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GdelCampo: Animal Sacrifice

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Subject: GdelCampo: Animal Sacrifice
Date: 18 Jun 1997 12:59:59 -0700

[from Solis ]

	by Gerald del Campo

Old aeon magicians adopted the use of animal sacrifices as an
alternative to human blood.  Animal blood, after all, is not exempt from
Prana (Life Force), and it was not illegal; in fact, the Old Testament
speaks very openly concerning the kind of sacrifices Jehovah likes best.
Because of  its biblical popularity it was easier for the magician to
convince Church and State authorities that their sacrifices were
intended for "The One God."

The story of Abel and Cain illustrates how much Jehovah loves flesh: 
God loved blood and flesh so much that he preferred Able's offerings
over Cain's because the first offered up flesh and the other
vegetables.  Evidently, God dislikes vegetarianism; so Cain, out of
jealousy, killed Abel.

In modern day, those magicians who use animals for sacrifices justify
the act by proclaiming that since the animal's  "spirit" was released
during a Magical operation it then becomes possible for that spirit to
somehow evolve into something more than  "just animal."

Personally, I do not condone the destruction of anything but oneself. 
We have a  problem with people who conveniently  draw  lines between
animals in the meat packing houses and the animal who is used in a
magical operation.  People have no problem  purchasing parts of the
carcass in plastic covered styrofoam packages, yet they are   capable of
criticizing ceremonial forms of slaughter.  To them, the act of
ceremonial sacrifice is, for the reason that it has been connected to
Satanism by the media,   more horrible than the way the animal perishes
at the slaughter houses.  It is a hypocrisy.

The use of this particular kind of magick has a history going back
several thousands of years; it was (and IS, according to a recent U.S
Supreme Court ruling) a valid practice.

According to Sir James G. Frazer's "The Golden Bough" (1981, Avenel
Books N.Y. New York), many primitive cultures believed that  when one
consumed an animal, one could inherit the virtues or vices of that
particular animal. 

For example:  There is an ancient Chinese tradition that the courage of
all animals resides in the gall-bladder; and that eating the vile of the
animal endowed the  partaker of its courage.  This tradition still
survives today, and the demand has become so great that the illegal
export of bear bladders by American poachers has potentially cut a place
for the American bear on the endangered species list.

In Morocco, one could cure their cowardice by eating Tiger flesh.

Another motivation for ceremonially consuming animals was people's fear
towards other creatures inhabiting the land.   It was a popular practice
amongst the Eastern African Arabs to eat the fat of lions, as this would
make wild animals flee from them. (Perhaps the fat would cause their
bodies to secrete an odor which would signal the presence of a Tiger to
other animals?)

In Central Africa liver was a popular dish, as it was alleged that the
liver was the vessel of the soul, and one could enlarge their soul by
eating it.

There is a South American tribe of Indians who refuse to eat anything
but birds,  monkeys, fish, and other agile animals because of their
belief that consuming slower, heavier beasts would cause them to become
sluggish, ineffective hunters. (Compare the sluggish, heavy felling of
your body after eating beef with the consumption  of  chicken or fish.)

The human animal was not exempt from the dangers of becoming part of the
food-chain:  In Australia, Philippines, Africa, New Zealand, and in many
other cultures people were often consumed in order to endow their own
tribes with the courage, strength and skills of their enemies.

In at least one Amazonian tribe, it was considered a great honor to be
cremated shortly after death, and the ashes consumed in a ceremonially
preparedsoup by their loved ones; as this insured the continuation of
the individual through the life of  their family members and friends.

Given the lack of nutrition (Prana) found in store bought flesh, it may
well benefit us as a race to raise cattle for the purposes of  food;  in
which case, the animal should be well treated and cared for.  Later it
must be humanely killed for the purposes of sacrifice; and later to be

Eating the animal (or vegetable) shortly after its life has been
terminated would make Westerners less volnerable to obesity and other
eating disorders which plague modern man, as his body's lack of prana
demands him to gorgue himself after he is full.

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