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Thelemic Rites

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From: (nigris (333))
Subject: Thelemic Rites
Date: 6 Sep 1997 12:26:13 -0700

49970825 aa2 Hail Satan!    (thanks for your input, Robin, I value it greatly)


nigris333 re the LBRP:
#>#> severely imbalanced rites which has become 'traditional' in Thelemic
#>#> culture, especially when the lux-o-centrism of the Qabalistic Cross
#>#> is taken into account.

my commentary was intentionally extreme, though strongly-felt.

#># Really, it is hardly performed (to my knowledge) in the Portland OR
#># area, normally I see variants of the Star Ruby performed, which balances
#># more nicely the LVX to the NOX.

I suggest that this response was also, and from a similar perspective.

Arlie Stephens:
#> I'd really like to see an explanation of both of these points... both the 
#> idea that LBRP is severly imbalanced, 

one star in sight  pointed out alot of it:
# Of course LBRP is LUX-O-Centric as is most of the Western Tradition.  We
# are either trying our darndest to RISE to the Light, or bring the Light
# down to us.  Banishing is inherantly a rearrangement of the energies of
# our Selves/Circle in order to make it a more likely receptical for that
# LUX.  Thats how I think of it anyway.

and the light-orientation is valuable to skeptically review.  historically
light is associated with the conscious mind, conceptual understanding, 
daytime, surfaces and that which we 'like'.  an emphasis on these in
one's symbolic ritual activities may have dire consequences if exclusive.
same is of course true of any symbolic obsession.

moreover, the paradigm from which some of the traditional LBRP proceeds
('be gone all you evil demons' etc.) does not include alternative
relations to the cosmos.  it retains a dominant style associated with
the Judeochristian attitude toward the natural world -- master to servant.

#> and the idea that Star Ruby is more balanced than LBRP. 

I have little exposure to the Star Ruby.  when people have done LBRP's
around me I often wanted to oppose their act or leave the premises. :>

# Star Ruby makes me feel like I've just had sex. LBRP makes me feel like I
# just went to church.  :)

this is very interesting.  thanks for your reflections on how the rite
feels to you.  I gather that LBRP is a grounding mechanism for many,
clearing away their internal desktop prior to a working.  I understand
and value this, though prefer alternative means of achieving a similar 
result myself.

#> of the form that hurls pentagrams from the forehead, rather than tracing
#> them; this practice appears to me to probably be derived from Star Ruby. 
#> In my experience, these two forms are different in their effects; the 
#> pentagram hurling one is more fun (i.e. tends to trigger enjoyable feelings),
#> but I suspect the tracing one may be more effective, especially for cleanup
#> of low grade slime/gunk/ritual leftovers, which is my usual use for LBRP. 

how would you rate 'effectiveness'?  when you say 'more effective' do you
mean 'produce the presumed effects for more people'?  or do you think that
this applies universally?

# The way I like to do it is take a deep breath while I'm tracing the
# Pentagram in front of me, and then hurl another pentagram from my forehead
# through the center of the one I just traced with the out breath/vibration. 
# On the return to HPK the two Pentagrams become one, so I guess I'm doing
# it both ways :)

whenever I've done similar things (directionally-targetted tracings, mudras,
etc.), the energy proceeded from my entire body, though directed and
guided with my hand-mudra or the ritual tool I was holding.  I should
say that sometimes my intent was to 'hurl' as you have described it
(rather graphically :>), and at times it was to 'seal' or 'lock' a
particular ritual cubespace.  

what could be the explanation for an apparent infinite target distance
in the LBRP?  why not a scoping of a particular designated area such
as with the Wiccan Circle?  I'm curious how people see these rites
and what ideas you have about their structure/effects.  any response
will be welcome.  thanks.

nigris (333) -- --
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with a right and a left hand, the right being Christ, the left Satan." - CGJung

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