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To: alt.magick
From: "David" 
Subject: Re: Grimoires
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 08:59:03 GMT

Dearest Necronomicon Player-Haters,

    I just don't understand why you are all so bitter towards the little old
Necronomicon.  While it is obvious that one would have to be a
testosterone-frenzied middle school student (and very into death metal) to
give any real credence to the "reality" of the book; I ask to what extant
have you, presumably more high minded people, examined this book?
    Upon careful study this text (and I mean the most commonly available
Simon edition) it reveals itself to be no more and no less than a very
concise enumeration of the western magickal tradition, except that all of
the vocabulary is transposed for a nifty Lovecraftian selection of terms.
Parse the disjoined structure of the book, assemble its central ritual, and
you will doubtless see this to be the case.  Therefore, presuming no
pre-existing mental conditions evidently contrary to the vocabulary of the
Necronomicon, the little black book will do exactly what it claims to do.
That is, like it or not, the material in this book, under the proper
conditions, works.
    I could (and shall if pressed) go on for pages about the correspondence
between particular rites, and initiations found in the Necronomicon and
those traditionally ascribed to in accordance with contemporary western
tradition.  For that is the matter (and intent) through which the book was
created.  It is a plagiarism by process of lexical shifting, its truth as
certain as its venerated source.
    It is also the accomplishment of the Great Work of this particular Simon
character.  Dare I ask how many of you stone-throwers have so influenced the
construction of that Luminiferous Ether as the "author" of the little book
you so despise?  One must wonder at how many minds are influenced by the
study and (occasionally successful) practice of the material described
therein.  Methinks perhaps 'tis envy that drives such harsh condemnation of
this book.
    Finally, a book such as the Necronomicon can be counted as nothing less
than a blessing for one simple reason.  It tends to necessarily compel one
into reading H. P. Lovecraft (if one was previously unacquainted).  Since I
am of the belief that anyone, of the proper mind, who does read H. P. L. is
likely to treasure the experience, books like "The Necronomicon" have their
place as gateways, if you would, or hype, if you wouldn't, for what one
might consider that which is more real than real.

Just my unimportant opinion,

"Gnome d Plume"  wrote in message
> On Wed, 11 Jul 2001 20:56:06 GMT, "Chris"  wrote:
> >I also recomend the poem by Gnome, "There aint no Necronomicon"
> >
> >Its laugh your ass off funny
> >and educational too...
> >
> ******That's all the excuse I need!
> There Ain't No Necronomicon!
> Copyright 1992 by Eric Hoffman and Poke Runyon
> Every few years you will see
> An ad as well-writ as can be!
> Offering for sale a book...
> Whose title is the selling hook.
> It's called the Necronomicon,
> To summon horrors from beyond...
> Or so 'twas claimed by H.P.L.,
> Writ by an Arab mad as hell!
> The author, poor Abdul Alhazred,

> Was 'et by demons in Damascus --
> And how his book survived...
> Don't ask us!
> Lovecraft's fans both far and near
> Have searched for many a fruitless year
> To find this book of evil spells
> But the truth is sad to tell...
> There is a Key of Sol - o - mon
> And a Lesser Key, Lemeg - a - ton.
> There's a Grimorie of Honorius
> And other works notorious...
> Heptameron, Enchiradon, complete
> With Tetragram - ma - ton
> But there ain't no Necro - nom - ee - con,
> Of that we have no doubt!
> There's a tiny little Grand Grim-wah,
> An absolutely True Grim-wha,
> And Solomon's  Ars No-tor-ee-ah,
> But where's the "Necronom-ee-kha?"
> There's Aramadel and Arbatel
> And other catalogs of hell...
> There's Picatrix ( not pick up sticks)
> And other books of dirty tricks!
> If it's brimstone you'd be smellin'
> Spells and curses you'll be yellin'
> From  nasty demons that are dwellin'
> In The Sacred Book of Abramelin!
> There's manuscripts quite Faust - tee - on
> In Tablets in Enoch - ee - on...
> But there ain't no Necornomicon,
> And that's a natural fact!
> From The Seventh Ray, Book 1, "The Blue Ray"

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