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philosophy on Crowley/Good Crowley Biographies

To:    America Online
Subj:  philosophy on Crowley/Good Crowley Biographies (
Date:  49940908

[Some editing. - Mu]

Well, first, he said he was a poet.  Since he also wrote and published a 
good deal of poetry, some excellent, some awful in the other direction, 
that makes him a poet.  After that would come published prose author.  
After that it's a tie between religious prophet and philosopher.

Magician? --- yes, after an unusual definition of Magick (with a "K")
Pagan? --- no.  "Neo-pagan", probably.
Worker of black arts? --- Not in my opinion or his expressed opinion.
Qabalist? --- Yes, in his opinion.  I haven't decided.
Worker of the left-hand path? --- no.  Not by his opinion or mine.

Other things:
Astrologer --- Yes.
Reformer of morals --- Yes.
Satanist --- no, unless you count childhood and early adult rebellion.
Artist --- By his opinion, yes.  By the world's opinion, probably also yes.  
By my opinion, not by much.
Mountain climber --- Yes, beyond a doubt. A world record holder.
Sociologist --- hard to say.  Not a very skilled one.
Educator --- of adults, probably yes.  of children, he thought so, I don't.
Mason --- yes by many views, except that of Masonry.
Husband and father --- better father than husband.
Theologist --- In some ways quite a good amateur, professional in some.
Traveler, Sportsman, British spy, German propagandist, Literary Critic, 
Playwrite, Political Theorist, --- nearly everything but a financial success.

Crowley has been called the "Worst Man in the World", the "Leader of British 
Occultism" and lots of other things, including "Craughly" --- proper 
pronunciation is "Crow-Lee".  What he did that matters for me most is open 
up the obscure and concealed mystical philosophy of the West & East to easy 
access by anyone with an open mind and a reasonable library.  He took an 
obscure half-joke of the last 500 years and turned it into the best 
philosophy and religion I have ever come across.  Thelema is at one and 
the same time the most intensely moral and self-reliant thing available to 
me.  Is it the way of the present World-Age?  If not, I loose.  If so, I'm 
doing the best I can.


To:    America Online
Subj:  Re:Good Crowley biography             
Date:  94-07-12 11:45:04 EDT

   Larry Sutin is currently writing a new Crowley biography that promises 
to be a good one --- based mainly on A.C.'s later diaries.
    There will be a collection of accounts of/by people who knew Crowley 
published at some time in the next year or so by Jerry Cornelius (past 
master of Thelema Lodge, but now writing privately).
    Regardie's _The Eye in the Triangle_ is one of the best old standards.
    Susan Robert's _The Magician of the Golden Dawn_ is probably the most 

accurate in some respects, even tho' it reads like a soap opera --- based 
on Crowley's own diaries and correspondences paraphrased into dialogue and 
mental speculation style.
    Crowley's _Confessions_ (here in Pagan Library) is his own view --- as 
all autobiographies, very colored and very needful of "between-the-line"-ism.
     Forget Symonds' stuff.  Forget Grant's stuff.
    Cammell's _Aleister Crowley, The Man: The Mage: The Poet_ is good for 
a contemporary's view of Crowley --- especially as Cammell didn't like any 
of the Magick or Thelema aspects but liked the man.
    Stephensen&Regardie's _The Legend of Aleister Crowley_ is worth a read.
    Howe's _The Magicians of the Golden Dawn_ has some background, a bit 
anti- in places.
   Colquhoun's _Sword of Wisdom_ has some valuable side material, but her 
checking of sources on individuals who were members of various organizations 
is slip-shod.
   I would tend to say forget Francis King, but despite the raving BS all 
over his books, there are some useful leads here and there --- just use 
King for clews to follow-up elsewhere and otherwise consider him to be a 
remarkably inaccurate heir to A.E.Waite.
   There are various personal reminiscences and items of history in the old 
O.T.O. Newsletter and the current Thelema Lodge Calendar --- starting to 
appear in the Pagan Library, with more on the way.

93 93/93
Bill Heidrick

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