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To: alt.magick
From: tyagI@houseofkaos.Abyss.coM (tyagi mordred nagasiva)
Subject: Banishings (
Date: 49940731

Quoting: | (Peggy Brown) 

|...Anyone else do preventative banishings?
|I fear it is a reflection of my highly preventative quirkiness.

No effective magical working of any value can be worked without a
preventative banishing of some kind.  The ceremonialists will tell you
that you have to flail your arms about and pronounce arcane syllables.
Chaotiks will tell you to have a good laugh before invocation.  I say
that all effective ritual proceeds after a banishing and by this I mean
the same thing that a 'successful' party only proceeds after the space
has been 'cleared' for the rite.  

It doesn't matter much how this is done.  For me, showering, shaving, 
shitting and brushing my teeth is a banishing, preparing me for the rite 
of my guard post.  Not only does it prepare my physical body but formats 
my mind for the attitude necessary for the Work.

Those rites which are attempted without banishing are often less
directed, less productive of results, and tend to be unable to sustain
high volumes of energy.  This can cause a 'blowout' or derailing of
the rite proper, as when the demon escapes its bonds (see _Vision and
Voice_ for good example!) or when the energy dissipates.  The party is
then said to have been 'a dud'.

|Prior to any working, or long meditation session, I banish all 
|potential buggies, potential burglars, bad luck and any one or 
|thing else that bothers me.

The problem with this kind of banishing is that you may well be
wiping out some of your own power.  The ambiguity of 'buggies',
'bad luck' and 'bothersome energies' is that, unless we are fully
realized (and in this case no longer need banishings anyway),
we tend to misconstrue the helpful for the harmful, sending away
intense and important emotional states, for example, or quite
valuable allies whom we've yet to recognize.

One alternative is to build in some sort of caveat (such as '...unless I
be in need of thy services') or just refrain from banishing generalities.
Specific banishings and those which do not enter into the verbal
ambiguity which permeates most ritual cleansings will be more
effective in the long run in producing worthwhile results.

As with psychoactives, ritual magick is a high-powered tool with which
we may twiddle our deep mind.  Most of us just aren't sufficiently
cognizant of our own mechanism to go fiddling with its intricacies.  For
this reason it is best to make only minor adjustments at first until
we can begin to understand what we are doing.

I've seen countless mages fucking themselves over just because they
were more or less randomly adjusting their inner knobs without really
understanding what they were doing.  It was sad.  Eventually they may
learn what is going on, but in the meantime they may damage the goods

When playing with complex technology, access user manuals (i.e. the
varous divination systems and magical symbolic-schemas) and get
the advice of those who may have used something similar (requiring
that one find a mage of similar character but greater experience)
prior to playing around too much.

Then again, some of us are natural daredevils and our risk-taking
pays off with the dividend of a meteoric transformation along the
line of our true will. ;>

"The notion that mindfulness in action is created most fully and 
completely by mindfulness in sitting is, to paraphrase Alan Watts, 
a crypto-protestant fetish of the Soto school, as equally one 
sided as the attachment to koans of the Rinzai school. Mindfulness 
is not created by "doing" anything, either sitting, contemplating a 
koan, or anything else. Just being works.  And you can do this in 
the midst of any activity. Zen is a lot easier than some people 
want to make it."

Raffael Cavallaro ( - Usenet:alt.zen

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