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OZzy Speaks: Thelemic Politics

To: (Chris Korda)
From: (boboroshi)
Subject: OZzy Speaks: Thelemic Politics (fwd)
Date: Sat, 1 Jun 1996 10:07:41 -0700 (PDT)

49960601 (5 days prior to the Aeon of the Adversary)
         (cc'd to Thelema93-L and the Church of Euthanasia)

Do as you please, for that is my Law.

|From: Jonathon Blake 
|Date: Fri, 17 May 1996 07:17:11 +0000 (GMT)

|	I'd rather vote for the party that had open,
|	honest, reputable  drug delaers
|	and prostitutes on the platform debating party planks, than
|	the party that clandestinly distributes drugs,  rents hookers
|	out and turns around  throwing both drug dealers and hookers
|	in jail -- unless said drug dealer is sitting in the white house,
|	along with said hooker.  


|Neither the Democratic Party, nor the Republican Party=20
|believe in Human Rights --- either those defined by the=20
|United Nations, or those defined in the U S Constitution.

|       xan
|	Assasination Politics -- the only ethical form of government. 

Xan's text conforms to what I think of as 'Thelemic political expression' 
more than any other I have seen regarding psychoactive substances and 
sexuality within the "Thelemic" (by name) community online or off, and I 
think its invisibility otherwise may say something about how plainly these 
issues are popularly related to works attributed to Crowley.   It may also 
be indicative of the general lack of interest in engaging political 
discussion and activism, rather than talking about or engaging ceremonial 
or occult activities (esp. online).

Grady McMurtry (pastmaster US OTO) was very interested in politics and 
political systems, as I understand it, perhaps even as relates to magick.
I gather that many Rosicrucians and others are fond of this 'Universal 
Brotherhood' concept, while disagreeing on precisely how it ought be 
attained in a similar manner to those Muslims who practice jihad as a
form of worship.  I have no idea how this relates historically to the 
occult world but keep my ears out for stories.  Certainly there is a
connection along masonic lines and the martial emphasis among 'Orders'

It seems to me that _Liber Oz_ (OZ) is the most direct and clear statement
which takes the politics of 'human rights' to their natural conclusion 
(that of the Greek city-state; 'no-rule', apparently called 'isonomy') 
in the liberation of the fully-prepared (civilized?) citizen/Thelemite,
and it may well have been the vision of the 'forefathers' of the US in
the creation of a similar political system (I am not studied enough in
either history or politics to know).  

The book I'm reading now, _On Revolution_ by Hannah Arendt, mentions the 
concept of isonomy -- it is something we have been attempting within the 
Haus Kaos for several years now (where human resident = citizen) with 
mixed success, but it is stabilizing nicely.  I tend to push for an
expansion beyond 'human', yet understand this will take some time. ;>

Where I live in America the government obstructs citizens from exercizing
rights guaranteed by OZ (sodomy, self-intoxication, body-modification, 
necromancy, spiritualism, self-damage, suicide are all illegal in some 
measure, or gradually eroded through indoctrination) in a parental and 
intrusive manner only justified when presuming the govt's ineptitude to 
function temporarily in the protection of the rights we *are* supposedly 
guaranteed (various others have pointed out the examples of occlusions of 
American civil liberties guaranteed within the Bill of Rights, as they 
understood it -- speech, arms, etc.).

The promise is that the govt will mature and we are asked to perservere 
while our society (and the globe) catches up to us.

As a Thelemite I accept the task of aligning with the country of my residence 
(mother/Nuit), seeking out the alternative (father/Hadit) or working for 
a revolution of consciousness in my present circumstance (child/Ra-Hoor-Khuit) 
and I take that assignment seriously (choosing the former until recently, the
latter more and more often, never desiring to leave).  

Where psychoactives are concerned within my own country they are illegal
and yet apparently readily available, even in more conservative areas.
The major problems apparently related to them are *selling them* (which
is only a problem because the substances are controlled), operation of 
machinery and other large containers/vehicles during their use, and the 
destructive potential of their chemical exposure (damage to body or mind) 
or physical behavior to self and others (abuse or violence).

Yet OZ challenges the listener to *play* as we will, to die how and when 
we want to (as in euthanasia, the 'good death'), to eat and drink what we 
will, etc.  To whom is this addressed?  And how shall that will be determined?

Suppose OZ was a political document like the Bill of Rights and the majority 
of some predetermined district determines the nature of proper conduct (civil 
morality).  Would that not suffice to justify compliance and cooperation 
with legal systems in the mean time?

Oz also asks us to kill "those who thwart our rights".  Seen from the 
standpoint of a government document these might be interpreted as 'any 
who attempt to interfere with our govt., and if we were really lazy we 
could accept that all the rights guaranteed in OZ should be fought for by 
the military/police (against aliens/criminals respectively).  The slaves 
shall serve?

I don't interpret it as such a document.  I see it as a personal
dictum of responsibility for my own life.  In this case I must look
to who is thwarting my Thelemic rights carefully.

The police don't thwart my rights until they abuse their responsibilities,
as I see it; their job is to be the messenger of peace in a time of internal 
conflict which their presence intensifies.  I have known a few police/peace 
officers and been a security guard (only barely related) for a few years, 
and I think I can make the leap to their position.  It is difficult and 
dangerous, and they are more like a messenger of a political system than 
the driver of it.

Those who make the laws are politically and militarily responsible for 
*instructing* that those laws be enforced, and, successively, those who
elect or encourage the politicians (in some countries a majority of 
voters or representatives) array in a beautiful diffusion of targets.  
Thus, some will contend that politicians and activists may be better 
targets of this kind of self-defense (demonstrated in the Middle-East
with Rabin and perhaps in the US with Kennedy and King Jr.).  As the 
poster above said, 'assassination politics' appears to be "the only 
ethical form of government" supported by OZ.  

OZ is very revolutionary and extreme in its content and yet it is highly 
regarded within the Thelemic community of which I am aware and among 
Thelemites whom I respect most greatly.

But what if we aren't an Ozzyian Thelemic?  What if we are pacifist
and don't want to go about killing all those who stop us from doing the
things given as rights within it?  Then we are left to 'kill' in a
metaphorical sense, through opposition and combat in the field of the
political arena according to our ethical standards.

I am not ready to literally kill for my rights, but I do see the value
of having those who are condemned by the establishment ('drug'-dealers and
sex workers as well as any others who are impacted by draconian limitations
on our civil liberties) as the forerunners of a Thelemic political platform.
Mothers who have had illegal abortions, people who have had their own or
assisted suicide attempts thwarted by the law, those who have been 
prosecuted under sodomy laws, and those who have been imprisoned for the 
possession of narcotics are the likely the best representatives of human 
freedom and dignity.

Teach masturbation.  Eat people, not animals.  Save the planet, kill yourself.
Vasectomy prevents abortion.  Thank you for not breeding.  
The police are your friends.  Real men wear skirts.  
Free love, right now!

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