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Unicursal Hexgram

From: Patrick Crumhorn 
Subject: Re: Unicursal Hexgram
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 1996 07:16:16 -0500 (CDT)


At 11:53 PM 4/23/96 -0400, Lillyth93 wrote:

>What is the significance of the Unicursal Hexagram. I usually just say 
>that it is a mix between the Star of David and a pentagram. How else 
>would someone explain to other people?

     Well, David pretty much summed up the concept in
an earlier message.  I would only add my personal
interpretation, which is that while the "regular"
Star-of-David hexagram represents the equilibration
of opposites (or of the microcosm/macrocosm as
well), the U.H. represents a formula of the
dynamic *fusion* and annihilation of those
opposites.  In short, the former is passive/mystic,
and the U.H. is active/magickal.
     Nema put out a little chapbook some years
ago in which she did a beautiful drawing of
two persons seated in yab/yum tantrick posture
(seen from above) neatly superimposed on the
U.H. symbol.  It's hard to describe, but it
summed up my own conception of the U.H. quite 

     93  93/93


                  Patrick Crumhorn
            "[The President's] job is not to wield power but to
              draw attention away from it."  --  Douglas Adams

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Subject: Re: Unicursal Hexgram
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 96 10:10:28 EDT
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> The Uni-Cursal Hexagram is crowley solution on how to draw a hexagram with
> only one continuous line.  The pentagram is also drawn with one line.
> Crowley writes about this in one of his books, I forget which.  I will write
> the reference if I can find >

 The solution of drawing a hexagram with only one line is not Crowley's, 
I hae seen books by Giordano Bruno that have unicursal hexagrams, which 
would predate Crowley, and I'm sure Bruno was not the first to come up 
with this solution.
93 93/93 


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From: Brendan Everett 
Subject: Re: Unicursal Hexgram
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93 all.

If you take a look at the unicursal hexagram from the Golden Dawn point of
view it could be taken as the symbol of the Adeptus Minor(within), than the
normal hexagram as the symbol of the Adeptus Minor(without)and her/his
aspriation towards the divine experience of the Knowledge and Conversation
of the HGA.

93, 93/93.


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Subject: re:unicursal hexagram
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Nifty things 'bout the unicursal hexagram

1. it fits onto the tree of life better than the old fashioned hexagram (those
elongated points reach up to daath/binah(i've seen that point attributed to bot
h of them) and down to Yesod, or up to kether and down to malkuth(i saw at leas
t one source that attributed them that way (would fit with the whole sun  and p
lanets view point better than daath and yesod)

2. The place where the lines cross in the middle makes a dandy symbol for tipha
reth/sun. The old fashioned one is just empty there, which just doesn't seem ri

3. The flower thingy in the middle(which is a symbol of the pentagram) is inver
ted, which says something interesting bout the relationship of the microcosm to
 the macrocosm.

4. It's a hell of a lot easier to trace in the air whilst doing hexagram ritual
s than the old fashioned one cause it can be drawn with one line.

5. the elongated points fit with the symbolism of it being a connection between
 the worlds (umm umm ok oyu caught me, i forgot the name of the worlds, i think
 it's atziluth top and then down to yetsirah at the bottom of the hexagram, But
 i always forget that so if i'm wrong on teh names oh well, you know what i was
 talking bout anyways:) the pentagram connects assiah to yetsirah and then up t
o briah at the top point of it in tiphareth. The pentagram has that one point t
hat reaches upwards but the old hexagram was basically balanced looking so it d
idn't really look like it was reaching up to anything in paraticular.

6. I couldn't think of another nifty thing bout the UH but it just seemed like
there should be six things here for numerological reasons so i included this li
ttle note:)

Just some random thoughts i've had of late bout the unicursal hexagram, hope th
ey help

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