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The Necronomicon

To: alt.magick.tyagi
From: (KAYVEN)
Subject: Re: The Necronomicon
Date: 13 Nov 1998 15:51:46 GMT

># Does anyone know where I can get a reliable copy of the R'lyeh Text?

Yes, it is possible to obtain your very own copy of the R'lyeh Text.  In fact,
I've got a copy of it right here in front of me with its garish purple cover
and its alligator upon it. (The alligator is obviously a clever allusion to
something.  Perhaps the idea of something capable of surviving from the time
before man to the present day with little change?  Or is this giving Skoob
Books too much credit?) 
  You can find it at Amazon.Com for the low low price of $9.59 under the title
of The R'Lyeh Text : Hidden Leaves from the Necronomicon (Skoob Esoterica).  

  Now keep in mind that George Hay, Robert Turner, and the esteemed Colin
Wilson have used the NAME of "The R'Lyeh Text" for what they claim are those
parts of the Necronomicon not translated from the John Dee manuscript "Liber
Logaeth" in their original 1978 _The Necronomicon: The Book of Dead Names_.
(Which was rereleased in 1993 but is presently out of print.)   Thus Hay and
company have used the title _The R'Lyeh Text_ instead of the perhaps more
accurate, though foolish sounding, _The Necronomicon II: More from the Book of
Dead Names_.

  So to sum up, if you are looking for the The R'Lyeh Text (written by Hay,
Turner, and Wilson which is suppose to contain the rest of the Liber Logaeth
translation), then you can easily get one.  
   If, however, you are looking for a translation of ancient lost greenish
tablets of great size supposedly written before man waked the surface of our
world, obtained during the First Age of Mu, stored in the Grand Temple of
Ythogtha which held court in the Muvian province of G'thuu, taken by the great
Zanthu to the Plateau of Tsang when mighty Mu sank beneath the waves, preserved
within the walled-city of Shamballah for centuries, transcribed by an unknown
author upon smaller clay tablets in 300 BC and given to King Wu Ling of Chao in
the hopes that such secret knowledge would defend his kingdom from the
onslaught of the Ch'in kingdom to the south, written from oral history by later
Chinese writers over centuries, finding its way mysteriously into Europe and
translated into Latin sometime in the 1300s, translated into English and
smuggled out of China duing the 1700s, adapted and analyzed in a German book
called The Liyuhh, and containing the secrets of Cthulhu, his "children", and
the lands presently beneath the Pacific Ocean............. well then I think
you might want to give up the search now.
 THAT version of the R'lyeh Text is NOT available from your local or non-local

------ Steven Marc Harris

The Necronomicon Desktop Theme:

But before you go off looking for this entertaining addition to your drab and
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  I know that I used to think that I could live my life without ever bothering
to own this eagerly anticipated tome.  I used to tell all my friends that The
Necronomicon Files didn't have anything to offer me.  Especially since I
thought I knew everything there was to know about the Necronomicon.  Heck, I
had read Bob Larson's entry on the Necronomicon in his Book of Cults so I knew
I'd heard the definitive word on the subject. :)
 BUT I WAS WRONG.  I knew *nothing* about the dozens of various books calling
themselves the Necronomicon.  I had no clue that Simon's version of the
Necronomicon was being utilized by other practicing magicians in their own
literary efforts.  I didn't know that the Hay Necronomicon was an admitted
hoax.  I was ignorant of how vast the mythology of the Necronomicon was in so
many media outlets.  I didn't know that the theories behind the use of the
Necronomicon in magickal rituals could be explained in such an easy to read,
yet complex enough to be challenging, way.  In short, I was nothing.

 But I got better.

  The Necronomicon Files : The Truth Behind The Legend by Daniel Harms & John
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all of those answers and a whole lot more.  It is a kick-ass resource and a
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reviewing the last 76 years of how the Necronomicon has taken on a life of its
own.  Just from the detailed descriptions of the hundreds of
Necronomicon-related products out there, I've saved $72!

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Disclaimer: This posting, the desktop theme, and my ravings about the wonderful
The Necronomicon Files : The Truth Behind The Legend by Daniel Harms & John
Wisdom Gonce III by Night Shade Books ( is
in no way sanctioned or connected to the authors or the publisher.  Any and all
lawsuits or crimes violating local child endangerment laws that result from
this posting should be directed toward me, though I'd prefer it if you'd just
lay the blame at the feet of some patsy.

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