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Thelema, Orders, Crowley

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From: (xiwangmu)
Subject: Thelema, Orders, Crowley
Date: 8 Dec 1995 14:29:02 -0800

kaliyuga (cc'd to Thelema93-L)
49951208 from private email, awhile ago

#From: (Jeffrey C. Williams)
#Date: Tue, 21 Nov 1995 00:47:01 -0800

[most deleted]

#"Which of the several Thelemic groups aught I approach to begin a more 
#formal course of study?"  

Formal courses of study are easily come by.  You don't even have to
join the Orders of the Thelemic community to engage them.  There is
a neat little treatise on this subject by Frs. Alpha/Heidrick/Grabe
wrt to the OTO, for example, called 'Liber MCLI' (contact BHeidrick
for more about OTO and MCLI).

#I've encountered the OTO, The College of Thelema and the Temple of 
#Thelema, The A.'.A.'., the Gnostic Catholic Church, 

That's quite a mouthful.  My understanding is that most of these are
related via Crowley and Soror Meral/Lodge 418.  BHeidrick or Greg or
somebody else regarding the particulars of these various organizations.
Your best course may be to examine these organizations as you have and
then either select one from which to derive your studies or compose
your on in reflection of what has been offerred you.

#...the Order of the Thelemic Golden Dawn 
#and the Hermetic Temple and Order of the Golden Dawn.  

I know very little about these.

#I'm probably leaving something out - 

I'm not sure what.

#...there seems to be a lot of groups.  I get the impression that there 
#is some rivalry between some of them.  

That is correct.  As with most humanoids, get more than 2 together doing
the same things and you've got political faction in-fighting.

#What I haven't been able to determine is if there is one such group that 
#can be said to have the "best" (whatever that means) course of study 

I don't think so.  It all depends on your needs and predilections.  For
you the Golden Dawn or AA might fit perfectly while for neither would
suffice.  Most depends on your character and background.  Thus you are
the best one to make this decision, perhaps with a good mentor friend
who knows alot about you).

#or is most interested in teaching neophytes.  

I think they're all eager for more mouths.

#Is there any value to be ascribed to a "lineage" back to Crowley?  

This is a matter of some speculation.  I'll comment only on what I have
a reasonable possibility of knowing: 

	OTO - definitely connected to Crowley if you're talking about
	      that OTO which makes it home in NY/US; there is some
	      squabble (w/ Grant/others) over whether it yet encapsulates
	      what the Master Therion had in mind for the Order, and
	      in result of this which organization associating itself
	      with him he would recommend (usually people select the
	      org of which they are a member there, no surprise)

	CoT/ToT/AA1 - These are Western esoteric orgs which are
		      supposedly branches or children of an Order
		      that AC supposedly initiated ("A.'.A.'."),
		      as per Liber LX if memory serves; there
		      are other 'AA's besides the one which the
		      ToT/CoT 'serve'

	EGC (Gnostic Catholic Church; Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica) -
		associated directly with OTO as far as I know, and
		thus follows on the comment for it above

	GD/OTGD - I know nothing about it, though there are extensive
	          documents online.  I think this is the org that was
    	          initially an OTO body which become a rival order
	          (per David Cherubim? corrections welcome); you can
       		  probably find information about this and other GD
	       	  groups in the gdref ("alt.magick GD FAQ").

	Herm Tmple - Never heard of it.  Please elaborate.

#Are there groups with a stigma attached to them such that training 
#with them might make one less welcome in other Thelemic bodies?

Great question, and not an easy one to answer, due to the possible
rivalries of which I know nothing.  I think there is a slight rivalry
amongst the AA's, as well as between GD and OTO.  The rest I'm unsure
about and hope that others will comment.

#I hope my questions are not to broad.  If they are and you find that you
#can't really answer them perhaps you could just give me a general report on
#things Thelemic.  I will appreciate greatly any help you can give me!  I
#just want to know where to go from here.

	Also see:


I have read (as I'm sure you have) some fairly level-headed approaches to
the concept of Satanism insofar as it is a renunciation of organized
religions that are based on the need for suffering, and the constant
atonement for our creation as sexual beings.  That it carries some
exceptionally disturbing baggage, and has been a magnet for a young
population growing increasingly hate-filled, goes without saying.  But
Satanism has existed in many cultures prior to the Christian era, and is
embodied in beings such as Kali, Set, Loki, etc. (penny newbury) : alt.magick.tyagi
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