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Devilish History

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From: Joseph Littleshoes 
Subject: Re: Devilish History (Key Scale 26 Capricorn)
Date: Thu, 04 Dec 2003 05:05:54 GMT

SOD of the CoE wrote:

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> # [mind you, I am not saying the Jews invented the Devil].
> this is some anthropologists' conclusion, based on the fact
> that some Jews' inability to attribute the most heinous
> acts to the omnipotent divine required a Fall Guy. this
> seems to have blossomed very rapidly within the Jezoid
> sects of Judaism as it emerged into Christianity.

Some would argue that satan,  demons, evil spirits are mere
idealizations of the human experience and/or nature.  The following
quotes are from Emile Durkheim' "The elementary forms of the religious
life."  pp. 468-469

"there are gods of theft and trickery of lust and war of sickness and of
death, Christianity itself, howsoever high the idea which it has made of
the  divinity may be, has been obliged to give the spirit of evil a
place in its mythology.  Satan is an essential piece of the Christian
system;  even if he is an impure being he is not a profane one.  The
anti-god is a god, inferior & subordinate it is true, but nevertheless
endowed with extended powers;  he is even the object of rites, at least
of negative ones.  Thus religion far from ignoring the real society and
making abstractions of it, is in  its image;  it reflects  all its
aspects, even the most vulgar and the most repulsive.  All is to be
found there, if in the majority cases we see the good victorious over
evil, life over death, the powers of light over the powers of darkness,
it is because reality is not otherwise.  If the relation between these
two contrary forces were reversed, life would be impossible; but, as a
matter of fact, it maintains itself end even tends to develop."

> # I'm just pointing out that the
> # concept of the Devil [whatever name] predated Christianity
> Angra Mainyu or Ahriman if nothing else. cosmic baddies are
> apparently a big hit in religions from the Middle East. the
> most dualistic of them all appears to be Mazdaism. some
> others rival 'em, but I don't think they are as adamant.
> have a gander at Ravana, for example, or the Great Dragons
> like Tiamat, Our Lady of Chaos.

"...the Arunts place at the beginning of time a mythical society whose
organization exactly reproduces that which still exists to day, it
includes the same clans and phratries, it is under the same matrimonial
rules and it practice the same rites.  But the personages who  compose
it  are ideal beings, gifted with powers and virtues to which common
mortals cannot pretend. Their nature is not only higher, but it is
different.  The evil powers there undergo a similar metamorphosis; evil
itself is, as it were, made sublime and idealized.  The question now
raises itself of whence this idealization comes."


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