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Templar Freemasonry

To: alt.pagan
From: (B Heidrick)
Subject: Re: Templar Freemasonry (was: Order of the Solar T..
Date: 24 Oct 1994 22:49:49 GMT

Quoting: >Yvan Gagnon ( asks:

>What is O.T.O.?

A membership organization, since 1923 e.v. a Thelemic religious Order
(Church).  We were founded just at the beginning of the 20th century. 
O.T.O. is similar to Freemasonry in many respects, but does not make or
raise Masons.  We have initiations and Lodges.  Here is an outline of the
principal levels of membership:

   Apart from Associate membership, O.T.O. has twelve principal degrees
and a number of transitional or intermediate degrees.  These degrees are
intended to activate a particular sequence of Chakras in the Kundalini
system (See Crowley's Liber Reguli for a single-ritual example of a
similar course).  Aside from that, here are some details about the
   Minerval is the entrance initiatory level, and is a time of getting
used to each other.  Minerval is a trial or probationary level.  It is
metaphorically described as "attraction of a soul to incarnation."
   Ist degree is the beginning of life-long membership, and symbolizes
birth and a dedication to Thelema.  At this point, initiates can apply to
open a "Camp" for holding meetings of initiates.
   IInd degree is "comming of age".  The initiate can serve as a tiler of
the temple.
   IIIrd degree permits the initiate with proper aptitudes to apply for
powers of initiation from Minerval through IIIrd, and to apply to lead an
   IVth degree is a more elaborate ritual, and draws the initiate toward
the middle range of O.T.O.  Prince of Jerusalem and Knight of the East and
West are two intermediate degrees after this one.
   Vth degree is the minimum for running a lodge, and the Vth degree can
apply for Senate and may volunteer for Electoral College---which body
governs the Camps, Oases and Lodges of the Order.
   VIth degree prepares the initiate for the inner work of the O.T.O.
   VIIth degree starts the inner work and members of this rank can act as
   VIIIth degree continues sex magick training, empowers the member to
vote in general O.T.O. elections and allows application for some higher
initiatory powers.
   IXth degree completes the normal sex magick training and grants the
member opportunity to represent the head of the order directly.
   Xth degree is the head of the O.T.O. for a particular country.
   XIth degree is outside the regular structure of the Order, and is
presently not open to applicants.

>And could you please elaborate on what you said 
>about The Knights Templar not being associated with freemasonry

The Crusading Order of Knights Templar is part of the myth of origin used
by many Masons.  There is a York Rite variation of Masonry after the three
Craft Degrees which includes the Knights Templar as an option.  This is
based on the myth and has no provable historic connection to the original

For more, consider subscribing to alt.freemasonry.  O.T.O. gets a certain
amount of discussion in alt.Magick, or you can e-mail me with your

93 93/93
Bill Heidrick, Grand Treasurer General, O.T.O.

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