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The Book of Power: Evaluating the Necronomicon

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Subject: Re: The Book of Power: Evaluating the Necronomicon (was ...)
Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2000 11:00:51 -0600

Some observations I've had concerning the Necronomicon:
(Sorry if it seems a bit long.)

1.  The mythos of the work is based in Sumerian Mythology (simple
enough) - however, it is a bastardization thereof (read the Enuma Elish
sometime and compare).

2.  The author(s) saw fit to make Lovecraft's Cthulhu and few other of
his personal nightmare creations aspects of the annunaki (Sumerian
forerunner and eq. to the 7 archons of Gnosticism).  I'm also familiar
with the attempt to tie in Cthulhu or Kutulu with the mountain of KUR
and the myth thereof, however, the name Cthulhu (as Lovecraft spelled
it) bares closer resemblance to the Greek KTHON ('earth,' eg.
chthonic).  In my studies of Sumerain mythology I have never seen
reference to a KUTU.. It would seem more probable that Lovecraft derived
the name from the Greek source of the word.  (It could be argued that
there exist a linguistic relationship between the Sumerian KUR and the
Greek KTHON but I dont think it pertains to Lovecraft or his works.)

3.  Lovecraft admitted (in his letters that he was so fond of writting )
that the creatures were from his imagination - more significantly to me
at least - his dreams and nightmares.  This has always given rise to the
question (for me at least) whether there was some validity in
Lovecraft's mythos as _a_ (i.e. his) perception of the Qlippoth which
does not necessarily validate the book The Necronomicon.

4.  IMHO the spells appear relatively modern.  They bare more semblance
to 19th/20th century Magick (esp. Crowleyan) than they do 12-17th
century works (except perhaps for the version attributed to Dee which I
found interesting in that there is little mention of such a work until
recent times - always seemed suspect given the attention acquired by his
other works) and bare no resemblance (beyond the names apparently
derived from the Enuma Elish) to ancient Sumerian rituals.

5.  The most common tales of power being put into/derived from the book
most always seems to involve some neophyte with an overactive
imagination whether a manifestion of some sort was acquired or not.  (My
first banishing was by request for these very reasons.  I've often found
burning the book as the object of fixation - a talisman of sorts -
seemed to beneficial.)

6.  I would like to see one valid reference (preferably not modern) to a
work outside the Necronomicon itself stating that it had been rumored
that so-and-so had such owned a work way back when.

7.  The Mad Arab story is fairly lame given that he all but writes his
own death scene.

        The stars grow dim in their places, and the Moon pales before
   as though a Veil were blown across its flame.  Dog-faced demons
   the circumfrance of my sanctuary.  Strange lines appear carved on my
   and walls, and the light from the Window grows increasingly dim.
       A wind has risen.
       The Dark Waters stir.
       This is the Book of the Servant of the Gods....

_Necronomicon_ (Avon Books), the Testimony of the Mad Arab, the second
part p. 218 

Such elegant writing in the face of certain most hideous demise. 
Personally I would think at the very least he would have better things
to do than sit around writing a grand finale for this work. 
Nonetheless, this all but reeks of a Monty Pythonish 'Aaarrrgggh...'

8.  And last, but not least, I have found that the greatest element of
power of the Necronomicon is visible for all to see at most any
bookstore in the local mall thanks to Avon Books.  The bookstore in
question may typically have half-a-dozen to a dozen magickal works but
the Necronomicon is damn near always among them.


Serraphin wrote:
> Rigghhht - I think you've lost a little enference between everybody. There is such a book as the
> NEcronomicon - but not in the Lovecraft sense. The necronomicon  was the egiption book of the
> dead describing burial rituals, mummifiaction techniques etc. The Necronomicon as Lovecraft wrote
> about was not real in any way whatsoever, as has been said Lovecraft himself said it wasn't real.
>    As to believing in the Eldar gods...oh dear deary me...For a start Cthulu et all who you seem
> so impressed with weren't eldar gods. They were great old ones. Nodens woulda been a eldar god
> and he was in conflict with Cthulu, Glaki Yoth-Sothoth and any other great fogie you care to
> mention.
>    What does it matter who my father is??? And your an expert on the Cthulu Mythos because you
> read lovecraft books and play CoC by the light of six black candles rigghhtt.
>   Listen to Dominion guys alternate religions are good but perhaps they should hold some realism.
>                                     Serraphin
> nyr'l'thot'p wrote:
> > "Glaaki" :
> > >I think what n'yrl'thot'p has taken great time and detail to explain is
> > >this.
> > > The Necronomicon as mention in the works of Howard Phillips Lovecraft,
> > > contributors to the Cthulhu Mythos is... and this is most
> > >important...
> > > FICTION.
> >
> > if you had a look at the URL mentioned in the post to which you were
> > responding:
> >
> >
> > you would understand that this was not even CLOSE to my meaning.
> >
> > > 'Tisn't REAL.
> > > Understand?
> >
> > this is your inference and shows that you didn't understand what
> > I was explaining at all.
> >
> > > Is Neither moral nor amoral... because it is not a real thing. Many hear
> > >have read much more than I and a true scholars and have agreed on this one
> > >point of FACT.
> > >Rest easy... and pester no more.
> >
> > this is what they all say. dream on, o fodder for the Elder Gods.
> >
> > ny'rl'thot'p
> Dominion wrote:
> > On Tue, 29 Feb 2000 13:16:53 GMT, (Turiyan "OG: original
> > Gog" Gold) wrote:
> >
> > >On Tue, 29 Feb 2000 04:20:57 GMT, Dominion
> > > wrote:
> > >
> > >>
> > >>Once you have been there you will no longer fear the Elder Gods.
> > >>
> > >>
> > >>Dominion
> > >
> > >You guys are FOOLS!
> > >
> > >How do you know who your father is?  Your mother told you so?
> >
> > Awwwww did I hit a nerve?
> >
> > Nothing like a bit of reasoned debate to make your point eh?
> >
> > Now try dealing with the fact that the Necronomicon is nothing more
> > than a created book from the mind of H. P. Lovecraft.
> >
> > Dominion
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> > - - - John Cleese
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