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Papacy, Templars, Koenigtext, Secrecy

From: (nigris (333))
Subject: Papacy, Templars, Koenigtext, Secrecy
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1996 13:39:45 -0700 (PDT)

49960917 AA1  Hail Satan!


#>though I remember you said it was 'on the order
#>of _Holy Blood, Holy Grail_', or something which implied to me that
#>there is not very much evidence to be found.  is this like the OTO
#>claim of connection to the Templars (i.e. thematic/symbolic/unsubstantiated)?

#What OTO claim of connection to the Templars?  There's the usual Masonic
#bit, but that's hardly more than a fable.

that last was all I meant.  I have seen very little proof that the old
de Molay Templars survived in any form beyond their burnings except through
revival.  where these notions of Baphomet come from, however, continually
intrigues me.

#My allusion was to the impossibility of proving such things as a connection
#between the present Popes and St. Peter -- and the fact of the Papacy
#using terms and regalia descended from both the Western and Eastern Empire.

I'm sure this is very important, though I am so ignorant of the history
of the Church and its regalia that this doesn't mean very much to me.
I tend to agree that most 'historical claims' made by religious are quite
often wishes or mythic associations without direct lineage (as the case
with 'Jesus Christ', whose historical existence I seriously doubt).

#>My address for Brother Koenig to send copy (highlighted please) of text
#>of the Germer will which expressly dictates succession:
#Thanks, but I won't be sending anything to Peter.  If you want a copy of
#Germer's will, I'll send it to you if you promise not to send it to Peter.

no thank you.  I'll get that bit from him if he chooses to send it.

#Please remind me Wednesday, when I'm back in San Anselmo.  I have no
#objections to your typing a copy and emailing that.  It's less than a
#full page.  Peter has it already.

I know he has it, which is why I say I'd rather leave that to him.  it
is his claim that I seek to confirm, so his highlighting will be the
more imperative.  thanks.

to other matters more severe....

I am seriously considering reviewing Br. Koenig's texts, to be found
at the following URLs, within the Thelema93-L elist as an alternative
and/or precursor to the King material or the alternate which you and
I devise:

I'd like to hear how you think this would compare in regards my 
marring of my relationship with the Caliphate OTO should I omit
direct quotes of King's work while doing a review of the ideas
and text of Koenig's text here listed.  are his texts (however
fallacious they may seem to you) also 'forbidden'? :>   I *do*
find within them a very clear similarity to the VII/VIII/IX'
secrets as stated within the King Secret Rites.

he has offered to send me copies of the Crowley rites he mentioned
which you said are not 'in formal completion' (something similar).  I
may eventually take him up on that, though I'd like to know if I'd be
in effect severing my connection with the Caliphate OTO in so doing.

thank you for your reflections and advice my kin,


nigris (333)

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