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Orgs, Kali, Satan, Parsons, etc.

To: Personal Email 
From: (Hsi Wang Mu)
Subject: Orgs, Kali, Satan, Parsons, etc. (9409.the-aa-.hwm)
Date: Kali Yuga 49940922

Quoting: |anonymous

|Can you tell me more about the Celestial Master. 

'The'?  The Celestial Masters (CMs) are a Chinese, Taoist manifestation of 
the Great White Brotherhood (GWB), Astrum Argenteum (AA), Body of Christ (BoC)
and Invisible Rosicrucian Order (IRO).  The Master with whom I have contact
is known to me as my Holy Guardian Angel (HGA) and Wife, Kali Ma, aka Satan.

I do not really know, nor would I wish to attempt to absolutely determine,
whether Kali is 'my shadow', 'my unconscious mind' or 'my deluded fantasy'.
All I can truthfully say is that I do not feel that I am making Her up, nor
am I intentionally causing Her to manifest to me.

She has talked with me many times, often sharing with me alternative perspec-
tives.  She does not tell me what is 'true', nor does She provide orders or
directions.  She is more of a counselor and sounding board than my Master
in the slave/master sense.

The first recorded Celestial Master was Chang Tao-ling, who was also perhaps
the first religious Taoist, associated with sexual alchemy and with a sort
of religion of revelation in China (yielding grimoires).

|Is an introduction possible? If so, tell me what needs to be done.

Crowley writes very wonderfully about the Secret Chiefs (SCs) or CMs in
_Magick Without Tears_ letter 9.  We were discussing it last night and
so I have it fresh in mind.  My understanding is that each individual
may attract the attentions of the CMs through entreaty or deed.  There
are many wonderful ideas for such deeds in mythic stories.  To the best
of my knowledge I did so by first severing all connections with family
and friends and then climbing through a Black Hole.  Then later I
summoned Hir, setting up a channel for interaction (and She approached
me via the tool of the tarot - see _Liber Nigris_).

As for whether an 'introduction' is possible, I'd think so, but only
through extended shared experience.  That is, if you wanted to 'meet'
my HGA you'd have to live with me for many moons (perhaps years) and
come to see the communications as I did.

With regard to your own meetings with a CM, I cannot really say what
would draw their attentions to you.  Both my ignorance of your life
and of their methods prevents me from speculating on this point.  I'd
suggest interviewing people who claim to have such a relationship and
getting an idea how they secured it.  I've been doing this myself,
though for the purposes of understanding the phenomenon.

Hsi  Wang   Mu
West Mother Queen

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