence.  I will look into it and let amc
: know as soon as I check with Phil HIne.  

I thought I should correct a possible error here. _Liber Kaos_ was
originally titled _Liber Kaos - The Psychonomicon_ in it's first
private pressing. _Liber Kaos_ is still in print through Samuel

: : >My routine is as follows: I create a sigil 
: : >to represent the entity and the things it will be doing. After that I 
: : >"power" it up by gazing at it during an orgasm. (I'm no good at magickal 
: : >trances) Then I banish by laughter. I've been doing this a few times to 
: : >create and strenghten this entity\spirit, but it doesn't seem to, well, 
: : >live yet. The task of this being is, by the way, to make a very special 
: : >person like me more. Suggestions on how my technique can be made more 
: : >powerful?

: : Hmm, sounds like you're certainly using the right technique.  Keep in 
: : mind that sex & love magick is notoriously tricky.  Even if you don't 
: : think it's unethical, there are traps for the unwary, possibly because 
: : love & sex are generally topics about which it's excruciatingly hard to 
: : be honest with oneself about.  (I speak from bitter personal experience.  
: : Sigh.)

: : There are more sigil techniques in Frater U.D.'s aptly titled _Practical 
: : Sigil Magick_.  Maybe a change in how you're making your sigil will help 
: : you avoid lust of result.

: : Given all that, it's pretty much impossible to compel someone against 
: : their will with magick.  If it doesn't work after a while, I hate to say 
: : it, but it probably Wasn't Meant to Be.  Of course, you should also be 
: : combining conventional whiles with your magickal work, but you already 
: : knew that.

: Though I wouldn't use the terms "impossible" and "Wasn't meant to be"
: since I firmly beleive that situations such as this may be highly
: improbable they are not necessarily impossible. 

: An approach that has worked best for myself has been to manifest traits
: that would make you desirable to the intended.  It is easier to 
: change yourself than another person.  Servitors to arrest nervousness
: and self consciousness have also proven invaluable. 

: : >Oh, by the way: Whtmagick, if you read this, DON'T bother to respond. I'm 
: : >not interested in your books. Ever. 

: : An obnoxious man.  May I suggest:

: : in ~/News/alt/magick/KILL:

: : /

: : >-Toreador

: : Note, I've directed followups to alt.magick.chaos, which is a little more 
: : appropriate for this topic.

: : --JB

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