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Angels and Metaphysics

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Subject: Re: Angels and Metaphysics
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A. Herein are regarded Communication Agents which are apparent (but
potentially not sensed at all times) in the realm of the physical to the
minds and/or senses of various physical sentient beings.

1. Primary Specially Sensed Communication Agent: (That which founded and
supports the physical and/or other types of universes i.e. spiritual,
transdimensional, unseen, unknown; and which was not created, not formed
from any "thing" seen or unseen, and yet is intelligent, having existence
within, through and around all other things). {God, the Source, The Prime
Mover, The Infinite Mind, the One, The All, What Is, Was And Will Be, etc}.

2. Specially Sensed or normally immaterial real agents: (noncorporeal
entities existing outside the confines of the mind and body of sentient
physical beings). {Gods, Archangels, Angels, Seraphim, Cherubim, Elohim,
archons, aeons, devas, genii, devils, demons, sprites, elves, fairies,
gnomes, animal totems, imaginary playmates, interdimensional beings etc.).

3. Sensible agents: (Living beings).
    A. Mobile sensible agents: (Living organisms which move through time and
space). {Higher and Lower Animals: birds, reptiles, mammals, plankton,
bacterium, parasites, space aliens, etc.).
     B. Apparently immobile sensible agents: (Living organisms which are
rooted to one spot, relative to our awareness). {Trees, bushes, plants of
various sorts)
     C. Special sensible mobile agents: (Nonliving special entities that
function and thrive through random contact with/and use of living
organisms).{Viruses or prions, protoplasm, ectoplasm, or other
manifestations which are produced as "matter" from living organisms or which
subsist or rely on same).
      D. Sensible nonmobile, nonliving, tissues: (Organs such as the liver
or heart, etc. used to effect readings by others like shamans or pirests,
etc. Human bones, chicken bones, sheep or other entrails, teeth, bile,
blood, mucous, feathers, scutes or scales, skins, hair, fingernails, etc.
Also includes tea leaves, sticks, cast stones, etc.).
4. Mass/Energy sensible agents: (Nonliving, non protoplasmic, mobile waves
and energetically produced or generated particles. Photons, Electrons,
Atoms, Molecules, radioactive waves, radio or television waves, plasma
energy, suns, stars, moons, plaentoids, asteroids, comets, meteors, planets,
dark matter, metals, liquids, gases,  rocks, crystals, etc.)
5. Constructed/Manufactured sensible agents: ( Devices manufactured by
sentient beings for communications with the otherwise or usually non-sensed
world, subconscious or unconscious mind) {Magic 8 Balls, tarot cards,
astrology charts, I Ching coins, Televisions, talking cars, toasters,
computers, boats, or any type of machinery both mechanical and/or electronic
in nature}.
6. Mentally created  unreal agents (mental or visual illusions created by
the minds of sentient physical beings). {Including but not limited to:
Fictional constructs, characters from books, movies, plays, dreams, visions,
drug induced hallucinations, daydreams or play).

This list was based on one by Nagasiva which I felt was incomplete and which
needed revising. Anyone may feel free to republish this list, add to or
subtract from this list or introduce their own lists for discussion.

David St. Albans 2003, all rights reserved. Please leave this copyright
notice on the original list, attached to any other revisions or deletions,
etc. Thank you.

nagasivas taxonomic list:


1-- (imaginary)            unreal agents (mental or visual illusions)
2-- (otherwise unsensible) real   agents (noncorporeal entities)
3-- (living)               mobile agents (ambulatory organisms)
4-- (living)           stationary agents (rooted, static)
5-- (nonliving)                   agents (constructed or natural,

2003 all rights reserved.

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