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Sex Magick: OTO

From: Bill Heidrick 
Subject: Re: Sex Magick: OTO (Was Re: REPOST: OTO Sex Magic.)
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 1995 22:35:17 -0700


Hsi Wang Mu ( asks:

>What does 'initiation' mean in terms of these 'Degree Secrets'?  Are you
>suggesting that the OTO instructs these sex magick practices at various
>degrees and requires initiation into its formal structure before allowing
>this instruction?  Could Frater Heidrick or some other knowledgeable OTO
>member verify this?

I can't say much, since "OTO XYZ Degree" is stamped all over this post.
I have no problem discussing these things from a standpoint of information,
only from a standpoint of identifying particular information to particular
degrees I've taken and sworn secrecy in.  That doesn't inhibit my right
to discuss the ideas, just the linkage of such ideas to O.T.O. degrees
I've had.  OTO and Crowley have been instructing the general public
in these matters for many years.  _Magick in Theory and Practice_ is
chocked full of it.  Initiation in O.T.O.'s formal sense includes a
ritual of passage into a degree of O.T.O. membership.  At present,
the entrance into VIIIth through XIth degrees is by formal acceptance
by the head of the order.  After that, instruction of a more O.T.O.
traditional sort is provided, mainly in text.  Entrance into the IXth
is commonly accompanied by the candidate from VIIIth degree explaining the
IXth degree secret as best he or she may in his or her own words.
That typically cannot be in simple and plain language, since the secret
is not a mere diversion of procreation, as so often discussed.  Xth
degree is administrative.  XIth degree is not available at present
outside the decision of the O.H.O..  To request these higher degrees
is to be refused admission.  Anyone who has time and knowledge should
be willing to discuss anything other than proprietary things like
signs, grips, words, personal names, content of initiation rituals and
what freely discussed knowledge is a part of what O.T.O. degree.
Knowledge is never ethically kept secret.  Only ephemeral and private
business needs to be kept secret.  On the other hand, the truth told
to a fool is a lie -- your listeners need to signal understanding as
that telling proceeds, else you mislead them.

>If this is the case, does the Order interpret its
>oaths of restriction to apply to secrets learned in association with these

Just the tags.  Not what's in the boxes, as long as it's told in your
own words.  Can you think of a better way to get people to learn something?
Here is the secret ...  Now, you can tell this to anyone, but you must
not say where you learned it or use my words.  Be sure you are understood,
else stop.  Not every restriction is a sin.  Some restrictions are gun
sights for the mind.  Those restrictions are properly not restrictions at
all, rather they are places to stand, in the positive aspect of Saturn,
from which to move the world.

>a circumstance may directly affect my attitude toward future initiation.

That's your business, not mine. :-)

>What does 'tell Crowley the secret of the 9th' mean?  Is 'the secret of
>the IX degree' something which CAN be verbalized?

See above, and not entirely.  There's a mental "set" involved.  That
can be communicated, but in theory "it takes one to know one".

>|That way they would be bound NOT to reveal the secret to anyone. 
>This is the reason that it would affect my future with the Order, yes.

1. It's impossible to reveal that particular secret to anyone who
doesn't have the preparation for it.  The words may come out like some
remarkably droll but off beat "birds and bees" thing.  If the idea isn't
ready to manifest in the mind, it's as useless as a cure for a childhood
disease to a mass murderer -- Crowley's image, not mine.

2. The forbidding is simply to the matter being a secret of a particular
degree in O.T.O.  If you or I or anyone else finds a prepared and
questioning mind, it is the law to give what can be communicated.

When in doubt, stop by Ancient Ways Store and pick up a "Safe Sex
Magick" condom.  Whether or not you ever figure out what to do with
it and whether or not that doing has anything to do with an O.T.O.
degree, at least your odds against AIDS will be better.

93 93/93
Bill Heidrick, speaking for himself.

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