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OTO Supreme Secret

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Subject: Re: OTO Supreme Secret (IX')
From: (xiwangmu)
Date: 5 Dec 96 21:45:08 GMT

49961203 AA1  The Revolution Continues!


"A.Pe.S." :
# As long as the specifics of the initiation ritual are not disclosed, 
# I don't see what all the fuss is about. 

damn!  I was trying to make a fuss, too!  how about this:


		"A feast for the Supreme Ritual."
		"To him is the winged secret flame, 
		  and to her the stooping starlight."
					- *Liber Legis*

	Let a feast be made by the Officers of the Temple.  This Temple, 
	into which they then retire, may be any convenient place.  An 
	altar is necessary; also a vessel of wine; otherwise as may be 
	appointed by them: e.g. the robes, etc., as said in [Liber Legis(?)].  
	The Officers are two in number, and seek Nuit and Hadit through 
	Babalon and the Beast.  To conceal themselves, they are disguised 
	as Isis and Osiris.

	{*The officers meet and clasp hands above the altar.
	  Any preliminary operations, such as opening,
	  banishing, etc., are now done by Osiris, who returns,
	  and they again greet but as initiates.*}

	I(sis)/O(siris) {*face to face*}
	I: What is the hour?
	O: When time hath no power.
	I: What is the place?
	O: At the limits of space.
	I: What God do we wake?
	O: The Lord of the Snake!
	I: With what do we serve?
	O: Bowels, muscle, and nerve!
	I: The shrine in the gloom?  
		{*Isis Gives the sign of a Babe of the Abyss, which
		  Osiris destroys by the Sign of Mentu the God.*}
	O: Is the Mouth of the Womb.
	I: And the Priest in the Shrine?
	O: Is this Madness Of Mine!
		{*Osiris repeats the Sign of Mentus and 
		  Isis gives Sign of Baphomet.*}
	I: And the wonder above?
	O: The Quintessence of Love.
	I: There are sacraments?
	O: Nine.
	   There are music and wine
	   And the delicate dance --
	I: To accomplish?
	O: The trance.
	I: And are these three enough?
	O: They are the servants of Love.
	I: And the sacrifice?
	O: I.
	I: And the priestess?
	O: Is thou.
	   I am willing to die
	   At thy hands -- even now.
	I: Worship me first!
		{*Osiris seats Isis upon the Altar.*}
	O: Mistress, I thirst.
		{*Isis gives wine.  They drink.*}
	I: My mouth is on fire
	   To my lord's desire.
		{*They exchange the holy greeting by a kiss.*}
	O: I kneel at thy feet,
	   And the honey is sweet.
		{*Isis plays music while Osiris worships in silence.*}
		[dbl entrdre of sex: worship/oral; dance/sex -- mu]
	I: Exhausted, I sink.
	O: I am dead, on the brink.
	I: Let us dance!
	O: Let us dance!
      I/O: The Lord gives us power
	   To be lost in this trance
	   For an hour -- for an hour!
		{*They dance together.  A pause of perfect stillness and
		  silence follows; until Isis,* sua sponte, *advances
		  and places Osiris upon the altar.*}

	I: Exhaust me!
	O: Nay, drink!
	I: Ere I sink!
	O: I shall sink!
	I: Drink wine!  oh, drink wine!
	O: I am thine!
	I: I am thine!
		{*They drink and greet as before.*}
	O: Art thou armed?
	I: With a knife.
		{*Isis draws the dagger from her hair.*}
	O: Love is better than life.

		{*Isis cuts [a 'T' (or inverted?)] or, if possible,
		  the Sigil of N.O.X., on Osiris' breast.*}
	I: Let us dance! 
		{*giving wine.*} 
	   To the trance!
		{*They drink, then dance.*}
	O: Back to the throne!
		{*Osiris returns, and takes seat thereon.*}
	I: I adore thee alone!
		{*Isis does so, Osiris plays music if so inclined, and 
		  continues as necessity or inclination may dictate.*}

	O: It is ended, the play:
	   I am ready to slay.
	   Anoint me!
	I: I rise
	   To the fire of thine eyes.
	   I anoint thee, thy priest,
	   Babalon -- and the Beast!
	   And I ask of Thee now:
	   Who art Thou?
	O: Omari tessala marax etc. [??]
		{*The Ritual of the [Stele of Revealing?  Star Ruby?]
		  is in silence accomplished.*  [we can guess, IX']}


	I: Mouth to mouth and heart to heart!
	O: For the moment we must part.
	I: Time and space renew the illusion.
	O: Love is swallowed in confusion.
	I: Love sustains us eminent
	   Till the hour of Sacrament
	O: I love you, and you love me.
	I: Now and ever may it be!
      O/I: Hand in hand is heart to heart.
	   Love be with us, though we part.
		{*They greet, as before, and part.*}


	from 'Equinox I:X'...., Samuel Weiser, 1972; pp. 83-6; 
	  [plus I fuzted around with the blinds, filling most 
	   of them in with placement of Is and Os and ]s mu :>]
oh and:
	Woman is the channel through which the magical Current
	manifests....  The key to magical working is contained
	in _The Book of Thoth_.  The eleventh key {NOTE: The
	trump entitled *Lust*.} has particular power in the
	present Aeon.  The Scarlet Woman is shown as the cup-
	bearer {NOTE: *Cup-bearer* is one meaning of the name
	Aiwass, the minister of Hoor-par-Kraat.}; the Beast
	is in the form of a lion with seven heads....

	To the eleventh key is attributed the letter "T" (*Teth*),
	meaning a "lion-serpent"; its numerical value is nine.
	Nine has a very special significance in the O.T.O.; it
	conceals the central mystery of the Kundalini, of which
	the sexual energies represented by Yesod form a vital
	aspect.  The astrological sign allocated to this key is
	Leo, represented by the tail of a lion....

	This symbolism indicates a sexual magick.  More cannot
	be expressed.  A true arcanum *is* indicible, but there
	are various methods of sexual magick that are easily
	communicable although their inner direction and applica-
	tion may be known only through experience.  The Magical
	Path is strewn with wreckages caused by the faulty
	application of this formula.  Crowley circumvented the
	difficulty, to a certain extent, by giving private and
	oral initiation.  Being so prolific a writer it is
	remarkable how surely he guarded the central secret of
	Magick.  The incident of Reuss and _The Book of Lies_
	{NOTE: See _The Confessions_, Chapter 72.} is
	significant; it is also significant that he published 
	very little of a directly revelatory nature concerning
	these matters.  Exceptions to this are "Energized
	Enthusiasm" and "Two Fragments of Ritual", two articles
	which appeared in _The Equinox_ in 1913. {NOTE: Volume I,
	Nos. ix and x respectively ['THE SUPREME RITUAL' being
	the first part of the 'Two Fragments'!  mu].}.  Two
	Fragments of Ritual is described as being "translated
	by Frater K.P.IX', {NOTE: K.P. are the initials of the
	magical instruments Kteis and Phallus and in this instance
	may have concealed the identity of Theodore Reuss, Head
	of the O.T.O. at that period.} from a German MS, said to
	have been found among the papers of Weishaupt".  

	As frequently emphasized, these secrets are of vital
	importance, and magical competence is essential to their
	successful performance.  Crowley reconstructed the O.T.O.
	on Thelemic principles in order to make it an engine for
	the generation of magical energy, an occult power-house
	of the New Aeon.  Candidates were -- and are still --
	tested by severe ordeals before being admitted to the
	Sovereign Sanctuary.
	_Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God_, by Kenneth Grant,
		Skoob Books, 1992; pp. 181-2.

what do you make of all that?  seems to fit rather nicely with the
excerpts out of 'Energized Enthusiasm', the gist of T.Maroney's
note, and the Evil Tome, eh?

# I don't recall any initiator saying to me,
# "Now that you are an initiate, you can't talk about sex magic." 

not high enough level yet.  get up there and you'll be sworn to secrecy,
even about things you've already read in other contexts!

# Or are people interreping their oaths to mean that they are sworn to
# general, oblique silence on every plane, no matter how tangential?

I think it is depends on the Order and the mind of the individual.

#>#  ...No true secret can be revealed in words....
# No, secrets of all kinds can be blabbed all the time. No true MYSTERY 
# can be revealed with mere words.

just like no magical oath may be broken.  umhmmm.

#> so you are relating the vulgar practices as relating to the mysteries.
# And asserting that women cannot have anal sex?

it ain't that they can't have anal sex, but I'll bet it has something
to do with the phallocentric-spermognosticism.



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