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Subject: Re: A.'.A.'.
Date: Sat, 6 May 1995 01:00:30 -0500

93 Don,

>I've never heard a clear definition of 
>an 'Outer Order' and, while I realize it is in contrast to an 'Inner 
>Order', I've never heard that defined either... Would you mind.....?

As Crowley used the terms, a matter perhaps more of intent than practice
some of the time:

Outer Order --- legal existence at least potential.  Maintains records of
membership.  Has the quality of an association or a corporation with the
usual constitution or articles and bylaws.  Can own property.  May range
in character from a fraternal society to an established church.  Death
ends authority and membership.

Inner Order --- cannot have legal existence or own property.  Has a spiritual
qualification for membership more than a central and demonstrable list of
members.  May manifest at different times and places in different outer forms
(that's usually the "affiliated outer order" thing).  May be governed by
discarnate spiritual entities instead of living human beings.  Includes
like the "True and Invisible Rosicrucians" and the "Church of the Holy
Membership may be in the mind entirely, or by a set of standards involving
spiritual attainment.  Death does not effect membership and may not effect

  Crowley called the Gods to witness on his A.'.A.'. Liber 185 pledge forms
(as three hieroglyphs representing "Neteru").  Living members must sponsor
and a chartered initiator must initiate according to external rules for
O.T.O. membership.  The former is an Inner Order, the latter is an Outer

>I'm awfully fascinated, at times, with these historical accounts of the 
>evolution of magickal orders. Could you suggest some reference which 
>gives a solid account of them?

There are quite a few books, most of them wildly inaccurate in some
particulars:  Ithel Colquine's _Sword of Wisdom_, books by Francis King
and Kenneth Grant ---- in order of increasing imagination.  _Equinox_
Vol. III #10 from Samuel Weiser, Inc. will give you quite a bit about O.T.O.

>Similarly, and you might want (if you want to at all),  to do this by 
>private e-mail, so as to not bore the others on this list, to give me the 
>organisational structure of the OTO?

I'll start by sending you a history outline via my account on the Well.
We can get into the structure and such via later email, if you like.
This topic is likely to be less than interesting for most folks in this
list.  The organizational structure is well described in Eq. III, 10, as
noted above.

>I realize that you are the Outer Head of the Order, but what does that mean?

Nope.  I was only acting Frater Superior for two months in 1985 e.v., between
the death of one OHO and the election of the next.  I'm the Grand Treasurer
General, chief fiscal officer.  The OHO is the chief executive
internationally.  He doesn't exchange email &c. with the public in that
role --- a rule established by Reuss and not always honored until
the present administration.

>I have conceptualized your 
>role as a public spokesperson, am I correct?

That and gopher.  (If it needs doing, have Heidrick "go-fur it" --- or so
it often seems to me  :-) )

93 93/93
Bill Heidrick, GTG OTO

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