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Subject: Re: Sex/Drugs/RnR (Re: Too bad OTO isn't into sex 'n drugs!)
Date: Mon, 26 May 1997 21:19:53 -0700


Paul Hume wrote:

> Thelema Lodge, our oldest established permanent floating crap game, was
> raided in Berkeley CA some...what 2-3 years ago?

The Berkeley Police raid occurred 29 Sept 89. Two houses, one in
Berkeley and one in northern Oakland, were raided within an hour of each
other. I was one of the 12 people held without bail or a phone call for
4 days, then released on my own recognizance at my bail hearing. 

The day after the Loma Prieta earthquake, there was only *one* courtroom
open in all of Alameda county, and I was there to hear the bogus charges
against me (possession of an infernal device, to wit; a bomb) dismissed. 

That same day Jim Bakker got 47 years for the frauds he perpetrated in
Jesus' name. Synchronicity strikes every 33.3 seconds. :-)

> At least one year of
> legal action followed in dealing with whatever dipsy charges came out of
> the event 

All charges against all people arrested that night were dismissed, with
the exception of one that was "deferred", whatever that means.

> (no illicit drugs were found, 

Not even in anyone's urine. One of the public defenders expressed
surprise that they could get any 10 people in Berkeley together with no
drugs in them. Well, the Bekeley Police found them. 

>... though I seem to recall one of
> the idiots among the policemen involved was impressed by a diabetic's
> insulin "works" as evidence of criminal activity)

Actually, no I.V. was found or brought as evidence. The officer leading
the raid claimed that his telephoned report was misunderstood when he
said "I.D."

The most laughable confiscated item in their report was "a photo of an
infant with a black cross across its chest": those were the restraining
straps of the car seat the child was sitting in.

>... plus suing the
> responsible authorities.

And a lunatic landlord who conspired with the disgruntled former member
in convincing the police that there was something going on worth

>... a disaffected former
> member or visitor) 

Who had been expelled, as I remember it, for losing all control of
herself behind multiple addictions, rumor-and-hate-mongering, and in
general being a rude, provocative and untrustworthy pain in the ass. I
suspect she got popped by the Berkeley Police, and tried to "shake a
change" by pointing all her fingers at us.

> and is one of several reasons I ask folks at Blake to
> respect my wishes in keeping the drug policy rigorously at formal and
> informal gatherings.
Can't say as I blame you.

>... but truly, the organizational
> decision about the role of drugs at official OTO events, given that we
> are functioning in an unsane social context about these matters, was (it
> seems to me) a necessary concomitant IF the Order was to function
> effectively while being publicly visible.

Indubitably. "It can happen here"



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