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Occultism and the USA


Volume 2                      Issue 5                      9305.01 e.v.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
The word of Sin is Restriction.

Moderator's Note:

We received two (2) contributions this month:

A piece from HAVOC23, called 'Liber Gimel', and the conclusion
of the excerpt from a publication called 'What Is'.   Enjoy!



Care brothers and sisters-

Greetings to all! This was sent to my recently by a correspondant - it
indicated no authorship or derivation, and I have copied it here verbatim:
Fra. D.M.W.


                LIBER GIMEL vel LUNA : svb figvra III

0.   These are thee lunar adorations to be performed to balance out
     thee solar adorations of Liber CC or Liber Resh vel Helios.

I.   During thee time when thee moon is in thee phase of a waxing
     crescent, facing east and giving thee sign of ones grade.  And
     let one say in a quiet voice:
        Hail unto thee who art Asonya in thy waxing.  Even unto thee
        who art Asonya in thy ascending.  Who travelest through thee
        night by thy rising silver currents.  Diana guideth thee
        through thee night while Luna abideth within.  Hail unto thee
        from thee abodes of sleeping.

II.  During thee time when thee moon is in thee phase of a full moon,
     facing south, giving thee sign of ones grade.  And let one say in
     a quiet voice:
        Hail unto thee who art Ebla in thy full awakening.  Even unto
        thee who at Ebla in thy splendourous light.  Who travelest
        through thee night by thy fullest silver currents.  Diana
        guideth thee through thee night while Luna abideth within.
        Hail unto thee from thee abodes of rising.{

III. During thee time when thee moon is in thee phase of a waning
     crescent, facing west and giving thee sign of ones grade. And
     let one say in a quiet voice:
        Hail unto thee who art Benase in thy waning.  Even unto thee
        who art Benase in thy descending.  Diana guideth thee
        through the night while Luna abideth within. Hail unto thee
        from the abodes of awakening.

IV.  During the time when thee moon is in thee phase of a new moon,
     facing north and giving thee sign of ones grade.  And let one say
     in a quiet voice:
        Hail unto thee who art Erae in thy sleepin.  Even unto thee
        who art Erae in thy darkness.  Who travelest through thee
        night by thy lowest silver currents.  Diana guideth thee
        through the night while Luna abideth within.  Hail unto thee
        from thee abodes of waning.

V.   And after each of these invocations thou shalt give thee sign of
     silence, and afterward thou shalt perform thee adoration of thee
     Lunar current with thee Mantra Gayatri.  And then do thou compose
     thyself to holy meditation.

VI.  Also it is best to assume thee God/Goddess form of a deity one is
     drawn to during these lunar adorations.

VII. Thee Lunar names are from thee Book of Enoch, chapter 77 verse 2.

VIII. Thee Manta Gayatri, from Book 4:
         Aum! tat savitur varenyam, Bhargo devasya dimahi, Dhiyo yo
         na pratyodayat.

From: (Frater Nigris)
Subject: Occultism and the USA

[Excerpted from 'The U.S.: Founded on Occultism, Not Christianity',
by Sharon Boyd.  It originally appeared in 'What Is', 'The Printed Voice
of Reincarnationists, Inc.'  I have no date for it, but assume that it
must have been printed within the last 5 years.  All emphases and
bracketed comments are those of the author.  Great care has been
taken to reproduce even apparent errors in the original text.
Part One ended last issue after a description of the National Coat of Arms.
I have excerpted sections for relevance, indicated by '...'.]

The Crest

In medieval times, the Crest originated as a means of identification,
attached to the helmet and resting on a "wreath of colors," which
was a pad of silk echoing the colors of the Shield.  Heraldry was
faithful to the origins of the Crest either supported on a wreath of
colors or rising out of a crown.  The Crest of the United States,
however, neither rests on a wreath nor rises out of a crown; it stands
alone, showing America's power to stand on its own, needing neither
supporter nor crown.

The Crest of the United States is composed of three elements: the
Glory or Radiance, the Cloud, and the Constellation or Stars.

_The Glory_, obviously, symbolizes the presence of God.  It also
represents the Divine Ray of Consciousness and Life which
proceeds from the Absolute.  The Glory thus stands for the
spiritual consciousness of the nation.

_The Cloud_ is represented as rolling back, indicating the breaking
up of the storm of ignorance, injustice and oppression before the
dawning light of a new and potent constellation.

_The Constellation_ is composed of thirteen stars, set in the middle
of the Glory and the Cloud.  The star is an ancient symbol of the
divine spark of life.  Originally, the stars in the Constellation were
six-pointed stars, as can be seen in the first die cast in 1782.
The second die, cast in 1825, was only used for treaties but it also
bore six-pointed stars.  The five-pointed star first appeared in the
die cast by John Throop in 1841 and has been copied from die to die
since, including the die in current use.  So the symbolism of the
five-pointed star was not considered by the Founding Fathers in the
design of the Crest.  Instead, they used thirteen six-pointed stars
and arranged them in the shape of a larger six-pointed star.

The six-pointed star, also known as Solomon's Seal, is a very ancient
symbol.  It is composed of two interfaced equilateral triangles with
one apex point up, the other point down.  The upper triangle symbolizes
the spiritual, the lower represents the material world.  Superimposed
and interlocking, the six-pointed star embraces all points and is a
symbol for the universe.  The number thirteen appeared six times in the
Coat of Arms; it is carried to the ultimate in the Crest with the thirteen
six-sided stars in the six-pointed Constellation.

In the adaptation from the Crest to the Flag, however, the five-pointed
star was the star of choice.  The five-pointed star with the point up
represents the highest power of spirituality on earth and is known as
the Star of Man.  The top point represents the Higher Self dominating the
four lower points - the elements of fire, water, air and earth.

In the Crest, we have the new nation symbolized by the Constellation and
all that it portends, surrounded by the Glory, rolling back the Clouds,
and standing on its own.

The Reverse of the Great Seal

In ancient times, the reverse seal was a guard against unauthorized
duplication of the seal.  Each seal was placed in the care of a trusted
guardian.  The Secretary of State has custody of the entire Seal
(Reverse and Obverse) in the United States.

The Reverse Face of the Great Seal is composed of the Unfinished Pyramid,
the Eye of Providence, the Radiant Triangle, the Motto "Annuit Coeptis,"
the Roman numerals MDCCLXXVI and the Motto "Novus Ordo Seclorum."

_The Unfinished Pyramid_ officially represents the Great Pyramid of Giza
and symbolizes strength and duration.  The Great Pyramid of Giza covered
thirteen acres; its original height was 481 feet, which adds up to thirteen
(4+8+1).  In the Giza Complex, where the Great Pyramid is located, are the
Pyramids of Chephren, son of Cheops, and Mycerinius.  There are smaller
pyramids close by; the number of the pyramids in the Giza Complex totals

The Unfinished Pyramid on the Reverse of the Great Seal is composed of
thirteen courses, or rows, of masonry.  The Pyramid itself is a potent
symbol from the ancient past, representing the seat of the Spiritual Triad
resting upon the foundation of the four planes of the lower four sides.
It echoes the Law of Threes which is found in all things, and which is
symbolized by the Triangle; it has been appropriated by the Christians
and incorporated into their religion as the Doctrine of the Trinity,
although this potent symbol, whose law is reflected in everything, dates
back to the beginning of time.

_The Eye of Providence_ is also known as the All-Seeing Eye or the
Mystical Eye.  The use of the Eye of Providence was first proposed by
Eugene Pierre du Simitiere, a West Indian Frenchman who lived in
Philadelphia.  He was greatly interested in the history of the colonies
and their struggle for independence, and was called upon to draw
designs for various state, local and institutional seals.  He was
engaged by the members of the first committee, Benjamin Franklin,
John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, in their endeavors to design a
Great Seal.  Thomas Jefferson suggested surrounding the Eye with the
Radiant Triangle.

The Eye of Providence is one of humanity's most ancient symbols.
The All-Seeing Eye, piercing and keen, cannot be deceived.  The
earliest use of the Eye of Providence was in ancient Chaldea.  The use
of this symbol at the apex of the Pyramid denotes the watchful Eye of
Divine Providence watching over the destiny of the nation.

_The Radiant Triangle_ incorporates the Law of Threes with the
presence of God.  Ancient Freemasonry employed the triangle,
usually in connection with the All-Seeing Eye.  Throughout the
entire system of Masonry, no symbol is more important in its
significance - it is the Masonic symbol of the Grand Architect of
the Universe."  The entire symbol of the Eye of Providence in the
Radiant Triangle forms the cornerstone of the Unfinished Pyramid.

_The Motto "Annuit Coeptis"_ means "He [God] Hath Prospered Our
Undertakings [beginnings]."  This motto is directly above the
All-Seeing Eye and the Radiant Triangle.  An earlier design for the
Reverse Seal contained the motto "Deo Favente," meaning "With God's
Favor."  Although meaning essentially the same thing, Thomson changed
the motto to "Annuit Coeptis," which contains thirteen letters while
"Deo Favente" contains only ten.  "Annuit Coeptis" is an emblem of the
Eye of Providence.  It also refers to the Unfinished Pyramid below,
building toward the capstone of the All-Seeing Eye as the Eye not only
watches over and prospers the Pyramid but completes it as well.

_The Roman Numerals MDCCLXXVI_, 1776, are on the base of the
Unfinished Pyramid, obviously a reference to the year of our
Independence and the foundation of the Republic.  The date, formed
of nine Roman numerals, are the foundation upon which the
Unfinished Pyramid, another symbol of our nation, builds.

_The Motto "Novus Ordo Seclorum"_ means "New Order of the Ages."
It is an intentionally altered quotation from Virgil's Fourth Eclogue.
It is emblazoned on a scroll across the bottom of the Reverse Face.
In this motto, the Founding Fathers expressed their vision of a world
which would never be the same after the establishment of the new
nation, promising individual liberty, freedom and progress, and
growing toward the wisdom and beauty of the All-Seeing Eye who has
prospered its undertakings.

The Symbology of the Numbers

_Thirteen_ has the greatest significance, appearing on both the
Obverse and Reverse of the Great Seal.  It quite obviously refers to
the thirteen original colonies which formed the nucleus of the new
nation.  There are the thirteen stripes on the shield, thirteen leaves
and thirteen olives on the olive branch, thirteen arrows with thirteen
fledges, thirteen stars in the constellation, and thirteen letters of
the motto "E Pluribus Unum" on the Obverse; on the Reverse are the
thirteen courses of masonry in the Unfinished Pyramid, thirteen letters
in the motto "Annuit Coeptis."  In all, the number thirteen appears nine
times in all three elements which compose the Great Seal: The Coat of Arms,
the Crest and the Reverse.

Thirteen has had negative connotations for many, being feared as
an unlucky omen or the symbol of death.  Indeed, it does represent
death, but not in the ordinary sense - death is merely a change in form.
The thirteen used so significantly in American heraldry  signifies the
change, or death, to the old ways and the beginning of the New Order of
the Ages.  In its negative connotation, thirteen is representative of
death through degeneration.  In its positive aspect, it represents
life and attainment through regeneration.  As the significant symbol
in the birth of our nation, it clearly symbolizes life.  Thirteen signifies
completeness or infinity and is a fortuitous symbol for the new American
nation, composed of thirteen states yet indivisible - thirteen is a "holy"
number and cannot be divided.  Not coincidentally, the thirteenth card  in
the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck is Death, which symbolizes reproduction
and birth, though not necessarily into this world, but as a rebirth of the
consciousness into higher planes.  Thus the New Order of the Ages is born,
proclaiming its destiny symbolically on the Great Seal, simultaneously
signifying birth and death.  Interestingly, there are thirteen lunar months
in a year which resonate with a fertile woman's average reproductive cycle
of 28 days.  Thirteen denotes the Soul and the reflection of God, the number
twelve being that of the Spirit.

_Nine_ is the number of tailfeathers on the eagle, balanced by the
nine Roman numerals forming the year 1776.  There is some very
interesting symbology here.  Nine is the number on which all life is
based.  It was the most frequently used number in the ancient Egyptian
religion.  It is a multiple of three... and not just any multiple, but
three times itself.  A trinity of trinities.  Three, being the Trinity,
represents a perfect unity; twice three is the perfect dual and three
times three is the perfect plural.  This explains why nine is such a
mystical and revered number.  This is three times the Law of Threes.

The nine Roman numerals of the year 1776 on the Reverse of the
Great Seal: If you add the numbers in 1776 (1+7+7+6), the sum is 21,
which is three, seven times.  Seven signifies completion or consummation,
indicating the beginning and ending of a cycle.  And, of course, we just
mentioned that three represents a perfect unity.  And the beginning of
perfect unity.  And if you take the number 21 and add the two to the one,
you get three again!

This Roman numeral balances the nine tailfeathers in the eagle on
the front of the Seal.  The tailfeathers on a bird are almost
indispensable to flight; without the tailfeathers, the bird can fly
but cannot guide itself.  So here we have the symbology of nine, the
perfect plural, being necessary for the straight and true flight of
the eagle, representative of America, the perfect plurality.

Independence Day

_July 4, 1776_.  Much thought was given to the date on which the
colonies would become a nation -- there was no coincidence here.
The date was charted astrologically to give our country the most
advantageous start possible.  John Hancock, President of the
Continental Congress, and Secretary Charles Thomson signed the
original Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, to set
America's destiny in motion.  The Declaration was signed by the
remaining delegates between August 2 and August 20, 1776, except
for a New Hampshire delegate, Dr. Matthew Thornton, who signed it
November 4, 1776.  Let's look at the significance of Independence Day
and what it means.

America was born under the sign of Cancer; its element is Water in its
vigorousness and progressiveness.  The sign of Cancer represents that
aspect of the spirit which collects the experiences, feelings and
sensations of many lives.  It is a nurturing and sustaining expression
of the element of Water.  This is a very progressive area of the zodiac.
America was born with a religious and philosophical outlook, and has
strong psychic tendencies.  Her life lesson is to learn and experience
the value of freedom.

Numerologically the birthdate of America produces the number five
(7+4+1+7+7+6=32=5).  This is a magical number ruling people and nations.
The words America, Christ, glory, power and circle share the same
numerological significance.  As such, America is a herald of light,
commissioned to send that light forth to the world.  America is a warrior
for righteousness with a developed sense of duty and responsibility, and
her keyword is "freedom."

The United States of America

The name for our country was chosen carefully by the Founding Fathers
as well and it also has vast numerological significance.  America has
the number nine as her path of destiny, signifying the pursuit of

The founders of our nation intended her to be a humanitarian country
who would attempt to make the world a better place in which to live
by her beacon of hope and inspiration.  Since nine indicates attainment,
perfection and completion as well as new beginnings, they were careful
to make sure that this was America's number.  They meant for her to be
generous and idealistic; for those seeking her wisdom and guidance, she
was to be open-handed and beneficent, realizing that knowledge belongs
to those who seek it.

The American Dream

The preceeding indicates clearly that there was a specific destiny
in mind for America and her people, clearly thought out and planned
by those first patriots.  The Great American Experiment of freedom and
self-government was intended to come to full bloom in our country.
They carefully charted the day of our nation's birth, fully aware of its
astrological significance, and just as carefully chose the name of our
country, aware of the power of the name and its resonance with the
universe.  They chose the proud, far-seeing eagle as the symbol of our
nation's soul as well as the Unfinished Pyramid, capped by the glory of
the Eye of Providence within the Radiant Triangle and based upon the
number signifying the ending of the old, repressive order and the
beginning of the New Order of the Ages.  And to that end, they embedded
great metaphysical truths in our Constitution and Bill of Rights so that
these documents might ever bear witness to their intentions.  So many
occult and mystical symbols are inherent in the beginnings of our country
that there can be no doubt that it was carefully planned, much as the proud
parents of a new baby carefully choose their child's name and plan for its
future welfare.  They, too, wanted their child - the infant Republic - to
begin with every advantage possible....

Supporting Quotes From The Men Who Began The Great American Experiment


In his "Autobiography," _Thomas Jefferson_ wrote that "An amendment
was proposed by inserting the words 'Jesus Christ, the holy author of
our religion,' which was rejected 'by a great majority,' in proof that
they meant to comprehend, within the mantle of its protection, the Jew
and the Gentile, the Christian and the Mohammedan, the Hindoo and the
Infidel of every denomination." [regarding "A Bill for Establishing Religious
Freedom,"  known as "The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom," 1779.)

"Say nothing of my religion.  It is known to God and myself alone.  Its
evidence before the world is to be sought in my life: if it has been
honest and dutiful to society, the religion which has regulated it
cannot be a bad one."
-Thomas Jefferson
 Volume II of "Works," published 1904


"The question before the human race is, whether the God of nature shall
govern the world by his own laws, or whether priests and kings shall rule
it by fictitious miracles?"
-John Adams
 2nd president of the United States
 in a letter to Thomas Jefferson, June 20, 1815


"The religion then of every man must be left to the conviction and
conscience of every man; it is the right of every man to exercise it as
these may dictate."
-James Madison
 4th president of the Unied States
 "A Memorial and Remonstrance," 1784


"A religious sect may degenerate into a political faction in one part of
the Confederacy, but the variety of sects dispersed over the face of it
must secure the national councils against any danger from that source."
-James Madison
 "The Federalist Papers"

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