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That Awful Beast...

To: alt.magick.chaos,alt.magick.ethics,alt.magick.order,alt.pagan.magick,,alt.magick
From: Mark Bassett 
Subject: Re: That Awful Beast...
Date: Tue,  8 Jul 1997 21:45:07 -0400

Excerpts from netnews.alt.magick.chaos: 6-Jul-97 Re: That Awful Beast...
by Layne 
> It seems to me that ,"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"
> suggests that everyone should find there true will.  If someone was
> interferring with your path then obviously they are not following their
> own true path.  

What? Just like the comparisons to stars following their own true orbit,
evn stars intersect and cause destruction. If we never interferered, or
intervened with others' paths then we would never have friends, or
enemies for that matter. You can be as idealistic as you want to be, but
when it comes down to it, we are all human. It is impossible not to
cause harm. It is complete duality. Pick up a grain of sand and you
might have caused a chain reaction that leads to the death of somebody
years down the road. It all comes down to your own code of ethics, and
whether you choose to PURPOSEFULLY harm others. Sometimes as a human
this action becomes required, as much as you hate it. This action of me
replying right now is interfering with your path. Much as if someone was
infringing upon your basic rights of freedom, and you felt it necessary
to remove them from your path by killing them. I know it almost
nihilistic at points, but there is no sense in making a rule not to harm
others when it becomes inavoidable. It, again, just comes down to
ethics, and I agree there should be better ways of dealing with things,
but unfortunately there usually isn't in a LOT of situations. Out ov
Thee Light Cometh Darkness.

> Harmony demanded balance.  The goal of all is to find
> their own path.  If someone comes into conflict with my path then I have
> two chooses, 1.)  I can meditate on my own path to make sure that I am
> indeed following it correctly,  (this conflict may be a sign that I am
> going about it the wrong way.)  In which case I would need to
> re-evaluate my situation and view my problem as a stepping stone to my
> correct path.  2.)  Decide that my path is correct and try and help the
> other person.  Maybe I can offer insight as they might offer me.  

Well yes. Wouldn't that all be ideal! Insight comes much, much later in
Maslov's Hiearchy of human needs. Actually it comes at the very end. You
just simply can't avoid conflict. The best way is to either ignore it,
or attack it head on. If you truly follow your will then you will be
asking for conflict. Consider it a test. Part of being a Sorcerer
involves a lot of strength. "Choose ye an island! Fortify it!"

> Either way,  I feel that I am not trying to hurt anyone.  I am following
> my own path or what I preceived to be my path.  Both statements, 

> Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law
> and
> Do what thou wilt as long as you hurt none

When it comes to following your will, sometimes the hardest test is
knowing that you have to hurt people to stay on that path.

Timothy Leary once said that when you come to a really bad point of
karma, put every last shred of good karma torwards it, with everthing
you have. He was an idealist too, but it is always the best approach. It
still doesn't save you from hurting people, but it makes you a much
better person.



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