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To: Thelema93-L and Usenet
From: (Hsi Wang Mu)
Subject: Re: A.'.A.'.
Date: Mon, 8 May 1995 12:49:52 -0500


Do as you please, for that is my Law.

|Your response to my A.'.A.'. posting was interesting indeed, almost

I hope you continue to find my contributions to this thread thought-
provoking at least.

|...This was my first ever supposed A.'.A.'. contact and I had anticipated 
|something happening where I would "know" that I had made contact.  It 
|didn't happen nor did it with any of the subsequent others!

I'm quite interested to hear more about this.  I do not doubt your ability
to discern what for you will be a profitable AA connection (and you may
indeed never find it in Outer Orders).  I'd like to know what you *would*
consider a validification of contact.  Just what *sort* of experience
would you find convincing of this?

|...the validity of the Jane Wolfe (Soror Estai) lineage.  True, she was 
|a Probationer under A.C. at Cefalu but many say she never progressed 
|beyond that.

Ooooooooo, controversy. :>  Greg, Bill, others, would you kindly explain
where it was that the Wolfe/Estai-Seckler/Meral line derived its AA
connection, if this can be divulged/discussed?  I.e. if there were three
people who received initiation from Mr. Crowley (here I deign to discuss
the Outer AA once more), especially those who were to carry on the fabulous
Line of New Products, then to what Grade were these and their followers
down the Estai-present initiated by Crowley or these Primates?

|Andromeda!  I guess he can't be all bad.

It is impossible to discern in any absolute manner the condition of another.
It is possible to determine where we shall focus our energies in response
to our intuitions of Possible Payoff, however.  Many take relative
evaluations for absolute and begin slander in display of immaturity.

|My question about whether the A.'.A.'. exists on the outer refers simply to 
|the one-on-one instructional/intitiation scheme outlined by A.C. in his 

This is what I call the Outer Order of the AA.  Might be Quite Important,
for all I know, but usually I've seen the signs of spoilage (unnecessary
secrecy, boasting without substance, lack of mastery/breadth exhibited by
Lineage Masters/Mistresses, etc.) when it comes to public forums.  In
private, mind you, I have met with some startlingly interesting interviews
which I hope to at some point down the line make public (they are all
with anonymous conspirators).

|I do not deny or reject that the A.'.A.'. can and does exist in other 
|forms (perhaps less structured?) but the system written about by A.C. 
|has intrigued me for years.

My interpretation of OSiS is that it is a multi-faceted broadside of
the Outer and Inner Orders; the first was supposedly (and I tend to
presume so) contacted by the Master Therion and described thereafter
(what, contact in Liber 418?  I'm so forgetful sometimes.), the second
initiated by Crowley himself and rather intentionally confused with
this Inner Order (as usual within the Hermetic tradition).

|An unknowing member?  One could say that all aspirants are unknowing 
|members in some sense or other.

Oh I suppose so, and yet your perspicacious and thorough delving into
the Outer for the Perfect Forms provides to me signs of your progress.

|Mu? A Zen koan?

Anubis would be proud.

Love is the law.

Hsi Wang Mu

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