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Dragon Lore & Magick Training.

To: alt.magick.chaos
From: "Dragon Lore and Magick" 
Subject: Dragon Lore & Magick Training.
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 2002 14:29:24 +0100

Could anyone in here tell me if anyone in here would be interested in
training in Dragon Lore and Magick?

Here is a short introduction.

The first thing People Usually want to know is "What is Dragon Lore?And what
is Dragon Magick.".  Dragon Lore is the set of Precepts we use to guide us
in our life in order to bring us into balance with nature.  Dragon Magick is
how we learn to flow with that balance and use it for the good of others.
Our main practices are those of Healing and Astral Projection as from this
start you can Progress slowly along your chosen path and Learn much.  The
main reason for Astral Projection is that we get teachings off the Dragons
themselves if we ask.  There are three things you must remember during the

1)  You must never cause harm to your Dragon Nature.

2)  You must learn to see the Dragon within everyone.

3)  You must allow your True Nature and not your feeble mind to guide you.

There is a Ritual to be done each night,  The ritual is a time for you to
sit with your family whether it a physical family or your Astral Family,
(who we all have), and enjoy the holiness of the Universe and Celebrate in
her Majesty.  The Rituals are done in a format of opening your circle,
Honoring those you ask to visit and eating with them then thanking them for
coming and closing the circle.  We dont treat the Astral beings as Lords and
Masters but as our freinds and relitives.  This is a point that many people
get confused over as they believe Astral Beings are their Rulers but they
are not.  There is a Hierarchy but this is there level of Attainment not a
level of dominance as some people seem to think.  I will give a brief
explination of the order of things but please keep it in context from what
was said above.


Dragons - Elves- Fairies

Pixies - Sumarians - Atlantians

Humans - Animals - Spirits

This is not a complete list as there are many thousands of Astral races.
Every Race has an equivelent Darkside but that is Balance and at this stage
it is not of concern for you.  Later when you start to Astrally Project you
will need knowledge of this side so you can avoid them.  I will be writing a
full book on Astral Races for those who want to make a Study of them from a
academic  point of veiw before comencing with there training.  Although this
is a cautios path I have never felt it important to know all before going to
a new race but it comforts some to know.

Dragon Lore

Lore is the core of your foundations for practice.  Without Lore yuou will
attain nothing.  Lore is the Medicine that opens up your heart.   You need
to treat Lore like your most Intimate Lover and try to understand it
completely so it becomes the other half of yourself.  Lore also includes 7
subject you are expected to study here.  These are as follows:

1)  Herboligy

2)  Crystal Healing

3)  Basic Dowsing

4)  Self Defence - The world needs those who can help not those who wish
they could.

5)  Rune Casting

6)  Dragon Tarot

7)  Scrying

All seven of these apart from one are completly mental and are meant to aid
your concentration as well as your spiritual energy.  Self defence has 3
reasons of its own which are as follows:

1)  Self Confidence

2)  The abillity to help others

3)  Concentration.

The Precepts are your guide on this path. They are your light and source of
inspiration at hard times.   The Precepts are the whole of this path as
without them you would be lost.  I never give explinations of there deeper
meanings in this format as trhis is the first time you will read them and
you need to form your own concepts on what they mean and how to implement
them into your life.  I would of course be happy to converse with you by
email if you wish.

The Ten Major Precepts

1)  Do not intentionally hurt or cause hurt to another Being out of anger or

2)  Do not intentionaly remove or cause to be removed another persons

3)  Do not intentionaly cause dispute of any kind

4)  Always be willing to help another even at the cost of your life

5)  Always put others, (even those who hate or despise you), before

6)  Honor the Dragon that is growing within you.

7)  Honor the Goddess as she is your true mother.

8)  Listen to your internal voice to guide you.

9)  Listen to the seasons.

10)  Connect with nature each day until you are One.

As you can see they cover a million different angles and it is hard to
conceive of them being fathomed within 10 lifetimes never mind one.  but if
you work "With" them without trying to enforce them you will find they
gently slip into understanding a lot sooner than expected.  You see these
are the Precepts of your true nature,  the nature that all beings had at the
very start.

Dragon Magic is simple to understand.  You form a freindship with Mother
Nature and get to know Her.  As you grow to know Her and Her ways you will
see how to work within Her very heart and that is what people call Magick.
Yes it is true you can do many wonderfull things and play like two children
with your new friend but first you have to decide whether you have the
virtue to uphold the serious side.  Mother Earth is most gracious to us on
this plane and she looks for her children to advance in there seperate
directions.  At the Moment we only have our physical bodies but with
practice we will gain our Astral Bodies and be able to visit the Asral

In order to do this we must first get to know our lost mother and learn to
listen to Her as She talks to us.  We start this process in the followin
delightful ways:

1)  Spend some time each day listening inwardly for your Dragons Words.
Your Dragon talks to you all of the time giving you guidence and advice so
learn to listen during your  daily practice.  Of course you should listen
for your Dragon constantly but one or prefferably two half or one hour
sesions of formal practice is good.

2)  Walk through the forest or woods near where you live.  Talk to the
Dryads, trees, plants and animals.  But remember to listen to as they do
answer back.  This is the start of your awareness.

3)  Spend some time with the sky especially the moon i find on the four moon
phases watching them empowers me for the next week.  Its also nice to watch
the clouds on a summers day, laying on your back like a child looking at the
pictures the clouds make above you.

4)  Start your own herb garden grow all the things you need in it for your
studies, nurture your plants with healing energy, so that your remedies are
all that much more powerful.  Always ask the plant befor you take anything,
and never take enough that would kill it.

These seem like simple things and they are.  That is the secret,  Keep it

The Universe can be harnessed in many ways, as we do with all forms of
healing that is now known to the world. Dragon Healing, however is the most
powerful healing technique precisely because a dragon healer is trained to
harness universal energy to its full potential. This requires a dedication
of the highest standard, as the compassion, wisdom and focus needed to heal
this deeply must be cultivated with full faith.

A Dragon Healer makes healing his or her life, and everything else simply
seems to slot into place - all dragon magick practices can be intermixed
with healing, and every dragon magick practice also increases your healing
abilities. Dragon Magick is composed of a plethora of imagery and
representations to invoke the forces, and all these are at your disposal
when you dedicate yourself to the path of a healer. This beautiful use of
symbolism mixed with the magick of crystals is designed to open doors
hundredfold to stregnthen your practice and faith.

The Dragon Healing technique is a progressive seven level attunement with
corresponding crystal conductors. Crystals are the source of infinite
healing power, and conductors being the mark of Dragon Magick users, it is
clear that these will help you live in the myst of healing loving-kindness.
The importance of every dragon magickian to foremost be a healer is simply
because without a firm dedication to help through compassionate wisdom, all
the power you are privy to in dragon magick is misused. The Conductors are a
choice of seven crystals corresponding to the seven major chakras - the
reason for this is because Dragon Healing directly mixes with the natural
healing of the body in much the same format, except for its infinite nature.
This will obviously awaken your own essenses. Here is a list of the
corresponding crystals to the chakras.

1. Root Chakra, Elemental Earth, Smell Sense, Red in colour, Red Jasper
2. Sacral Chakra, Elemental Water, Taste Sense, Orange in Colour, Carnelion
3. Solar Plexus Chakra, Elemental Fire, Sight Sense, Yellow in Colour,
Citrine Crystal.
4. Heart Chakra, Elemental Air, Touch Sense, Green in Colour, Jade or
Adventurine Crystal.
5. Throat Chakra, Elemental Spirit, Hearing Sense, Blue in Colour, Lapiz
Lazuli or Sodalite.
6. Third Eye Chakra, Elemental Ether, Psychic Awareness, Purple in Colour,
Amethyst Crystal.
7. Crown Chakra, Self Realisation, Enlightenment, Clear in Colour, Clear
Quartz Crystal.

The Attunements for Dragon Healing are given by a teacher in their own home,
where the student will attend a week or a weekend for training. Here you
will be given all the tools you need to use the Attunement you have

Retreat is a reqular practice that is expected of all students of Dragon
Magick. All students are expected to participate in, or organise for
themselves, four retreats per year centred around the seasonal equinoxes.
These retreats lasts anywhere from one day to one month, depending on your
time restrictions. The usual time is around one week and you are expected to
do one one week or more retreat per year regardless. If not for the
imporance of these retreats you will hardly gain any spiritual understanding
of Dragon Lore, and you may sink back into the limited perceptions of the

During retreat the following restrictions apply:

1. Four Meditation Sessions Daily lasting two hours.
2. Complete Silence.
3. Only Eat One Meal per Day before Midday.
4. Wear  no Make-Up, perfume, or Jewelry.
5. Sleep on the Floor in a straight position to keep your back alligned.
6. Drink Only Water, Fresh Juices and Milk.
7. Sleep for no more than Six Hours.
8. Stay Alone or with Others that are on Retreat.
9. Read only Spiritual Books.
10. Keep a Journal of your Daily Thoughts.

The theme of your meditation retreat will be told to you by your teacher.
The Last theme you are told is the one you should keep before another.
Retreats are designed to give you realisations which take you deeper into
Dragon Magick, but more importantly give you a deeper understanding of
Dragon Lore. Each of what is required of you to bring integrity to your
effort is for a very good reason, and so you must trust and use each of
them. They are tools also.

Only two students get to stay with their teacher at any one time on retreat.
Having your teacher in the same building on retreat as you is highly
beneficial for many reasons, and it is a great honour to be asked by your
teacher to come on retreat with him. The teacher decides who to offer places
on retreat to by looking carefully at the progress of each student and
determining who would benefit most. To spend one week on meditation retreat
with your teacher is equivalent to spending one year in retreat on your
own.The benefits are endless to list, just know that your teacher perfectly
reflects your heart at every moment, and always knows which situation will
assist you best. He holds the key to all the wisdom of Dragon Lore and has
nurtured it to full realisation. Your teacher represents your true nature,
what you aspire to, a reminder of everything you want.

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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