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93! and The New Thelemite

To: thelema93-l now
From: (nigris (333))
Subject: Re: 93! and The New Thelemite (was Of Cheesecake...)

49990811 IVom

E6 and Fuck You!

a correspondent writes:
# Namaste, and thanks; Fuck You too!  :>

so good to hear the Word of the Aeon in Thelemic Greetings!
my correspondent adds to the cultist analysis and I integrate 
 hir suggestions in this preliminary table:

	CULTISTS        GREETING                CLOSING
	Buddhists       Namaste/Namaskar	In metta, (esp epistles)
	Christians      Peace be with you.      
			 (re: And also with you.)
	Crowleyites (1) Do what thou wilt....   Love is the law....
	Crowleyites (2) 93                      93 93/93
	Goldawnians     Ave			Vale/LUX
	Hindus		Namaste/Vanaakam(?) 	Namaskaram/Pranams
	Jews		Shalom (Alechem?)       
	Muslims         Assalam alaykum.        
			 (re: Alaykum assalam.)
	Wiccans		Merry Meet		Merry Part

I'll bet there are lots more (e.g. Asatru). I'll post this to
usenet and see how many more I can gather. thanks for your
contributions, rose. you're at the top of the credits list.
# > blessed beast!
# How do you stop your own 'unconventional' greeting/closing styles from
# turning into just another convention? I'm just (eternally) curious!

it is so very good to see your posts again, kindred! I think that
I dissuade my expression from becoming convention by assaulting
mimicry and conventionality. to undertake them in my wake would
seem to be a rather painfully willful enterprise either to foster
something I might myself oppose (a following, etc.) or to niggle
me for the purpose of irritation (largely fruitless because I will
eventually see through this and begin to ignore/encourage the act
until it dissolves).

ultimately I don't do much, because I don't find that there are
many who want to undertake the effort of snatching a small aspect
of my expression and meme-seeding it into conventional behavior.
I change my format depending on culture of commentary (subject-
matter), inculding name and, often, typographical structure.
this cultural involvement has its ebbs and flows (I have all but
ceased my involvement in muslim discussions, for example, only
due to technical limitations -- I can't get this fucking ELM
email program to only recognize my user-defined 'From:' field).

perhaps it also helps that I am objectionable and gruff at times
with those who I (sometimes mistakenly) perceive to be engaging
leader-following, especially of my person. shadowing is rude and
homages to me are more welcome when they take the form of
being true to oneself than attempting to reproduce my shifting
and sometimes objectionable form.
# 108 Panchanga Pranams to you,

may the 18 monks bless you with perfect happiness and true wisdom,

blessed beast!

nigris (333)

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