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OTO Supreme Secret

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From: (Brett Lane Robertson)
Subject: Re: OTO Supreme Secret (IX') (LONG)
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 14:57:07 GMT

>#>apparently the 'Supreme Secret 
>#>of the OTO' is 'sacred sex within ritual circumstances' and, likely, 
>#>possibly coincident with bodily energetic disciplines along the lines of 
>#>kundalini yoga.
>#>this rite is supposed to fabricate the Elixir of Life, contained within 
>#>the comingled sexual effluvia of the participant male and female...

As in the Catholic Church, "rites" and "ritual(s)" are not what they
appear to be.  They are a means to hide truths which those in power
would suppress.  Other means are in myth (where the truth is made into
a metaphor), children's games(like "ring-around-the-rosie" and playing
cards/Tarot), and verbal traditions (words and sayings which remain in
the vocabulary even after their true meaning has been "forgotten").
These secrets are practiced by the ignorant and passed on to future
generations who can then extract their true significance.

As educated practitioners of magick, we must understand ritual for
what it is--obsessions and compulsions, actions which have no
meaningful mental outlet and which therefore demand endless repetition
in search of satisfaction.  The truth of these rituals can no longer
be couched in such terms as "Supreme Secret," "Kundalini," or "Elixir
of Life" which, although hinting at truth, are superstitions--the
likes of which have little modern significance when interpreted by
20th century mindsets into modern English (Spanish, etc.).

Such "secrets" of philosophy (how to maintain an inborn ability to
form logical mental connections) and power (how to act in accordance
with the physical environment so that one's actions have the force of
continuance through time) can better be interpreted by minds trained
in logic, science, psychology, philosophy, etc., than minds steeped in
tradition though laking in education.

Using a literal interpretation of texts concerning sacred ritual, the
elixir of life may well be  the male seamen...which "is neither solid
nor liquid (a description of the philosopher's stone).  However, many
rituals describe using this essence in burning (as in incense which is
pleasing to the gods), eating (as on communion wafers), saving (coitus
reservatus), for mixing with "female effluvia" (as above) or with
menstrual blood (in other rituals).  As the seamen also has a
moon-like appearance, certain aspects of moon worship may also be
attributed to its significance.  Certainly science has shown some
healing properties of seamen; though as a health food it leaves much
to be desired.

The psychological significance of the above ritual hints at flagrant
opposition to sexual repression--sexual confusion and/or worship,
again, having more mental (both conscious and unconscious) effects
than physical (which can, basically, be confined to stimulation and
release).  The obvious effects of sexual suppression are:  1) the
inability to think clearly*, and 2) the inability to act
purposefully**  (assuming in both only a heightened interest in sex
and an inability to act on this interest).  While rituals help to
temporarily counteract this repression, the channeling of said energy
into ritual itself has indirect effects on the physical environment,
at best.

Hinting at such metaphysical concepts as "The Holy Grail" and "The Arc
of the Covenant" I propose the following modern interpretation:  Males
attach shame to the sexual organs, repress their desire, and project
it onto a socially acceptable object (namely the female, usually
within the "sanctity" of marriage but, as above, also in ritual where
the supposed shame of said acts are circumvented).  Females (as well
as others in power...churches, rulers, etc) capitalize on this shame
to manipulate and control adherents.   Keeping the sexual act and its
products "holy" (or "un" holy) or using them in a covenant (contract)
with those in power allow for their expression without violating the
institutionalized power structure; therefore, without fear of
retribution or in hopes of sharing this power.

The giving up of power over ones body through shaming, repressing, and
projection is a secret used by the powerful to control others--who
seek those maintaining power over their own and other's bodies  for
permission to express the repressed sexuality; without which it
becomes obsessive producing blind obedience.  As such, the revealing
of this secret is guarded.  It is then ritualized to be passed on to
future generations.  

The path of the hermit reveals the ultimate secret of releasing penile
stimulation for its obvious benefits (self pleasure).***  By this
means, the individual male ceases his fruitless search for something
outside himself which might satisfy his desires.  His mental energy is
not shamed and repressed.  It is not misdirected toward external
objects of worship.  His actions are not delusional, are in accordance
with his own capacity to satisfy the mind and body.  Philosophy and
Power naturally follow (as for the adolescent who has not yet shamed
his sexuality or subjugated himself to a boss promising something
which is not the bosses to give).

This interpretation in no way denies the power of ritual.  It applies
equally to females who repress their sexuality (though this is not as
common socially--females paint their faces, for example, in colors
which mimic sexual lips, blushed cheeks, etc.).  It
should be seen as verifying the intelligence of pagans (peasants, the
common folk), and not as condemning "superstition".  It is an
"interpretation," a translation from one language to another, and is
in no way superior to the original; though (hopefully), more easily
understood by modern humanity.  Its expression is no longer a threat
to those in power, or my intellect would be too frightened to reveal
itself to me.


*inability to "philosophize"
**inability to act with "power"

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