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Caliphate Christianity??

From: Patrick Crumhorn 
Subject: Re: Caliphate Christianity?? (LONG!)
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 1996 18:17:47 -0500

     Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

At 02:45 PM 7/30/96 -0700, Tyagi responded to Josh/Benjamin:

>#...I would be very pleased to see Thelema alive and
>#well outside of the OTO/EGC, and freed from the mythos of Liber AL.
>what would it look like, do you think?  what provides impetus for this
>LiberAl enslavement?

     I think we can begin to see what it looks like by looking
at groups/directions such as TOPY, Chaos Magick, Amookos (Tantrick
Naths), etc.  TOPY and Amookos are overtly Thelemic in that they
accept "Do what thou wilt..." as a valid dictum, but otherwise
don't seem particularly concerned with either Crowley(anity) or
Liber AL.  Chaos magick, IMHO, is a current that has been
made possible by Thelema / the New Aeon / The Master Therion's
Magickal Masturbations, without owing any doctrinAL
     "Thelema," *as envisioned by Crowley*, seems to be fairly
well embodied in groups such as the Caliphate OTO (as well as
Grant & Motta's efforts under the same name).  Perhaps this
is where some of the defensiveness lies on the part of some
who are connected with the *idea* of the OTO/A.'.A.'.
I mean, they ARE being true to Liber AL/Crowley, by their
own lights.  Perhaps "being true to Liber AL/Crowley"
becomes such a point of orthodoxy that such people cannot
envision "Thelema" without such a motivation.  And yet, as
there are certainly Christian currents beyond Paul, or even 
Jesus (as distinct from the mystical "Christ"), so Thelema 
will evolve/has evolved to encompass a wider field
of conception than Crowley ever imagined.
     As could be discerned from the above, I view Thelema /
the New Aeon as a distinct magickal "color" or "current"
that exists independently of any individual or order.  It is
an opening...a way of living, of manifesting, of evolution,
that has always been latent.   One does not have to tie
everything to April, 1904, to perceive that the *choices*
available to the average human being (not to even mention
elitists like Ourselves) are quite suddenly greater than they 
have ever been.  Moslems who a century ago would have stayed 
Moslems (and within 10 miles of where they were born at that) 
come to Europe or America and suddenly are free to choose
who to worship or IF to worship, free to marry an
infidel, free to join the OTO, freedom to NOT do any of
these things (and the freedom to NOT do something may be much
more valuable than the freedom to DO something).  
     This is a rare thing in the history of humanity, and I 
choose to call it a manifestation of the
Thelemic Current in our midst.  It gives me pleasure to 
believe that virtually all of humanity will have these 
choices and freedoms available to them, *long* before 2,000 
years are up (try maybe 20 years).  And I try to work, in my
own small way, to bring about such a future.  For aesthetic
reasons, more than altruistic ones.
     This too, is Thelema, whether or not *I* had ever 
heard of Aleister Crowley, Liber AL, or the OTO.  Whether
such a state of affairs would have come about anyway, without
the Master Therion or Aiwass or Liber AL, is another question
for another day (but see my comment on Chaos Magick above). 

     Love is the law, love under will.


                  Patrick Crumhorn
                "I'll fire aimlessly if you don't come out."
                                 --unknown Hong Kong movie             

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