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Thelemic Chivalry

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From: (nigris333)
Subject: Thelemic Chivalry
Date: 16 Jun 1998 12:42:04 -0700

~From: "Fra. APRNTh, Throne of Ra Camp, OTO" 

        Do what thou whilt shall be the whole of the Law.

>49980309 aa2 Hail Satan!

Brother of Light, Dweller in Darkness.  Thou art conflict and
contradiction.  Thou art the Lord of Lady Maya.  You lead us into death so
that we may live life ever lasting.  Hare Siva.  Hare Kali. Hare Ganesa--
the chance to begin again and so to end once more.  Hear me oh Lord.  I
call your name and offer to you the blood of my enemies who are truely
myself.  Give me the strength of arm and heart to destroy my enemies as I
myself seek destruction in your loving embrace.  The kingdom is a lie.  The
promise is a trick.  In my mouth is ash and that is your covenant of what
is, was and always shall be.  Eye am naught.  IAO.

>Do what thou wilt/Sin is Restriction

Love is the Law, love under will.  The word of the Law is Thelema.

Peace and salutations.

I accept your questions, my brother.  I hope my answers profit us both (tho
truely we are one).

Help me oh warrior lord of Thebes in my unveiling before men.

>I'd like to hear what kind of behavior (esp in T93-L?) for you
>constitutes 'showing oneself as a man and a brother', what kinds
>of actions or statements (written? verbal?) qualify as breaches
>of this display, and what it takes to resolve feuds and general
>conflicts between you and others of your clan.

There are many types of possible unmanly and unbrotherly behavior (the
masculine gender is used as a default, I truely respect my sisters no
less).  Brothers and sisters should be civil.  Failure in this regard is a
breach of duty. If someone fails to be civil, then one has the option of
being civil towards them in the hopes that such a positive example will
enforce fraternal/sororal behavior, or treating them in the manner in which
they treat others in the hopes that such treatment will be a wake up call.
My own personnal practice is to treat everyone with love and kindness and
to continue to do so as they reciprocate.  If someone treats me in a war
like manner i smear my face with blood and ash and prepare for my
death--with the confidence in my heart that it shall be i who prevail.

Breachs of manners are no big deal when the offending party keeps on his
side of the line, cross that line and it is a declaration of war.  What is
the line?  It is dictated by one's own heart (at a certain level read HGA,
then read heart again).  It is dictated by the time and place.  It is
dictated by the context.  When you see that the person across the table has
placed his hand on the hilt of his sword, you need to decide if you may
have crossed the line dictated by him and the circumstance.  Maybe that
line was unfairly drawn, but still it is then on you to proceed or to
change tack.  Know if you proceed then *you* have choosen war.  War is not
a bad choice.  Without it there is no peace.  Death is not a bad choice.
Without it there is no life.  No matter, choose and damn all consequences.

When a brother or sister chooses war against me, having seen me rest my
hand on my weapon, then they are not a brother or sister. I may strike
without mercy.  I may give my body to K'uang Kung (Hachiman if you prefer).
I am not *me* I am war and death and the coldness of the grave. If i draw
my sword without warning and provocation then i am not a brother or sister
to the person across the table.  In that case may the blood my sword
demands be offered from my veins.

Once some blood is spilt, it needn't result in death (or even be literal if
the swords aren't literal), then honor has been satisfied. The blood washes
away the dishonor from which the original conflict arose. From there the
parties may withdraw.  If they cross paths again, the game begins anew.
Will they be brothers?  Will they war?  It is the crossing of the paths
which gives the opportunity for renewed brotherhood of former opponents.
The crossing of the paths depends on our mutual "yuan-fen" and "ming"
(destiny and fate--more or less).

> I say 'your clan'
>because you have said you are clannish and, in a manner I can
>respect but don't yet share, you appear to support your family
>and culture(s?) beyond that of others who may not be as worthy
>of your energies or defense.

My number is 11 as are all who are of us.  All numbers are the same there
is no distinction.

My clan extends to all the ten thousand things.  Are they not me?  The
distinction is false.  Yet if your right eye offendth thee, pluck it out.

>here I'd like to understand how the valiant and noble warrior
>of a community simultaneously upholds the principles of
>protection of hir own and any sort of universal ideals (say,
>of the Law of Thelema).  perhaps universals are unimportant
>to you.  I see clannishness and many universals conflicting
>and wondered how to go about resolving these conflicts.

every idea contains its antithesis. all is conflict. the resolution is in
anahilation. Satan is truely lord of this Earth. there is nothing we can
posite which does not entail a conflict of some type. my clan extends to
all who treat me as a brother. my sword is always ready to strike at those
who do not.  From my youth I prepared to die young in honorable battle.
Somehow that didn't happen.  Now I have a daughter.  Though I love all
children, she is my heart.  She is my clan. My responsibility is now to
stay alive and guide and teach her that she may be a light unto the world
and provide hope to the 10 thousand  things. Yet life without honor is not
life and so i may yet die a violent and relatively early death.  My
daughter is the result of a magickal operation to bring the word of Thelema
to the 10 Thousand Things.  She is an arc.  Adonai bless her.  Tahuti guide
her.  Jesus love her.  Aiwass protect her.

># ...To my perception the problem is that people did and seldom
># do uphold their *individual* duties to care for the sick and
># weak.  Personally, i am against industrialization (but not
># capitalism) and alienating man further and further from nature.
>punishing these individuals for their lack of attention sometimes
>has the unwanted repercussion of affecting their charges (children,
>the old or infirm).  I'd like to come to understand how you think
>that people enter into these individual *duties*, of what they
>consist, and whether all human beings are charged to share them
>or if it is an individual and/or clan choice.

i am all.  i am responsible for all.  if i kill or disable an enemy his
children and old folk are my responsibility as i have erased that
particular manifestation of myself on which they have come to rely. to
destroy is a burden.  to destroy is a liberation.  hare siva.  hare
ganesha.  hare siva. hare hare.

>in some small measure I'm asking about the importance of
>COMPASSION and the limitations of duty as regard social roles.

there is no limitation to duty.  Do what thou whilt, thy hast no other duty.

># As to the criteria for euthanasia, I can only offer that I
># believe in the right to death (self-choosen) per Liber OZ.
>here we appear to share values strongly, as regarding the
>numbers of human beings (and the rights of asian tigers!).

balance is one.  one is freedom.  imbalance is restriction, it is sin.  my
daemon is a pure white garment the stain of sin shall not defile.  i cling
to the t'ai chi and am an anchor for all things.

># I also believe there are way too many people on this planet,
># but I recognize I (nor anyone I am aware of or can imagine...)
># can not offer justifiable standards by which to start the
># culling.  As needed as it may be.
>by individual request provided due assurance that no coersion
>has been used to pressure it, inclusive of the Living Will?
>cf. Denmark?  Australia?  Oregon?

(APRNTh returns) sure, bra. tough to insure, tho.  a bitch to change your
mind once the light turns red. But the right to death is fundimental.  We
don't really even have much else.  Isn't today a beautiful day to die?

># But I don't think Gia will put up with all this indefinately,
># so I guess She shall be the arbitor of the days of gnashing of teeth.

>this is a horror I am not prepared to let stand without at least
>attempting to persuade of its folly.  the problem is that before
>'G(a)ia' [unsure if you're using a language I don't understand]

no sorry, i just spell like a third grader  :-)

>goes to work, human beings, without compassion (perhaps like the
>'straw dogs' of the TTC?  I don't think so :>), will plunder
>and rape and pillage and destroy and parasitically maim and use
>the countless living beings who are as weak you say we ought
>protect (my heart extends to nonhumans, for many this is too far).

not too far brother.  our hearts meet in extension. they are one. my heart
is the bleeding heart of Master Jesus. from the brink of the abyss i offer
a cup. war on the weak and war on my most beloved manifestation of myself.
children and animals are my charge. hail St. Francis. the planet is theirs.
hail Lono. steal from them and court the steel of my sword and feel the
blood of my heart as icey rain cried from the eyes of Kuan Yin P'u Sa. namo
Kuanshiyinpusa.  I hear all cries, they are my own.  since you can hear me
too you know i am not so far beyond distinction that i can hear and yea
respond. though all is the same in my folly and yearning for love i offer
to them my hands, of water and of adamantine.

>little human animals proliferating within political and economic
>games becoming more and more difficult to sustain by virtue of
>evermore scarce 'resources' (hosts) due to increasingly 'efficient'
>technological transformation will eventually have to come to a
>realization that it is an insane situation to perpetuate and, for
>the spiritual, heartless.  nonviolence is not just about refraining
>from harm, but also actively seeking resolution to unacceptable
>problems.  saying 'let G(a)ia take care of it' speaks to me of
>horrible apathy or something I don't yet understand.

Brother, you understand.  I am Gaia.  She is I.  My sword is the sword of
Gaia.  My wrath her wrath.  The Great Spirit gives us life.  The Great
Spirit gives us death.  These gifts are equally valuable and beautiful.
His generousity is boundless.  In my medicine bag i hold these gifts in
trust.  Shall we open it?  Hasa, the moment will come as it always has.

># I make it a habit to support worthy charities, despite the
># burden of taxation, especially those who help needy children.

>admirable.  I can not say that my contribution is anything comparable.
>my strong points don't lie in areas for which I can with integrity be
>compensated. :>  therefore my social power is limited in some degree.

we give in our own way.  but as we sow, so shall we reap.  empty your cup
that it may be filled.  there is no power but G_d, there is no god where i
am not, there is no god where i am.

>what you say here about helping needy children is of the heart I was
>speaking previously, and yet isn't it somewhat like Mother Teresa,
>addressing symptoms?  her ethics commanded that attempts to put
>restraints on conception and birthing were unthinkable, and yet she
>was lauded for treating the repercussion of such a platform.  is this
>what we should call 'spirituality'?

Mother Theresa, daughter of Mary, you have your reward.  You were a fool.
Yet the reward of a fool may surpass that of a lordly baron.  You brought
sin attempting to give virtue, but for your love, as the love of Lady Nuit
extendeth even unto the little flowers, you brought comfort to the 10
Thousand Things.  Some of us come to break chains.  Some of us come to
comfort those waiting for their chains to be broken. Each is in service to
the AA.

>  many seem to think so, and while
>I want it extended beyond the human species I'm inclined to agree it
>is a spiritual sentiment but want some sort of coherency of purpose.

you have invoked Lord Satan.  he stand not coherency.  there is no purpose
but no purpose. embrace chaos.  it is the Tao.

># anyhow, if you really do want to fight, it can be arranged.  ;-}
>'as brothers, fight ye!'
> ======================
>what does this mean to you?

to me, this means Nothing--same as everything else.  Comment on the Book is
a Fool's game.  As a fool i say by the wisdom of Ra-Hoor-Ku-it, brothers
fight not, but verily in all brothers is a Cain and an Able.  This is the
curse of Adam.

>Invoke me/Love is the law

to me, to me

>blessed beast!

mount of our Lady, joy to the world, death to the weary, open the seals--
all creation bows before your rod

You have invoked my unveiled words in the name of the Lord of the Material
Realm, and so have bound my response as he recoginizes you as his servant.
verily you will be blessed and your mouth shall be filled with ash and you
shall know his love.  my weary servant must now enter into a period of
silence.  for now know that i love you all as does he in my honour.  Your
brother APRNTh is not. eye speak thru him.  Laugh in his honor or in his
mocking and he will thank you.

<3 claps>

                Love is the law, love under will.

Ankh-af-na-khonsu, the self-slain
-- (emailed replies may be posted); 408/2-666-SLUG
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