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Tyyggerr:Sacred Bloody Cookie Recipe

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From: (nagasiva)
Subject: Tyyggerr:Sacred Bloody Cookie Recipe (LONG)
Date: 3 Jun 1997 17:34:39 -0700

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An Alchemical Preparation According to
the Elements Described in Liber Al vel Legis.

You will need a surface to use as a breadboard, and a fermentation
chamber (1), a warm, dark, draft-free place for the dough to rise.

* AL III,23: 
* "For perfume mix 

* meal 
3/4 cup unbleached white flour, 1/4 cup whole wheat flour, sifted together

* & honey 
1 tablespoon honey

* & thick leavings of red wine: 
1 package Montrachet Wine Yeast (activated as described below) (2)

* then oil of Abramelin and 
3 to 5 drops, or to suit your taste

* olive oil, 
2 teaspoons virgin olive oil

* and afterward soften & smooth down with rich fresh blood."
as little as 2 cc will do, a teaspoon would be plenty.

untreated red grape juice (3) of such a quantity that if added to the
blood it would make 1/4 cup liquid

* AL III,24:  
* "The best blood is of the moon, monthly: 
Menstrual Blood

* then the fresh blood of a child, 
Little children are forever falling down, getting into things, bashing
their heads, cutting their lips or fingers, and in general committing
mayhem upon themselves in the normal course of being little in a big
world. Once in a while, save some of the blood and use it to make Cakes
of Light. DO NOT ritually abuse a child to obtain blood to this purpose.

* or dropping from the host of heaven: 
Whatever Prima Materia is your favorite, though I suggest Semen mixed
with Menstrual Blood when practical.

* then of enemies; 
Assuming you have a War going, or you wring out your shirt after having
triumphed in a fist or knife fight...whatever.

* then of the priest or of the worshippers: 
This has been done with 2 cc. blood drawn with a syringe.

* last of some beast,
If you live on a farm, this is easy. Otherwise, if you want to try it
this way, squeezings from store-bought liver, or some such, might do.

* no matter what."

Divide the Flour mix in half, setting one part aside.

In a small sauce pan, warm the grape juice over low heat, add the honey,
and stir until the honey is thoroughly dissolved. Remove from heat, and
when cooled enough to hold comfortably against the palm of our hand,
pour the mixture into a bowl and sprinkle the yeast evenly over the
surface. Do not stir. Set it aside.

Put about half of one portion of the flour in a mixing bowl, add the
olive oil, and mix together with a fork, thoroughly saturating the
flour. Add flour a little at a time, continually mixing, until the flour
and oil mix ceases clumping or you run out of flour, whichever is first.

By this time, the yeat culture should have a good, slightly foamy head
going. Add it to the oil and flour mix, sirring with a fork. At this
point you should have a thick batter.

Add more flour, about a tablespoon at a time, still stirring with a
fork, until the mixture pulls away from the sides of the bowl and
doesn't stick to the fork. Now you almost have dough.

Add the Oil of Abramelin, stirring just enough to spread it about.

Add the blood to the dough, stirring it in as well as you can (the
mixture will dramatically soften and smoothen at this step, but a fork
won't do the whole job).

Spread a layer of flour out on the breadboard, roll the dough out on to
it and knead (4), adding more flour at each turn, until the blood is
evenly mixed through the dough with no streaking or marbling. Keep
adding flour and kneading until the consistency is much like
Pla-Doh(tm). A small amount of flour should be left.

Spread a light film of olive oil inside a clean bowl, place the dough in
it. Lightly spray the top with water, cover the bowl with a damp cloth,
and put it in the fermentation chamber. Take a break while the dough

When the dough has risen to double its volume (usually 60 to 90
minutes), take it out, punch down the center, and let it rest 5 minutes.

Turn the dough out onto the breadboard, divide it into portions, knead
each portion two turns for consistency, and shape into whatever form
suits your fancy. Designs or sigils may be carved into the cakes at this
time. Bear in mind that the dough will have to rise again before baking,
so the finished designs may be somewhat distorted.

Spread a light film of olive oil on a baking sheet, followed by an even
sprinkle of the reamining flour. Shake off the excess, and arrange the
cakes so they have at least half their current size open on all sides.
Again, lightly spray the cakes with water, cover with a damp cloth, and
put it all back in the chamber to rise again.

When the dough has again doubled, bake in a 400' oven until golden

Serve as thou wilt.

* AL III,25:  
* "This burn: 
Crumbled week-old cakes make a very pungent and distinct incense when
burned on a charcoal cake.

* of this make cakes & eat unto me.  
As above.

* This hath also another use; let it be laid before me, and kept thick
with perfumes of your orison: it shall become full of beetles as it were
and creeping things sacred unto me."

* AL III,29: "Moreover, be they long kept, it is better; for they swell
with my force. All before me."

This suggests to me keeping raw dough to continue fermenting. Sprinkling
a little bit of red grape juice on it from time to time to keep it
moist, and as food for the yeast, wouldn't hurt. The yeast, is of
course, a clony of single-celled critters with cell walls but no

(1) I used a gas oven, in which case the oven itself worked as a
fermentation chamber simply by keeping a can of Sterno(tm) going in the
bottom, below the broiler, to keep the interior warm. A cooler with a
block of blue ice that had been boiled to make it hot in the bottom,
with a rack to provide free air space between it and the bowl, and later
the baking sheets, should work.

(2) This is a live, but dormant, culture derived from the thick dregs
left after wine has been filtered.

(3) Untreated grape juice, such as Welch's (tm) has no preservatives
that will kill or inhibit yeast.

(4) Kneading is the most critical process for producing hearty,
even-textured cakes. It can be rather strenuous if you aren't used to
it. Keep a coating of flour on your hands to keep the dough from
sticking to you. Squash the dough as flat as you can, then fold it in on
itself in quarters, top down, bottom up, and sides in. Rotate it 1/8
turn, so what was diagonal is now top, sprinkle some flour on it, and
repeat. Every fourth turn, flop the dough over, add more flour to the
breadboard, and continue untill the desired consistency is obtained.
This process "develops" the gluten protein into long complex strands
throughout the dough that have the necessary "body" to trap the carbon
dioxide released by fermentation, causing the dough to rise.

Since I already knew how to bake bread from scratch, this process
literally "leaped out of the page at me" the *very first* time I ever
read Liber AL.







It was getting late, so I almost forgot to include this:

**Judging The Results!**

Heavy, Compact texture:
Probably too much flour, possibly not enough rising time.

Fallen Center:
Too much rising time.

Coarse texture:
Too little kneading, too little flour, too long rising, or too low a
temperature rising.

Yeasty flavor:
Usually too long rising.

Cakes small and flat:
Yeast may have been killed by ingredients that were too warm, just old
and tired, or too short a rising time. Yeast likes a temperature
somewhere between human comfort level and body temperature. If the
working room is too cold when the dough is being kneaded, the yeast may
go to sleep and not warm up enough while in the chamber to wake up

Crumbly texture:
Dough not mixed enough, or too cool an oven while baking.

Feel free to experiment, a little more honey, a little less liquid, etc.
If you don't work up a sweat, either you aren't doing it right or the
room is too cold.



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