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To: alt.magick 
From: (Maxwells Delysid Machine)]
Subject: Re: TOPY

|=P=| A Statement of Direction
 |2|  Temple ov Psychick Youth North America
|=3=| Coyote 129, Station Staff
We have recently been informed that Genesis P'Orridge has stated the 

"Thee main point ov this transmission is to reiterate that TOPY ended
in 1991. Anyone who tells you otherwise is addicted to thee past, did
not read thee Gray Book clearly and carefully, does not understand thee
meaning of thee word CHANGE, puts their ego and their dogma before 
individual magick, and is generally suspect and is, at best, 
an emotional cripple. It is wrong to let thee dead not lie."

We can only assume that Genesis P'Orridge believes that he owns and CONTROLS
the spiritual growth and well being of all sigilizers everywhere. Only a
person operating with that belief would presume that they could render any
spiritual value an Individual found within the TOPY framework null and void
after Sept 1991.

We do not share this belief.

We respect the rights of the Individual to determine their own path of
magickal self expression. TOPY is a viable magickal organization as
long as a single Individual attempts to look within themselves and
engender a deeper understanding of themselves.

Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth is an active and growing organization, with
dozens of operating bodies on four continents.

Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth North America is an incorporated religious
organization, with members across the USA and Canada. Genesis P'Orridge
is not a member of TOPYNA, nor has he ever been.

We do wish to recognize the work that Gen did with TOPYUK (Station 23) and
give him all due credit for his insight. Much of what we call TOPY today
was built upon the foundation he helped create. However, a foundation is 
not all a building is made of. The remainder of TOPY was built with the
dedication and vision of hundreds of others, each contribution as 
important as Gens'.

One of the documents to be found at the FTP site mentioned in the message
from Gen is a file called "The_Process_Is". This was a document created
jointly by TOPYUK and TOPYNA and was a collection of active Sigilizers
describing the role that TOPY plays in their magickal work, and in their
lives. It became a process document by simply replacing all references to
"TOPY" with "The Process". We welcome being called "emotional cripples"
by Individuals who demonstrate such respect for other Individuals
magickal work. (BTW: the original version was reprinted in Broadcast 4/5,
available from the Station)

As for the GreyBook, we have never considered the GreyBook to be a static
document. To do so would place the writings of one time of higher import
than the reality of the timeframe. To refer to the GreyBook as gospel is
a laughable tactic! (also, i guess i didn't read it "clearly and carefully"
for i cannot find any timeframe for TOPY to exist at all! it is  
available at our FTP site,, please look for yourself.)

We wish to emphasise the fact that TOPY will not cease operation, merely
because someone says so.

We wish Genesis P'Orridge and his allies the best of luck in their future 
magickal and professional endeavors. We hope they fare better than their

Contact Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth North America at the following points:
(include SASE for swiftest reply)

Station TOPYNA (formerly TOPYSOL):
P.O. Box 33565, San Diego, CA,
92163-3565     FAX : (619)-683-3932

North American Access/Action Points:
TOPYBabylon, P.O. Box 3024, Fullerton, CA, 92631-3024
TOPYSothis, NY  -
TOPYTerra (formerly TOPYNoCal), PO Box 410724, San Francisco, CA, 94141-0724
TOPYJoyTemple, P.O. Box 10789  Calder Square, State College, PA, 16805-0789
TOPYPyre, c/o 1901 Farmer, Tempe, AZ, 85281
SaltyTOPY, P.O. Box 521993, Salt Lake City, UT, 84152-1993
TOPYLuna, P.O. Box 95111, Seattle, WA, 98145-2111
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