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Alzuron: OTO and IOT

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From: (nagasiva)
Subject: Alzuron: OTO and IOT (initiations)
Date: 12 Sep 1997 13:46:44 -0700

[from Alzuron ]



>> Also, I must add that I started off on the wrong foot even as a 1st
>> degree with O.T.O. by being a Neophyte of the I.O.T. Many, actually a
>> total of 12's showed an interest in the I.O.T.  enough so to
>> sign assertions which I sent to Pete. When some Higher ups in O.T.O.
>> heard about this . the shit hit the fan, and I was suddenly accused of
>> having originally infiltrating O.T.O. to recruit for Pete. Then most of
>> these chicken shits backed out lest, they wanted to jeopardize their own
>> long term ambitions of reaching the holy grail of the 9th degree.
>Oh Jeez!
>What is this OTO policy of non-invitation above the 3* OTO if one is a
>member of any other religious or magical org?  Does anyone know it? and
>why does the OTO do this?

Current O.T.O. policy, according to the Camp Master's Handbook, Revision
July IViv (1996ev) Fra.'.Sabazius X*, places Initiation through the IV*/P.I.
as _voluntary_ and that all degrees Subsequent to and Beyond the IV*/P.I.
are "by invitation only" (a.k.a., you have done the work and are fit for
initiation throughout the Lover's Triad).  Also, from the same Manual, the
introductory degrees of O.T.O. (Minerval through IV*/P.I.) are open to all
Free Men and Women of Full Age and Good Report (:acknowledgment that one is
18 physical years or older on this planet and that one does not have any
outstanding debts to the Order).

I am unaware of an all-encompassing policy inhibiting those in IOT from
advancing in O.T.O.  However, the O.T.O. does have SOME  reason to be wary
of certain occult organizations; namely due to the fact that some groups
have, on occasion, resorted to parasitic maneuvers to subsume or claim
power/membership by "using" an established O.T.O. body as a "front" or
"recruitment ground" for their activities --- such as your "assertions"
acknowledgment above has the tendency to look like, whether it was the
actual case or no.  To counter this, the O.T.O. does have a policy regarding
the keeping of O.T.O. events and gatherings strictly O.T.O., meaning they
should not be a place for promalgating other groups and/or ideologies.
Aside of this, the O.T.O. does not discourage the existence of other
reality-tracks/paradigms, or their maintenance/furtherence, amongst its
membership outside of O.T.O. events.  A bit of evidence for the case ov such
a policy might still be found in the alt.magick & alt.magick.chaos archives
from October IViii (1994ev).

93 93/93

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