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Guru Benefits and Detriments

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.magick.tantra,alt.consciousness.mysticism
From: (nagasiva yronwode)
Subject: Guru Benefits and Detriments (was Re: Can't shut my mind up)
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2000 08:53:45 GMT

50000618 Vom

sri catyananda concerning the problems with Sai Baba:
>>> Obviously, in many of their cases, having *that* guru 
>>> was worse than having none.

probably Emir:
>>Wrong. What do you think, how stupid they were before entering the
>>relationship with such a "guru"? And how much wiser are they now? 

this is irresponsible advice. the reason that traditions have
developed, ostensibly, is so that those taking on the role of
the external guru will be of a certain quality and maturity
so as not to mishandle and damage the dedicated.

your suggestion that deception, abuse, and manipulation by
the charlatan is not worse than having none does not strike
me as based on your own experience or the real descriptions
of people who have been 'taken for a ride' (to use one popular
title from a book about such a guru named 'Swami Rama', among
other names). this character of "wisdom" is hardly useful for
holistic spiritual development and will more than likely
cause a trauma which will COMPLICATE AND MAKE MORE DIFFICULT
any future guru-chela relationship.

>>It's not about taking care of your ass, it's about 
>>spiritual growth.

I don't think you know what spiritual growth is, based on
your expressions about it in usenet. I don't make that
comment lightly. (Sienna555):
>That is an excellent point!  I learned more from ppl claiming 
>to be what they were not than I have from ppl claiming to be 
>what they were.

I think you're seriously underestimating the depth and
psychic repercussions of a guru-chela relationship.

>>> No offense is intended to any legitimate guru or student -- I just
>>> wanted to speak on behalf of balance and social caution.
>>Social caution is poor substitute for intelligence. 

intelligence is not the likely result of the situation you
seem to be defending.

>>What would tiger be without it's ferocity? 
>>What's a man without exploratory spirit?

it is one thing to be aware of potential hazards and go out
to meet them, knowing the dangers and facing them squarely.
it is a completely different matter when one thinks that
one is absolutely safe and is cut down by a parasitic and
sociopathic assault with one's defenses down. this hardly
compensates anyone for an "exploratory spirit", though if
you're a spiritual thrill-seeker, then you can use the
caution as a challenge and go after faux guru to become
a chela! the warning needn't stop you and might point you
in the direction of new challenges.

>One cannot learn to walk without falling down a few times.

such a stupendous understatement can only be explained by
ignorance. the cataclysm of being betrayed and vampirized
by one's guru (esp. in traditional situations) should be
compared with abuse by one's parents. it is no joking matter
and probably more like falling from a cliff (which one does
not do 'a few times') and from which few if any ever derive
any kind of benefit.

blessed beast!
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