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Koenig, EGU, Baug-i matters

To: nigris 
From: Bill Heidrick 
Subject: Re: Koenig, EGU, Baug-i matters
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 1996 21:03:06 -0700 (PDT)

93 Nigris,

>likely I'll send you one or two more query-posts, though hopefully brief
>and not too complex.


>EGU = Eglise Gnostique Universal; obviously French.  Br. Koenig appears to
>consider this a separate org (or to have been such) from the EGC.  he notes
>that Sr. Meral indicates her identity of the two in her CoT texts.  the
>former mentions JBricaud in association with this organization, and says
>that it was originally 'Eglise Gnostique Catholique', so I'm unsure of
>the pedigree/relation.  he does connect it via Bricaud to Reuss, however.
>your feedback on this organization and its relation to the EGC would be
>appreciated.  thanks.

So that's what EGU means.  My Finnish email correspondent couldn't remember.
I would still have to see what Phyllis wrote to answer.  Possibly that
still wouldn't help.  This is a very similar name, just in French instead
of in Latin.  Jean Bricaud is not known for being well connected to Reuss,
but is sometimes doubtfully cited as an "Episcopi Vagrantis".  Bricaud was
consecrated on the 21st of July, 1913 as a bishop of l'Eglise Gallicane by
Mgr. Giraud (Louis Giraud, consecrated by Jules Houssay himself on 21st June
1911).  Bricaud's bishop name was Tau Jean II.  Bricaud consecrated Victor
Blanchard later, under the name Tau Targelius.   It's a separate line from
that of Papus, but related (Papus used the name Tau Vincent, as a bishop).
All this was before Papus received a second consecration, which linked to the
Utrecht lines.  If Jean Bricaud started EGU, only the name is a relation
to EGC -- no other direct connection -- indirect, yes, direct, no.  At
best, cousins by "marriage", several times removed.

>also, you asked regarding my interest in Baug-i-Mattr (or however it was
>spelled :>), and mentioned my ability to receive via an appended file
>and/or in some alternative configuration (condensed, shrunk, etc.).  
>if you could send it straight ASCII I'd love to receive it that way.  

Via MIME or converted to an email?  Either way would work for this one,
since it already has line ends and no 8-bit characters.  It's a tad over
200K.  Tell me exactly how you want it, and you got it.  One piece or
several pieces  and   MIME or regular.

>check for $6 in mail today.


93 93/93

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From: Bill Heidrick 
Subject: Re: OTO Dispute (Am/Swiss)
To: nigris 
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93 Nigris,

>below find additional exchange between myself and Br. Heidrick, quoting your
>edited text.  please respond directly to me, thanks.


>I may be stopping by to see Br. Heidrick sometime within the next 6 months
>and will procure copies of these documents at that time if I do not locate
>them in the publications which he references (which I have here in my 

So far so good.

>Br. Koenig, do you suggest that Br. Mellinger's inaction does not constitute
>an 'emergency' within the Order?

Actually, the emergency was Germer's death.  Mellinger's inaction, other than
to stop the probate by objection (not legally binding, but Sasha quit anyway),
was his washing his hands of the situation.

>Br. Koenig, are you aware that Br. Germer's will contained some sort of
>designation as to his successor?  if so, could you make a copy of that
>available to me?  thanks.

You can have a copy yourself here.  Be prepared to spend some time with
the papers.  We photocopied 20,000 pages (including a lot of quadruplicate,
but that's still over 5,000) for the trial.  A set is still here in
binders.  Motta's side got all of that and turned down more.  We even photo
copied a letter Motta had written to his own attorney in the 1st circuit case
where Motta admitted nearly getting caught for perjury in that case --
furnished to us by a disaffected member of Motta's SOTO who had assisted
him -- copied to Motta, that is.  The judge wouldn't let
us enter it in evidence on the basis of attorney client privilege, but
Motta volunteered evidence about it anyway.

>is this assertion accurate, Br. Metzger?  have you been expelled from
>the Caliphate OTO (apparently at your request?) and from the Metzger
>OTO also?  could you explain the reason for these expulsions?  are you
>or have you ever been a member of any other OTO-related organizations?

Don't you mean "Koenig"?   To be fair, he merely dared us to expell him,
and we took him up on the dare, having ample grounds.  When I used the
above language in my letter informing him of the expulsion, I got a
letter back from him explaining that his English wasn't very good and
he didn't mean that!  Nice chuckle.  As to the Swiss, all I know is that
they told us they didn't want him back.  I don't know if that means
they expelled him, but I suspect it does.  Koenig insisted that we
publish notice of his expulsion for a while, but we generally don't do that.
Grant's bunch actually has pre-printed expulsion certificates...

>it appears, Br. Koenig, that Br. Heidrick claims that the degree/Bishop
>association has *always* existed (esp. as regarding the IX').  are you
>saying that it has not?

Since Papus, vid. inf.  I don't know when it was made part of the IXth
prior to that, but it was under Crowley during the American trip at
the time of WWI.  That's why Crowley wrote the Gnostic Mass.

>Br. Heidrick informs me that he would like you NOT to publish his words
>which you obtain from our correspondence without his persmission.  I hope
>that you can agree to this.  please specify if you cannot.  thanks.


93 93/93

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