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Cthulhu Magick

To: alt.magick
Subject: Re: Cthulhu Magick
Date: 49941022

	In his stories H.P. Lovecraft described many viable magickal
methodologies. I'm interested in starting a discussion on these
methodologies and their possible applications. Below is a short list of
some of the techniques that I think are some of the more interesting and

Please add any methods that I have overlooked. BTW this is not a satirical
article. I actually want to discuss these techniques. 

1) Dreaming

Lovecraft made constant references to the use of dreaming as a method of
achieving a magickal gnosis. In particular Lovecraft himself was a serial
lucid dreamer. Many of his stories were directly inspired by dreams.
Lovecraft made frequent references to control dreaming in his stories.

2) Scrying

HPL described the use of a shining trapezohedron as a scrying surface. It
was made out of a black obsidian-like substance. The user would stare at
it in a darkened room and would see fleeting visions. 

3) Chanting

Lovecraft made references to the use of repetitive chanting of a word or
phrase by the cultist in his stories. Of course, the use of mantra is very
common in most spiritual traditions. Chanting can be used either to
energize or sedate the central nervous system. 

4) Glossolalia

HPL often had magicians in his stories uttering long strings of seemingly
meaningless consonant/vowel combinations. This is, of course, closely
related to the so called "speaking in tongues" used in Christian cults.
Glossolalia over long period of time can result in a profoundly altered
state of consciousness.

5) Drumming

The Cults of Cthulhu mentioned in the mythos often use drumming as part of
their rites. Shamanic drumming causes what is called sonic driving or
neuroentrainment. Drumming at 3 to 8 cycles per second will cause the
listener's brain waves to be entrained into a theta state which is
associated with states of vivid imagery and profound alterations of

6) Dancing

Dancing is used in numerous magical and shamanic traditions as a method of
intensifying the states of consciousness engendered by the
neuroentrainment caused by drumming. This, of course, is exactly what
Lovecraft described in his classic tale Call of Cthulhu. 

7) Transmogrification

HPL describes the transformation from human into semihuman forms such as
Deep Ones and Ghouls. This sort of shape shifting is once again found in
shamanic and magickal traditions from around the globe. 

8) Evocation

Calling an non human entity into our reality structure. HPL describes
attempts at evocation in several stories.

9) Invocation/Possession/Avatarism

This is a broad range of phenomena that involve a non human entity
inhabiting a human body for a brief or prolonged period of time. 

10) Entheogenic plants

HPL mentions the use of entheogenic plants in at least two stories. Once
again this is another extremely ancient and wide spread magickal

11) Attending the Sabbat

HPL describes participation in "degenerate" rites where strange entities
and human celebrants both are involved in the wild ceremonies. 

12) Sexual Magick

Although the actual details of sexual magick are not explicitly discussed
in HPL's fiction such practices are strongly implied. There are definite
sexual undertones in the depraved "orgies" Lovecraft hinted at. Lovecraft
also implied the union between human and non human entities as a method of
creating supernormal offspring. 

13) Out of Body Experiences

Although the line between dreaming transdimensional travel, and out of
body experiences is not precisely drawn in HPL's fiction I think it is
safe to assume OBE's comprised important part of mythos magick. 

I went through my notebooks last night and listed the mythos related
magickal techniques I have developed based on HPL's fiction. I have also
listed sets of "notes" I have made describing mythos related magickal
topics. These notes are not actual workings but rather a collection of my
thoughts on a subject. Although they are not workings the information in
them can be easily adapted into viable techniques. An example of this sort
of "notes" is my Necronomicon Mythos article.

Any comments on the below magickal workings or notes are very welcome.

1) The Invitation of Irem 

This is a rite used to establish contact with the Great Old Ones and
invite their influence into the magician's life. Each of the individual
pillars of Irem is a realm that can be explored and is associated with an
individual Great Old One. In many respects, exploring the pillars of Irem
is closely analogous to exploration of the Tunnels of Set.

2) Rites of Cthulhu

A) Chanting
The use of the "Cthulhu chant" to create a concentrative or meditative
state of consciousness that forms the basis of much later magickal work.

B) Dream work

Specific techniques of controlled dreaming that are used to establish
contact with Cthulhu. 

C) Abandonment 

Specific techniques to free oneself from culturally conditioned reality
tunnels. These techniques are designed to help the practitioner become
"wild and free beyond good and evil".

D) The Call

An energetic form of internal "chanting" or mantric use, making controlled
use of the nafs. The intent of this technique is  again to establish
contact with Cthulhu, much like controlled dreaming, but in a waking

E) Group Rite of Cthulhu

The group rite is used to help foster a sense of group union as well as
achieve a group gnosis of the Cthulhu current. A highly dynamic technique.

3) Rites of the Black Goat

A) Sexual gnosis

The use of sexual arousal to cause magickally useful altered states of

B) The Rite of the Woods

This group rite is a celebration of the Black Goats gift of natural
fecundity as well as a celebration of wild locals such as woods. 

C) Creating a Shoggoth

A specific technique for generating a shoggoth as a magickal servitor.

D) Notes on the Great Progenitor

Notes on methodologies for attaining awareness of the phylo-genetic
unconsciousness as well as some brief notes on the results of obtaining
information from the neurogenetic archives. 

4) The Hunter in the Dark 

Specific techniques for scrying in order to contact Nyarlathotep. 

5) Attending the Sabbat

Methodologies used to attend the Sabbat including some notes on toad's
(tsathoggua's) milk and flying concoctions.

6) Brief Notes on the Necronomicon Mythos

Some brief notes on the relation of HPL's mythos to Arab myth.

7) The Great Rite of Yith

A technique of precognition in which the oracle is inhabited by one of the
great race. 

8) Notes on Majnun

Techniques for deliberately losing sanity and their application.

9) Ceremony of the Eye of Set

A short ritual designed to tap into the influence of the Sirius system.

10) The Yr-Nhhgr

Fourth dimensional mental exercises and techniques of extradimensional travel.

11) Rite of the Ghouls

A rite involving the transformation into a ghoul. 

12) Notes on the Aklo

Some brief notes on the non human language known as the Aklo and it's
magickal application. 

13) The Evocation of Tsathoggua

Calling Tsathoggua into visible appearance.

14) The Evocation of I'ngh the Nightgaunt
Calling I'ngh the Nightgaunt into visible appearance.

15) Necronomy

The rites of premortem death as they apply to the mythos. (Understanding
the "laws of the dead" after which the Necronomicon is named)

16) Yog-Sothoth Necronomy

The practice of Necronomy as a method of achieving union with the entity
coterminous with all space-time.

17) Fragmentary Notes on Azathoth Necronomy

The practice of Necronomy as a method of achieving union with the ultimate
nuclear chaos at the center of infinity. 

The author has attempted (with fairly good success) all of the above rites
and ceremonies with the exception of the Azathoth Necronomy. 

Any comments or questions are welcome. Please post any remarks or contact
me in e-mail.

Best Regards,

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