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BHeidrick: Crowleyania and Enochia

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Subject: BHeidrick: Crowleyania and Enochia
Date: 20 Dec 1997 14:49:29 -0800

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[from Bill Heidrick ]


"Charla J. Williams"  wrote:

>I thought U.S. Grand Lodge was in Southern California and International 
>HQ was in New York, but what do I know.

OTO US Grand Lodge is in Southern California.  IHQ was in New York quite a
few years ago, and a P.O.Box is maintained there (with books carrying the
OTO address, once you run a P.O.Box for a while, you tend to get stuck with
it).  After that, IHQ moved to North Carolina for a few years, later
relocating to Austin Texas.  IHQ is strictly speaking in Austin Texas,
Southern California and Northern California.  The Frater Superior and
internal HQ is in Austin, the Secretary General is in S.California and both
the Treasurer General and the corporate principal office is in San Anselmo
with a P.O.Box in Fairfax, just north of San Francisco.  Electronic
communications make one, central office unnecessary.

>Maybe it has something to do with the same reason I once thought
>about moving to Austin, because of the Fuller collection at
>the Harry Ransom Center.
>Bill H., if you're listening, do you have an electronic version
>of the catalogue of what is available in the Fuller collection?

Nope, but I do have a photocopy of the card catalogue as it was in the mid
1980's e.v.  I also have a bit of it on microfilm and some photocopies.
The Fuller part of the collection is not the main bit.  The collection
there also includes the traveling library and files Crowley lost in Detroit
after WWI.  He blaimed Achad for the loss, and that contributed to their
estrangement.  The materials were found over a decade ago and ended up in
the HRHRC at Austin U of Tx.

>I remember somebody's Enochian tablets are in there but I can't
>recall offhand if they are Crowley's or Bennet's or ?

Crowley's hand painted Enochian tablets are there -- I have color slides of
them.  Also there are the working papers by Fuller and Bennet on Enochiana,
including a dictionary of the language and additional new materials.

>There is a picture of an 'Elemental Enochian Tablet of Fire'
>in the new R.A. Gilbert book on the Golden Dawn.  The tablet is done
>strictly in red with flashing green.  There is not the separate
>coloring scheme for each sub-quadrant which you see in sources
>like the Cicero books.  Which makes me wonder about the coloring
>scheme in those Enochian Tablets in the Fuller collection.

The color scheme of the Crowley tablets at Austin is a relatively simple
one.  The tablet of Spirit has a white back-ground, black grid with
elemental correspondence triangles in the upper corners of each square.
>From top, the English alphabet letters are in the following colors, each
row same color: yellow, blue, black, red.  The four Elemental tablets are
also drawn as grids with English alphabet letters, but the field coloration
is a little more complex: the four corner crosses, double vertical division
and single horizontal division of the main cross are in one color while the
general background is in another.  All letters on the crosses are in the
general background color.  All other letters are in subquadrant colors
somewhat following the colors used on the tablet of Spirit, but there is a
more complex cycle and possibly some fading to the point that clear
identification of original color is not always definite.  The background
colors of the Elemental tablets are: Fire-Red, Water-Blue, Air-Yellow,
Earth-Black.  These colors apparently are also used for the letters in the
sub-quadrants, except where the same color would be used by elemental
correspondence for the background of the subquadrant -- in those cases, it
appears that Crowley tried for a flashing color; but I can't make it out
very well.  Each square on the Elemental tablets contains one English
letter, no doubles such as are found in Dee's and Kelly's manuscripts.
Some letters are upper case on the Elemental tablets while others are lower
case.  All letters on the tablet of Spirit are lower case, and there is a
letter "L" with square serifs, like an Enochian "X" flipped top to bottom,
in the upper left corner of that tablet, just below the spirit symbol in
the upper-left most square.

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