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Martinism + OTO etc

Subject: Re: Martinism + OTO etc
Date: Sat, 18 Feb 1995 11:31:24 -0500


Martin E. Jacobs ( writes:

>Actually there are at least *five* remaining Martinist Orders (there are 
>four repesented in Chicago alone), not including the one operating in AMORC 
>which is generaly regarded as 
>illigitimate. Fortunately they're frendly with each other for the most 
>part ang tend to recognize each others initiations (but not always).

Some of those may be cross-connected in lineage.

>how did the OTOA come to be? I've always 
>been told that Papus chartered it to H.F. Jean-Maine in 1921. but the 
>name Krumm Heller has never come up.

Papus' chartering is not clearly demonstrated.  In any event, this
looks to be a variant of Martinism more than O.T.O.A.
Krum Heller (Fr. Hurachocha) created O.T.O.A. and several other
organization umbrella names as a vehicle for his O.T.O. charter.
His field of activity was mainly the Spanish speaking world, and mostly
the New World at that.

>What does this OTOA have to do with 
>the Spanish/Haitian OTOA of M. Bertiaux, Courtney Willis & Manuel 
>Lamparter (being the OTOA that I'm invoved with)?

Apparently nothing.  Bertiaux has claimed a lot in this regard toward
the Franco Haitian O.T.O. that Papus did operate.  In the process,
Bertiaux has tended to confuse the F-HOTO with the OTOA and many other
things.  I have never seen a scrap of evidence that Bertiaux's OTOA
and Franco-Haitian O.T.O. claims are based on anything but his imagination.
Long lists of who taught whom and who did what are pointless in
establishing a claim of this sort --- although they do express a
theory of descent, they don't establish authority or prove that the
described descent actually took place.

>There's a Gnostic 
>Bishop in Miami named Roberto Toca who has an OTOA group, but I don't 
>know if it's tied to us in any way.

As far as I have been able to trace, Bertiaux's claims in the O.T.O.
direction are made up --- except for the Gnostic Catholic church, a
consecration of which (outside O.T.O. lines) he appears to have received
via his brother.  Roberto Toca claims to have received a charter from
the O.T.O.A. originated by Krum Heller, but states that he was unable
to bring his papers from Cuba when he emigrated.  Krum Heller's son,
Partzival Krum Heller, has expressed grave doubts regarding Bishop
Toca's claims.  It is possible that Bishop Toca received a charter
(now lost or remaining in Cuba) from one of the regional O.T.O.A. (&c.)
authorities established by Krum Heller Sr. toward the end of his life.
That would not grant him authority to operate outside of Cuba, except
as a representative in exile.  Krum Heller's regional chartering was
narrow to the following generation, according to his son's account
received last year.

>You said that the OTO derives 
>from the Fraternitas Hermetica Luxor, which in turn derived from 
>Martinism and the Elus Cohens. I always understood that the lower degree 
>of the OTO were taken from the Rite of Memphis and Misraim. Is there some 
>overlap or was I incorrect?

That's the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, a variant of the Hermetic
Brotherhood of Light.  It was an extension of the work of Beverly Pascal
Randolph, who was in turn a Martinist.  The Rites of Memphis and Misraim
were brought into the mix by Karl Kellner, through charter from John
Yarker in the first few years of the 20th century.  Kellner and Reuss
formed the O.T.O., using M&M as an entrance series with the degrees
proper to O.T.O. beyond.  When Crowley re-wrote the O.T.O. rituals,
at the direction of Reuss and to avoid problems with Craft and AASR
Masonry, he drew partly on the M&M to flesh out the rites.  The
O.T.O. initiation rituals are still closer to Craft and AASR than to
anything else.

93 93/93
Bill Heidrick

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