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African/egyptian magic

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Subject: Re: African/egyptian magic (9409.afrrlgn.m)
Date: 499409xx

Quoting: |Orisha

|I am looking for information concerning the practice and rituals of  
|African magic in the U.S. .  Specificaly the names of various gods and  
|their purposes.  Information on festivals and holy days would also  
|greatly be appreciated!!!!  Also any stories or anecdotes concerning the  
|practice of the old religion in the southern U.S. would be welcome.
|Am using a freinds system, but it's okay to send me messaages at his

   In your title you mention Egyptian magick and I'm worndering what you
ment by that.  I'm no scholar, but I thought that African Voudoun and
Egyption magick have remained isolated from each other.  
   I know that various Voudoun tribal systems influenced each other and
spread throughout Africa through tribal warfare, but did they interact with
   In Voudon the female is always more powerful than the male, a view that
I tend to agree with.  The Priestess symbolizes the Supreme Goddess or
Devine Mother.  Voudoun contains many different magick systems and dates back
at least 4,000 years, probably longer.  The deities and spirits are called
Loa, and the Loa include the five elements, various nature spirits, some
important ancestors and representatives of specific places or tasks.  Voudon
has a lot in common with Native American and early pagan systems such as
animal totems, tree spirits, ritual tools, amulets, herbology, et.
   During a Voudoun ceremony, worshipers become possessed by the Loa being
worshiped.  This is called being ridden, the human is seen as a horse where
the Loa is the devine horseman.  A person being ridden takes on the
characteristics of the Loa and becomes a vessel for the deity, similar to
bhakti yoga.
   Voudoun temples are called Hounfours and are traditionally circular
buildings. (Didn't the Kelts also use circular buildings?) Priestesses are
called Mamaloa, and priests are called Houngan and Bokors depending on their
position.  Hounfours contain a ritual magick circle with a center pole
called a Poteau-mitan.  The magick circle is prepared with a symbolic design
called a ve've' which identifies a specific Loa and the specific Voudoun
tradition or tribe.  During ceremonies, worshipers dance to invoke the Loa
under the direction of a priestess or priest.
   Voudoun magickal tools often include a knife called Ku-bha-sah, used
similarly to an Athame; a musical gourd called Asson, used similarly as a
bell in other systems; and a whip called Fwet Kash, used similarly as a
   The most common and traditional Loa include:

ERZULIE           who is a compassionate Goddess of Love similar to Venus,
   Aphrodite and Krishna.
OGOUN BADAGRIS    who is a God of Destruction similar to Kali.
PAPA NEBO         who is a God of Death.
GREAT ZOMBI       who is a snake deity. (This one may be specific to the US)
DAMBALLAH         who is another snake deity.

   After writing this I noticed that you were asking for N. American Voodoo,
so I'll post what I know of that tomorrow.  Sorry.


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