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Confidential Libers

Hey, look what I found. :>   Mu

To:    America Online
From:  B Heidrick
Subj:  Re: Confidential Libers (
Date:  49940629

[some excerpts, combining two posts]

On the Libers you mentioned:

28  --- Septem Regum Sanctorum --- A.'.A.'. wants it to remain confidential.
132 --- Liber Apotheosis originated in a letter from Crowley to W.T.Smith 
    --- his widow has the option to publish it before we do.
451 --- not extant as far as I know.
666 --- not extant as far as I know
811 --- Energized Enthusiasm is in Equinox V.1, no.9, available in the 
	Pagan Library here.

17  --- confidential O.T.O.
49  --- not extant as far as I know.
81  --- Moonchild is not available in ASCII, but may be entered someday.
265 --- Structure of the Mind --- I keep thinking I've seen that 
	someplace, but may be wrong.
800 --- Liber Samekh is available in the Pagan Library both within Magick 
	in Theory and Practice and as a separate file.
934 --- The Cactus is not extant as far as I know, but may turn up.
1264--- the Greek Qabalah was never finished, but I edited the notes into 
	first publication in 1978-9 e.v. in the O.T.O. Newsletter.  I can 
	get it for you, but e-mail a reminder to me if I forget.  It needs 
	to either be extracted from the ASCII of the periodical or the 
	whole thing could be posted --- that's probably the best idea --- ...

Konx Om Pax should have been entered before now, but I don't have any draft 
of it and have not entered it myself as yet.  If I get time late this spring 
or early fall, I will enter it.

Reasons for not making some of the libers accessable have to do with the 
essential privacy of the content.  O.T.O. and A.'.A.'. internal 
instruction documents and rituals were never intended for publication.  
Most of the items you list that are unavailable in ASCII are either not 
extant (can't be found in any form), or have Liber numbers that aren't 
sufficient for me to identify the item.  Descriptions or full titles on 
the latter would help.

24? ---- which is this one?
70 --- ? which is this one?
73 ---  ? which is this one?
228 --- which is this one?
367 --- which is this one?
808 --- which one is this?
1139 --- which one is this?

De Nuptiis Secretis Deorum cum Hominibus, De Natura Deorum, & De Homunoculo 
are all O.T.O. instruction papers for degrees VII and above.  They are not 
for public release --- although they were pirate published (oaths do not 
permit me to comment on how accurately) in Francis Kings _Secret Rituals 
of the O.T.O._

70 - the ceremonies proper to obtaining a familiar spirit of a Mercurial 
nature... --- This one is supposed to have been part published in one of 
Grant's books, but I have not seen a full copy and don't recall which book. 
--- unless it's that toad crucifixion Crowley did in New Orleans --- That I 
have somewhere from Kenneth Anger, but have been instructed not to enter it 
for distribution by the head of the OTO.  The confidentiality problem is in 
an attached note of introduction, so there may be some partial release at 
some future date.

The Urn is not extant, but portions of it were digested into the latter 
half of Confessions.  It's a diary that we are still trying to find.

Liber Serpentis Nehushtan I may have in a loose pile, but haven't entered 
--- if in fact I have it at all.  Not definite on this, and you should see 
my loose piles! --- not a medical remark :-)

Liber 1139 is not known to me either.

Would be glad to get ASCII on Konx.  Even if someone else has a complete or 
partial on it, I can compare and catch typos/scanning errors in XYWrite 

More of A.C.'s stuff keeps turning up from time to time.  So don't give up 
hope for finding some of these.  At least the ones I am oath-barred from 
uploading are available in an O.P. book --- after a fashion, except for 
that toad number.

93 93/93

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