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Marcello Motta

To: alt.magick
From: (Bill Heidrick)
Subject: Marcello Motta
Date: 28 Nov 1994 10:25:39 GMT

...I'm an O.T.O. Grand Lodge officer and the only unsuccessful plaintiff 
in the McMurtry, O.T.O. et al  v. S.O.T.O., Motta et al suit ... 

Bear that in mind, SVP.  Here's a short, bunched up glance.

Motta was an A.'.A.'. student of Karl Germer.  Based on Motta's
correspondence with Germer (which I have in photocopy), Motta adamantly
refused to join O.T.O.  He didn't like it.  Possibly his lady's becoming
pregnant on the occasion of an extended visit to meet O.T.O. members
had something to do with that.  Maybe it was Germer's shared opinions.
Maybe he just didn't like it.  Later Motta funds and publishes the first
edition of _Liber Aleph_ under Germers' control and direction.
Time passes.  Germer dies.  Motta recognizes Grant as O.H.O. of O.T.O.
Time passes.   Motta learns that Grant was kicked out of O.T.O. by
Germer in 1955 e.v.  Motta withdraws his recognition of Grant as O.H.O.
of O.T.O.  Motta writes to Germer's widow and learns that Crowley
left his copyrights to O.T.O.  Motta writes again to Germer's widow,
asking if Germer said anything about Motta's future role in O.T.O.
Germer's widow writes back, including "Follower" in her letter, among
other words capitalized in the German manner.  Motta declares himself
the Head of O.T.O. (after the passage of a little more time and an
obscure set of demands on Grady McMurtry and others).  Time passes.
Several pseudo "Equinoxes" are published by Motta, some interesting
stuff and some diatribes against folks included.  Time passes.
Motta writes to his representative in England, suggesting that Symonds
be removed.  Motta's representative in England is caught setting fire
to a facility belonging to a British publisher of Crowley books.
Time passes.  Motta sues Weiser in the USA for publishing Crowley's
works without payment of royalty to Motta's S.O.T.O..  O.T.O. helps
Weiser with testimony and evidence.  O.T.O. also serves Motta with
the papers for the McMurtry v. S.O.T.O. suit.  Motta loses his suit
in Maine.  Time passes.  Motta is in court in San Francisco in the
O.T.O. suit, saying among other things: Motta first decided to
claim control of O.T.O. when he learned about the copyright ownership.
Motta tried lie in the Maine suit, but in the San Francisco
suit he will only lie on matters regarding O.T.O., copyrights and
other things like that.  Motta admitted that he never had a charter
from Germer in regard to O.T.O.  Motta stated under oath that he
is the only remaining member of S.O.T.O.  Time passes.  Motta looses
to O.T.O. and Grady McMurtry dies.  Motta appeals.  Motta looses appeal.
Motta appeals to the US Supreme Court.  Motta dies.  Motta's case
is turned down by the Supreme Court.

On the plus side, a significant number of high ranking officers in
O.T.O. once worked with Motta, receiving entrance into A.'.A.'.
under him.  Motta's demeanor was difficult, but as far as A.'.A.'.
goes, he ran a good one up to the point that it became confused
with O.T.O./S.O.T.O. --- demeanor and expulsions to the side.

Frankly, Thelema was not entirely ill served by Motta.  He did some
things very well indeed.  It's a tragedy that his anger and drive
for supremacy got the better of him.  I choose to remember him
for the one private remark he addressed to me in court: "Never
apologize!"  I don't necessarily agree with that 100%, but it does
show a certain strength in difficult times.

Oh yes, I mentioned that I lost my part of the suit.  Motta had
called me "A dupe of McMurtry".  Maybe the judge agreed with him.
Doesn't bother me one way or the other.  Motta made up for it
later by calling me a "Gray Eminence".

Lots of stories could be added on here, but I won't do that unless
asked about things.  If the Occult posts to alt.freemasonry are
boring to many of the folks there, you haven't seen boring until
you get down to the details of this sort of thing.

93 93/93
Bill Heidrick, a willing dupe.

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