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[t93] Jennings on the phallus

From: catherine yronwode 
Subject: [t93] Jennings on the phallus
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 20:43:19 -0800

Tim Maroney wrote:

> I've also finished with the Hargrave Jennings book that I have, "The
> Rosicrucians: Their Rites and Symbols", in hopes of turning up material
> bearing on Cat's assertions.

By now you will have gotten a set of extracts from chpter 6 of Jennings'
book "Phallic Remains," with lengthy descriptions of neolithic vulvar
stones (a.k.a. holed, yoni, goddess stones) as "phallic objects," plus a
ref to his book "Fishes, Flowers, and Fire and Phallic Symbols." And you
will also have seen Jennings quoting the earlier author Richard Brash on
vulvar stones as "phallic." 

> on p. 180, he [Jennings] says, "Figs. 28, 29, are symbols of Venus
> (Aphrodite), the deity of the Syrians and Phoenicians. They are 
> phallic emblems. 


> He does say the Venus sign is a "phallic emblem." He previously 
> referred to the Venus symbol as a symbol of male-female union, 
> differentiating between the female part (the upright oval) and the 
> male (the cross). 

I think you fail to see that Jennings is distinguishing the "phallic"
astrological symbol for the planet Venus (circle plus cross) from
"phallic" figs, which as phallic emblems represent the womb and are
symbols of a female goddess of the Middle East (whom he innacurately
calls Venus or Aphrodite). The fig does NOT look like the symbol for the
plnet Venus. 

By the way, speaking of the fig -- in earlier comments, someone was
discussing the use of a particular hand gesture during the mass, the
priest putting his thumb between his index finger and middle finger.
This gesture is almost universally known in Middle Eastern and
Mediterranean countries as "the fig hand" (mano fico, figa, etc.). As
noted in this thread by another poster, making this gesture wards off
the evil eye. However, the gesture does NOT represent a penis per se --
rather, it represents the penis hiding for safety in the vagina/womb of
the  fig-goddess, by the various name she was known regionally. Making
the figa gesture was, in ancient Syria and such areas the equivalent of
making "the sign of the cross" for Christians. 

A variant form of fico gesture in which the two thumbs are caught and
held, rght thumb in left closed palm and left thumb in right closed
palm, is found among the Jews. This double-thumb-clasping gesture is
used to ward off the evil eye (which by the way, is mentioned in the
Book of Proverbs, so it is quite ancient among the Jews) and it is
sometimes called "entering into Jerusalem." 

I have written a short illustrated web page on the fig-hand or mano fico
gesture and the amulets that are made in the shape of a hand making the
gesture. I realize that there is a lot of reading involved, but BEFORE
looking that page over, i think folks should first familiarize
themselves with the evil eye and its role as a "drying" influence that
causes, among other things, sexual impotence through drying up of the

It is this specific effect of the evil eye -- erectile dysfunction or
impotence (which plagued Crowley himself, as he wrote in his
autobiography/confessions) -- that the priest is actually guardring
against when making the gesture during the mass. I could say a lot more
about this, but it really is laid out fully on mt evil eye web page, so
please start there, and then check out the mano fico (fig hand) page:

The Evil Eye:
The Fig Hand:

cat yronwode 

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