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The Necronomicon

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Subject: Re: The Necronomicon
Date: 14 Nov 1998 00:56:01 -0600

>> note that many consider Lovecraft to have been a mystic of some
>> dimension, and that it is possible he was unaware of the source
>> of the material which he communicated, thinking it 'merely his
>> own imagination'.  it is possible that _The Necronomicon_ as he
>> described does in fact exist in some other dimension or within
>> some hidden enclave, perhaps by another title and with different
>> contents than he was able to convey. writes:
> This makes me curious.  How would we know if such a book was
>the Necronomicon if it had a different title and contents than those
>suggested by Lovecraft?  What would be the standards for evaluating it?

the resonance of psychic or spiritual vibrations would conform in
some measure to the descriptions provided by Lovecraft in his
fictional stories.  that is, we would discover that Lovecraft had
in some way communicated the text inaccurately, through some sort
of bias, or with additions ascribed from within his private life.
this was covered to some degree in "Liber Grimoiris", and there
is no real way to 'confirm' in any absolute sense such a resonance.

the standards of evaluating such a text would not be quantitative
but qualitative, since such a 'book' would not yet be in physical
form, locked or dwelling as it would be in some other dimension.
only those whose experience includes the study or reception of
such documents/data would be capable of discerning the details of
similarity and difference between what Lovecraft described and
any other terma-like perception.

>> purports to contain 'leaves of the R'lyeh text' with commentary.
>> perhaps needless to say, it was mostly the commentary.  as it
>> was rather pricey, I did not obtain it yet for the library.

>      Yes, the R'lyeh Text.  It includes a great deal of commentary,
>most of which has little or nothing to do with Lovecraft or the R'lyeh
>Text and more with Colin Wilson's failed film project.

someone else already mentioned the full title and I've archived it.
could you describe the film project and its general premise?

>> there is a decent FAQ on _The Necronomicon_ which is archived
>> at in the Hollyfeld Usenet Archives (cf. /FAQs or consult the
>> "nconref" in the alt.magick FAQ REFs directory at this URL:


>> for a more detailed account of the publishing histories).

>        Kevin Kendrick Chua's FAQ is an impressive document, but somewhat
>out-of-date and has some minor errors.  An annotated and updated copy
>may be found here:


wonderful!  thank you for the referral.  I have reviewed the 
Necronomicon pages here and found them to be of SUPERB quality,
from the beautiful review of CLow's Anti-FAQ to the glossary
and history pages detailing more reliable scholarship than is
contained in KKC's text.  admirable, and I have contacted
the author in private email about possibly archiving some of it.

>> also cf.

>       Interesting.  I would be interested in knowing more about the
>terma tradition, especially with regard to the so-called "false termas".
>If anyone can provide me with any information on this subject, I would
>be grateful.

it has been some time since I have looked at information on termas,
and my library is currently a hundred miles southward, so I will
have to postpone this research for another time.  where did you
hear about "false termas"?  was it part of the quotations in my
essay or did it come up in some other context?  very important for
the occult/mystical relevance of any single product.  I suspect
that only authorities within religious traditions are capable of
rendering such an assessment.  perhaps those familiar with both
mystical states and Lovecraft's corpus could provide it in this
case.  when I obtain access to my library once more I'll look more
deeply into termas and pass along text to these newsgroups, since
I see I am not the only one with an abiding interest in this subject.

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