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Caliphate Christianity

To: thelema93-l@HOLLYFELD.ORG (Thelema93-Listserv)
From: tyagi@HOUSEOFKAOS.ABYSS.COM (xiwangmu)
Subject: Caliphate Christianity (addendum example)
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 1996 14:06:36 -0700 (PDT)

49960729 AA1 LUNAtix!  (addendum example if that of Nexist wasn't sufficient)

Do as you please, including challenging your Order and Ecclesia if need be.

[mu's previous text as indicators of 'Old Aeon' character]
#>		* Patriarch - attached to a Church, 'gnostic catholic',
#>			      whose 'Mass' must remain intacta, inclusive
#>			      of 'deacon', 'priest' and 'priestess'
#>			      ...

#>		* Authority - various private complaints I have heard 
#>			      from Order members regarding the centraliza-
#>			      tion of the Order's authority, handling matters
#>			      via appeal to the Grand Lodge rather than 
#>			      effecting resolution at the local bodies; 

from 'THELEMA LODGE O.T.O.' Newsletter, edited by BHeidrick, this text
dated _this month_, July 1996 (the entirety is usually available via 
the internet if my sources are correct); first section, second para.:

		_Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica_ 


		Officiation in the mass in the roles of Priestess,
		Priest, and Deacon has been restricted by our 
		Patriarch during the past few years to initiates
		of the I' O.T.O. and above.  This unfortunate
		and unexplained ruling has met with compliance
		here only under continual protest from the
		membership.  The prohibition of occasional
		exceptions to this criterion has prevented the
		offering of a few very fine masses, as well as
		-- on a few occasions -- loading a burden onto
		our usual pool of officers when vacations and
		personal circumstances reduce it below a comfortable
		level.  Some slight frustrations experienced a
		decade ago in teaching Liber XV to a group of
		Thelemic "outsiders" never represented a threat
		to the integrity of our performance tradition at
		Horus Temple, and similar concerns have not arisen
		since then.  On the other hand, we lose opportunities
		to strengthen this vital tradition by the arbitrary
		exclusion of guest officers who evince natural
		ability, and we also risk compromising the efficacy
		of the I' initiation when it is requested prematurely
		for the sole purpose of satisfying the restriction.
		The members of Thelema Lodge, who have sustained the
		E.G.C. with the celebration of nearly a thousand
		Gnostic masses here over the past two decades, believe
		it is high time for a review of this needless policy.

		page 1; copyright O.T.O. and individual authors, 1996.

(end quote)

this is not the first time which confusion and resistance has arisen
in response to (often? unexplained) Patriarchal actions regarding Thelema 
Lodge and its Temple activities.  _Liber XV_ is apparently the text and
blocking of the 'Gnostic Mass' as mandated by its Patriarch, and
within the last few decades some measure of pressure has been exerted
to effect 'Masses in conformity with ecclesiastic standards', including
disallowing 'variant' rites from being classed as "official", taking
pains to be sure that 'Cakes of Light' (within this geographical region!) 
do not contain 'dangerous or diseased blood', as well as effectively 
restricting any personal usage of controlled substances from occurring 
at these official rituals or any other official gatherings.

also note that I am very UNinvolved with these proceedings and say 
what I do not only after explanation and complaint from my kindred in
the Order, but also taking into account the explanations offered by the
Order Officers (such as Bill) in response.  I think my assertions here
are fairly conservative, but would greatly appreciate correction if they
are in error, not overlooking what I have said which was accurate.

am I yet making a decent case for 'Caliphate Christianity'??  ;>

love is the law, free love right now!

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