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The A.'.A.'.

To: alt.magick
From: tyagI@houseofkaos.Abyss.coM (Hsi Wang Mu) 
Subject: The A.'.A.'. (9408.the-aa-.hwm)
Date: 49940811

Quoting: |Shawn Clayton Knight 

|What the A.'.A.'. is to me, by Shawn C. Knight.  Please evaluate and

My response below.  This is the kind of document that I'd like to see from
Greg and others.  It is clear, addresses very many questions on the issue
of the AA, and does not attempt to be 'the answer'.

|"A.'.A.'." is a term coined by Aleister Crowley to describe the
|following concept: The/An ancient fellowship of scholars, mystics,
|teachers, and seekers after truth, some of whom have attained to the
|highest (known) degrees of mystical/magical attainment.

Fascinating.  Many associate the AA with the GWB, the members of which
are not always thought to be human beings.

|One may thus be a "member" of the A.'.A.'. without having any
|awareness of the name "A.'.A.'."  A learned philosopher dedicated to
|understanding the universe and communicating his insights to those who
|wish to learn is _de facto_ a part of the A.'.A.'.

That is also my understanding.

|In order to be an "aspirant" to the A.'.A.'., IMHO, one must merely
|devote oneself to the earnest pursuit of personal truth and attainment
|- one must work to discover and then achieve one's Will, in service to
|oneself and humanity.

My impression is that personal truth is irrelevant, attainment is a waste
of time, and work is over-rated.  Achieving one's will is unavoidable
and service to onself is the same as service to humanity/humaneness.

|The individual (IMHO) must decide for hirself how best to serve
|humanity, be it as a mage, a healer, or a tyrannical ruler bringing
|law and order - each aspirant to the A.'.A.'. must discover hir own
|path for hirself, possibly drawing upon the experience and advice of

Yes, this is what it means to 'achieve one's will'.

|These others can at best guide, but cannot "make" the aspirant attain.

Yes, much like trying to 'make' a plant grow.  Without the proper
conditions, the gardener cannot even inspire growth.

|Crowley has stated several times that one should have the interests of
|humanity at heart (cf. his descriptions of the Black Brethren, who use
|their knowledge of Magick to aggrandize themselves at the expense of
|the universe, and also by denying their fundamental unity with the
|All).  However, each has a unique role to play in the evolution of
|humanity, and it is not for one to judge another.  "Thou hast no right
|but to do thy Will." "As brothers fight ye!"

With all this I agree.  I only question your use of the term 'humanity'.
When 'humaneness' is born, so is the tao lost.

|It is a hallmark of the mentality of "members" of the A.'.A.'. that
|they teach their wisdom and preserve it for succeeding generations,
|either in their writings, or in lineages of personal instruction.

I am not sure this is accurate.  Not only are such teachings impossible
to write down, but 'instruction' can take no more visible form than
example and subtle influence.  There is little difference between the
master and the disciple save that the latter believes the difference.

|Organizations such as the TOT and COT which teach magick may in fact
|be providing a useful service and may in fact be preparing people to
|undertake further studies and teaching as part of the A.'.A.'. but
|they should not be considered THE A.'.A.'. in its entirety.  (Nor am I
|saying that they claim to be.)

Not only this, such organizations may in fact be the worst types of
socialization-schemes, unknowing to the people who dole out the 'teachings'.
It is quite possible that in doing what they see as 'the work of the Aeon'
they are damaging people irreparably.  If they haven't considered this,
then double is their ignorance.  If they are certain of themselves and
their role, then surely they are doing what they deny.

Hsi Wang Mu

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