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Thelemic Language, the Matrix, and True Will Acts

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Subject: Thelemic Language, the Matrix, and True Will Acts
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 19:43:29 GMT

50030623 kaos day! viii Pisces-Age-Y2006

blandcriminal :
#> it is not at all standard sentiment or language 
#> among thelemites. 

I'm not sure such a standard may be so identified except
where 'Thelemites' refers to the religious who abscond 
with more valuable meanings of the term. (Jess Karlin):
# And all Thelemites speak in "standard" sentiments
# or language? 

that's actually more difficult to answer than some might
think. aside from the facile consideration of whether
religious Thelemists all tend to speak their cult-lingo
(they do), or believe similar things (they seem to 
divide amongst a set of theoretical paradigms), the issue
of whether those who have located and/or are cleaving to
their true will (Thelemites) have similarities of words
or attitudes is something I've been considering for some
time, and speculation on this point may be valuable so
as to facilitate identifying the truly volitional.

I've been paying a good deal of attention to the fiction
of a character similar to that of The Matrix recently
(having just seen its sequel in theater with sri catyananda
and talking with her about its significance, art, and
ideological implications). here are some notes I made 
during the first film which I thought might translate
in terms of symbolism in order of applicability and 
importance to the parallel I'm trying to draw:

	Matrix		pseudo-volitional perceptual self-leashing
	                  virtual (unreal) autonomy concealing slavery

	Real World	sustainable integrity with the natural world
                          ideal relation to all other life forms

	Matrix-control	conscious direction of volitional conduct
	                  skill at self-direction and chosen autonomy

	Agent-programs	agents of abject conformism and submission
                          those who sustain the Matrix's influence

	Zionists	Thelemites (those attuned to their true will)
                          those who have freedom from immediate constraint

	Revolution	undermining the elitist domination of the masses
                          by indoctrinated self-debilitation and real
                          usurpation of available options

	Traitors	extremist elements leading Thelemites to
			  powerlessness and disorientation with
	                  respect to true will, assisting agents

	The One		adept/prophet demonstrating true will orientation

the last is less important (and possibly illusory with
respect) to the symbolism I'm drawing here. the point of my
delivering this model is not only for a discussion of it and
its refinement by the interested, but also because I think
that some of the language in the film The Matrix and to a
lesser extent in Matrix Reloaded serves to underscore what
might be real consistencies in Thelemic language.

the first and most important human Traitor was Cypher, and
his first interaction with the new recruit (Mr. Anderson/Neo)
was to confide *with* him ("I know what you're thinking. It's
something I've been thinking ever since meeting Morpheus.") 
that he'd *rather be in the Matrix than doing the 'dirty work'
of liberation* -- he laments the selection of the Red Pill and
asks why he didn't select the Blue one so as to go back to 
a possibly more interesting but illusory life (compare those
who would like more time to watch television). 

the typical agent (forget the anomalous Agent Smith for the
moment) enforces conformity, amongst agents and citizens,
and is attempting at all times to crush the revolution.

in comparison to this, the Zionists (/Revolutionaries, and
in this model, what could be considered /Thelemites) are
watchful of linguistic traps and slipping back into the
somnambulance they know to be a part of the Matrix system.

this directly translates into linguistic commonalities
amongst those who have identified and are set out to
adhere to their true will (whether they think of it in
these terms or not): independence from and distancing
from the Matrix is valued; liberation of others is also
valued; responsibility for one's actions and dedication
to the cause are valued; cooperating (generally) with 
Thelemites is considered important wherever possible 
in advancing the cause; and their language reflects this.

I have noticed that amongst those I consider to be of the
calibre I identify with Thelema and respect of its Law,
this is quite similar. orientation, self-direction, and
independence from the societal Machine are valued; those
doing the difficult work of making it possible for others
to be liberated from the constraining tendrils of 
mainstream society and its problems are respected; and
personal choice as regards lifestyle and appearance
*otherwise* (i.e. conformism) is completely UNimportant
(actually potentially an indicator of corruption).

that is, whether one values some cult leader attempting
to foster an escape hatch religion for the enslaved is 
not as important as the fact that that hatch exists and
transcends the value and doings of that cult leader. 

whether one parrots maxims associated with the revolution
in its superficial appearance is not as important as the
real work one may be doing to orient to and manifest the
true will from which we might all benefit, etc.
# Why is that?

there may be key terms which help one in (but do not
constitute the only means of) identifying those who
are liberated and truly volitional, unconstrained
without becoming traitorious (amoral, foolish, or
actively undermining the revolution toward liberation).

some of this shows up in the responsibility one takes
for one's life circumstances. complaints about how
badly one has been manipulated and the terrible fate
or luck one has had don't tend to appear so often,
for example. greater individual choice and influence
in the creation of one's life tends to be presupposed,
for example, along with a healthy scrutiny of all the
superpowerful New Age 'You-Create-It-All-Around-You'
mentalities which tend toward severe victim-crises
during times of adversity.

#> what is standard however, is that liber 1, liber 7, 
#> liber 10, liber 27, liber 31, liber 65, liber 66, 
#> liber 74, liber 90, liber 156, liber 220, liber 370, 
#> liber 400, liber 231, liber 156, liber 813, are all 
#> 'class A material,' 
# Why are they all "class A material"?

that's what the cult leader told the cult. the class
system itself may be valuable to perpetuate. the documents
themselves are of questionable valuable, especially beyond
the religious system which is attempting to utilize them.

# Characteristics which are necessary for the development
# of a truly Thelemic or magickal mind are the capacity 
# to shut up and listen, and the will to pay attention.

I don't agree that these are immediately necessary for
the aspirant at an early stage. it may be important,
for example, for distancing and isolation to lead to
a torrent of expression from the aspirant combined with
a wandering of attention from one thing to another in
a gathering intensity to the point of crisis. 

at some point the focus of attention *does* become very
important, but upon what the attention is focussed may
not be so important until an orientation takes place.
whether shutting up and listening occurs earlier or
later seems to me a variable dependent upon the type 
of person who is walking the path.

#> if you thought that i implied or was attempting to 
#> imply that you were in fact *not* doing your will---
# What about true will?

that distinction is an interesting one. one might do
one's will without ever knowing its truth. does it
somehow mesh with anything more profound than an
isolated and pre-programmed intent? in such a case,
it would be like making choices in the Matrix (i.e.
of little or no overall value but immediately 

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