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What Would Be in a Real Necronomicon?

To: alt.necronomicon,alt.magick,alt.magick.goetia,alt.pagan.magick,alt.thelema
From: ny'rl'thot'p 
Subject: What Would Be in a "Real Necronomicon"?
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 08:32:12 GMT

50021229 VII gurgle gurgle

Steve Kudlak  posts to alt.magick and alt.necronomicon:
> ...if they thought there this Necronomicon thing that would cause 
> things to literally and directly appear .... 

it's quite fascinating with what the Necronomicon is associated,
from horrid ends for those who merely search for it to spells
and summoning devices. your post(s) inspired me to resume a bit
of research I'd put on hold which is prefaced by nagasiva's
alt.magick FAQ, which contains relevant info:

comments welcome. spread the word as to what a fan of Lovecraft
would expect in a real Necronomicon. :>

> I thought that magical things could be done but they were apt 
> to be a bit more subtle.... 

the magic ascribed to the Necronomicon isn't usually pretty,
though one might find a trajectory from which such kreechurz
might be used to one's advantage in the following document:

> ...a TV show or something about the Necronomicon. I don't 
> remember it being on "In Search Of" 

unlikely, since its most intense manifestation is fictional.

> or in any of those neat summer occult drive in movies. 

there's more than one! I've seen them! the Evil Dead films!
here're comments on films from which you might choose:

#	The "Necronomicon Ex Mortis" that appears in 
#	Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness bears many 
#	differences from the book Lovecraft presented. 
#	Diehard fans of the movies will know that the 
#	Necronomicon was written three thousand years 
#	ago and vanished around 1300 AD. Lovecraft, 
#	however, never uses the suffix "Ex Mortis" and 
#	has an entirely different timeline for the book. 
#	Ash refers to the Necronomicon as a Sumerian 
#	book, which shows the influence of the Simon 
#	Necronomicon. Why the book in the movies differs 
#	so much from the one Lovecraft wrote about is 
#	uncertain.

#	Sam Raimi's popular trilogy of movies The Evil Dead, 
#	Evil Dead 2, and Army of Darkness the "Necronomicon 
#	Ex Mortus" appears as an evil book of magic; in the 
#	first Evil Dead, a recording of an academic reading 
#	from the Necronomicon caused all of Ash's later 
#	trouble. In the Evil Dead mythology, this book was 
#	written three thousand years ago and disappeared 
#	circa 1300 AD. 

#	Army of Darkness (1993)
#		Bruce Campbell is back as Ash in Sam Raimiıs 
#		third Evil Dead film. This film has all the 
#		manic pace of the first two films and, once 
#		again, the Necronomicon figures prominently....
#	Cast a Deadly Spell (1991)
#		Fred Ward stars as a private eye named 
#		Harry Philip Lovecraft who lives in a 1940s 
#		Hollywood where everyone uses magic. David 
#		Warner hires Ward to retrieve his stolen copy 
#		of the Necronomicon so he can release the 
#		Old Ones. Not very Lovecraftian, despite all 
#		the references, but still fairly amusing....
#	Cthulhu Mansion (1990)
#		This terrible film isnıt even remotely 
#		Lovecraftian ­ the word ³Cthulhu² appears on 
#		a book and a wrought iron gate, and that is 
#		all. As an example of how far off the mark 
#		this movie is, hereıs a quote from the back 
#		of the box: ³Feeding on fear, the satanic, 
#		primal forces of Cthulhu, the Devilıs 
#		footsoldiers, now stalk the hallways in search 
#		of vengeance."....
#	The Evil Dead (1982)
#		Sam Raimiıs directing debut and one of 
#		Bruce Campbellıs earliest roles, this manic 
#		film has become a cult classic. Essentially a 
#		zombie film, the mayhem is due to the discovery 
#		in a cabin in the woods of a copy of the 
#		Necronomicon. Tom Sullivan, well-known as an 
#		artist for the ³Call of Cthulhu² roleplaying 
#		game, created the special make-up effects for 
#		the film, as well as the copy of the Necronomicon....
#	Evil Dead II (1987)
#		Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell return in what 
#		seems to be more a re-make of, than a sequel to, 
#		The Evil Dead. Fans seem to enjoy this film 
#		ever so slightly more than its predecessor....
#	Forever Evil (1987)
#		In this horribly amateurish film, a cult that 
#		worships ³Yog Kothag² kills several people and 
#		is then tracked down by the sole survivor of 
#		the massacre. There are references to the 
#		Necronomicon, the ³Lost Gods,² and The Gate and 
#		the Key by C.D. Ward....
#	In the Mouth of Madness (1995)
#		John Trent (Sam Neill) is hired by Jackson 
#		Harglow (Charlton Heston) to locale missing horror
#		novelist Sutter Cane (Jurgen Prochnow). Trent 
#		finds Cane in a New England town that isnıt on 
#		any map and finds that Cane intends to bring 
#		back the ³Old Ones² with his ability to alter 
#		reality through his writings. Many consider this 
#		to be one of the better Lovecraftian films of 
#		recent years, but there are probably more 
#		references to King than there are to Lovecraft, 
#		and the mood of the film isnıt especially 
#		Lovecraftian....
#	La Setta (a.k.a. The Sect and The Devilıs Daughter) (1990)
#		An Italian re-tread of Rosemaryıs Baby with 
#		some Lovecraftian references thrown in for 
#		good measure. 
#	The Shuttered Room (a.k.a. Blood Island) (1967)
#		³The Shuttered Room² is a story marketed as 
#		having been written by ³H.P. Lovecraft and 
#		August Derleth² ­ like Derlethıs many 
#		³posthumous collaborations,² he was 
#		responsible for most, if not all, of the 
#		tale. The creature from the story is 
#		replaced by a deformed girl, which some 
#		have said actually improves upon Derlethıs 
#		original tale. 
#	Transylvania Twist (1990)
#		A horror-comedy that gets more unintentional 
#		laughs than intentional. A copy of the The 
#		Book of Ulthar is stolen from the Arkham 
#		Library, and librarian ³Dexter Ward² 
#		attempts to retrieve it from a vampire, 
#		Lord Byron Orlock (Robert Vaughn). 
#	Witch Hunt (1994)
#		Dennis Hopper replaces Fred Ward as 
#		detective H. Philip Lovecraft in this 
#		Lovecraft-free sequel to Cast a Deadly 
#		Spell....

> one asked me to sign pacts with the devil....

probably for the best. initiated by others, I find that
such pacts may be detrimental to one's well-being. ;>

r       B
o      l         b
n     e        e
w    s       a
o   s      s
d  e     t
e d    !
-- -- SODOMY PREVENTS ABORTIONS, blessed beast! 
FUCK YES! --  that which liberates is intentional ignorance --

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