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Caliphate Christianity??

To: thelema93-l@HOLLYFELD.ORG (Thelema93-Listserv)
From: tyagi@HOUSEOFKAOS.ABYSS.COM (xiwangmu)
Subject: Caliphate Christianity??
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 1996 02:40:39 -0700 (PDT)

49960728 AA1  the revolution ensues!

Do what you please, for that is my Law.
Hail Satan!

this elist has been rather quiet of late, and since this evening while
doing research in preparation of a Jehovah's Witness Qabalah I have come
across a few things which inspired a brainstorm, I send it your way, as 
tempered and respectful as I am able, with query and sincerety.  first the 
questions, appending indicators, a few quotes for spice, and a brief note.

-----									-----
	is the Caliphate OTO founded on deception and the undermining of 
	Christian religious establishment, or is it a revisitation of the 
	Old Aeon??  		(likely not a very fair question :>)
-----									-----

let me play out the indicators and you can tell me what you think of
them in response.  I'm sure the Defenders of the Faith may wish to
preserve the sanctity of the Order for the benefit of MANkind (I might,
were I not writing up this challenge to my kin!).

		* Hymenaeus - Biblical, an apostate, with Philetus

		    "Hymenaeus,... *(Gd.) -- God of marriage; 
		  hymenael; wedding song; nuptuals*.

		    "A professing Christian who had thrown aside 
		  his faith and good conscience, and whom Paul 
		  had 'delivered unto Satan,' along with 
		  Alexander, 'that they might be taught not to
		  blaspheme' (I Tim. 1:20).  Hymenaeus and 
		  Philetus, by their error, had succeeded in
		  over-throwing the faith of some others 
		  (II Tim. 2:17).

		     "*Meta.*  A seemingly religious and spiritual
		  thought activity in consciousness that unifies
		  itself with worldly reasonings and spiritual
		  truths, and with the thoughts and desires of the
		  outer man.  This is known as the marriage of the
		  church with the world; it leads the individual
		  away from the Christ Tuth, into apostasy and 
		  _Metaphysical Bible Dictionary_, 1931, Unity
			School of Christianity, pp. 290-1.

		* Patriarch - attached to a Church, 'gnostic catholic',
			      whose 'Mass' must remain intacta, inclusive
			      of 'deacon', 'priest' and 'priestess'

		* Horus	    - solar being categorized with Jesus (Tiphareth)

		* Book of the Law - a meaning of "Torah", Hebrew scripture

		* Hebrew    - obsession with Hebrew gematria and magick

		* Baphomet  - derived of a Christian knighthood; possibly 
			      associated with muslims/sufis ('mahomet') and 
			      definite links to a former Catholic deacon 
			      (Eliphas Levi)

		* Satanism  - its association with the Order repudiated by 
			      an OTO Officer in public; as Mr. Crowley by he 
			      and other members, whose (AC's) texts quite 
			      obviously reek of Satanism and have helped 
			      inspire the modern formalized (org) versions 
			      to great extent (LaVey/Aquino/others); 

			      no subsequent discussion about it here
			      or in Usenet, just a challenge and withdraw,
			      hesitantly giving ground after having 
			      ridiculed the association in apparent bias or 
			      offense at the suggestion

		* Authority - various private complaints I have heard 
			      from Order members regarding the centraliza-
			      tion of the Order's authority, handling matters
			      via appeal to the Grand Lodge rather than 
			      effecting resolution at the local bodies; 

			      maintaining traditional Christian hierarchies 
			      rather than supporting arguably Thelemic 
			      ideals of anarchism or other political 
			      alternatives ('anarchy' tends to be misconstrued
			      and rendered popularly as 'chaos', by Order
		              members in public

		* Masonry   - traditionally patriarchal secrecy-based
			      Judeo-christian mysticism, now degenerated
			      to fraternal socialization-schemes

		* Conformity - residing firmly within the law of the land of
			      a Christian-dominated culture, supporting the
			      authorities in continuance of laws which 
			      admittedly even the ACLU finds presently 
			      difficult to oppose regarding ingestion of 
			      substances and their relationship to religion

		* Cultishness - a 'dissent = disloyalty' mentality evinced 
			      by some membership (in regards at least to my 
			      personal involvements relating to Order oaths 
			      and a previous circumstance including the 
			      possibility of exposing King's materials to 
			      Usenet forums -- presumption of guilt or 
			      'breakage of oaths' and of my intent of this 
			      exposure by an OTO Officer and other members 
			      prior to serious inquiries in a hearing of all 
			      the facts of the matter) (see below for more 
		  	      detail on this*)

			      disassociation from those whose practices take
			      them outside the doctrines of the Order Officers
			      such as those of the Typhonians, Satanists and
			      other 'false OTO organizations'.

have I made a decent beginning case for 'Caliphate Christianity'??

commentary/critique encouraged, my kin.


       * NOTE * 
	my personal involvement with the OTO is a discipline, as I have  
	always made clear to my initiators.  I tend to dislike organizations,
	especially religious, and have personal vows which make oaths of
	secrecy impossible (though concealment is a value which I uphold
	as regards initiation rites of the Order and other private matters 
	relating to a resistance to sharing personal information with 
	those who have no sincere and compelling need to know it). 

	at several points in public and private channels my 'loyalty' and 
	sincerety of membership ('quality of report') has been called into 
	question by (well-meaning) members and Officers because of my 
	disagreement as regards the *Official interpretation of the 
	scriptures and rituals of the Order itself* (though I was there-
	after informed, as I had maintained to members previously, that
	the Official doctrines are not required belief within the Order).

	one OTO Officer sent me a caustic repudiation at my 'obviously
	infractious' (my paraphrase) behavior after I had actually attempted 
	(quite foolishly it turned out, though I had no way of knowing
	this) to *dissuade* further exposure of the sensitive materials in 
	Usenet by posting them.

	I do not think I ever received an apology upon explaining in full,
	though have been treated kindly if at times at arm's length by those 
	members thereafter.

	I was reminded of these affairs and several other incidents in my 
	current review of the book _Crisis of Conscience: The Struggle Between
	Loyalty to God and Loyalty to One's Religion_, by Raymond Franz,
	former member, Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses.  a fascinating 
	read and reminiscent of several cults (extreme religious) which I 
	have investigated locally (including the KCM, Nichiren Shoshu of 
	America and Scientology).

	I don't wish to imply that the OTO situation is as bad as these 
	cult-groups, yet I do think I have seen what I would call 'hazard
	signs' as found in religious/occult/esoteric organizations such as I
	have mentioned above.  and the strong focus and following centered 
	upon Crowley does not always assist me in distinguishing 'Thelema' 
	(or more specifically 'Caliphate OTO', I have no exposure to other 
	OTOs) from other, more disempowering 'Old Aeon' constructs.

	my blatant challenge to that organization and others which present
	themselves within this forum (few have openly done so with as much
	aplomb and openness) is in part a measure of their mettle.

free love, right now!


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