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Government of Membership in Hawk & Jackal

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Subject: Government of Membership in Hawk & Jackal

Hawk & Jackal is entirely self-defined. It is a Thelemic Order formed on p
rinciples given in the Holy Books of Thelema.

Hawk & Jackal is an Inner Order not an Outer Order.

Membership status is changeable at Will, and at the sole discretion of the

No lists of members, other than patrons, are maintained though there are b
odies in various places with regular activities.

Noone has the right to admit or expel anyone, not even I Ebony Anpu the Fo

 A physical body is not necessary to be a member. A Being's rights are con
tained in the following statements from Liber AL vel Legis: "Do what thou
wilt shall be the whole of the Law". It is also further defined by the sta
tement "Thou has no right but to do thy Will, do that and no other shall s
ay nay", and elucidated by other statements in that most Holy book.

 There are no dues or fees.  However it is strongly suggested that someone
 wishing to be Initiated by one or another of the bodies of Hawk & Jackal
be considerate of the time and effort needed to provide a place, and provi
de the materials needed, to comply with your request for formal Initiation
. I would strongly suggest a financial donation to those that will have go
ne to considerable effort on your behalf.

If you wish me to spend more time working on Hawk & Jackal material and le
ss time working to support myself doing other things to provide for my bas
ic necessities, you may avail yourself of the expedient of hiring me to wo
rk for you in the production of materials. A $20 per month donation gives
you the right to request that I do one hour of work specifically complying
 with your requests. In that regard I will keep a copy of your certificate
 on file and provide you with my home phone number and process your reques
ts ahead of requests by those that are not my patrons. Should you fail to
meet your payment I will remove your certificate from the file and comply
with your requests as I would any other member that is not a patron. Sign
this certificate and return it for my signature if you wish, after which I
 will return it to you and keep a copy on file. Either party may terminate
 the agreement at any time. Failure to be a patron does not effect your me
mbership in Hawk & Jackal. No donations will be returned.

It is not necessary to be a member to initiate a member or attend any even
t. But as in any social interaction a person does not have a "right" to en
ter any other person's house, or any place they have rented especially for
 some Hawk & Jackal event.

With new moon Initiations and Esbats, since they involve sexual activity,
the parties that are working that rite may control entry into the inner te
mple. As it is said in Liber AL vel Legis "take your will and fill of love
, when where and with whom ye will."

Access to all material is open and none is held secret, you may share with
 whom you Will.

Hierarchy is personal and obvious, Men of Earth are devoted and state that
 devotion, and Lovers are
Lovers in the context of ritual, Hermits are masters of a Temple, no other
 party may define a grade for another, they may however control access to
their own Temples as they Will.

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